April 1, 2020
Guide How to start a Ecommerce Website in 2018 -1

Guide How to start a Ecommerce Website in 2018 -1

Hey guys, what’s up! It’s Lorenzo here.
I just want to make a quick announcement of what we have coming up over the next couple of months. And I decided to make this video to let you know.Plus I’m really excited because it’s something new. never had done it .Especially, where we build our site from zero, zero, nothing! And the reason I decided to come up with this is because lately I’ve been receiving a lot of emails where the type of question will be: uploaded my websites or my website blow
faster how can I go out and find lead for my brother so my prior to be able to
rank at Google eyes what type of platform should I go for should I go
with WordPress or Shutterfly which was more easy to handle or manage or how can
find the right hosting and what type of domain name should I go purchase and the
list going on and on so I figured out you know what instead reply each one you
by email you know why I decide you know what let’s do a case study from scrap
this is case study we’re gonna build an e-commerce site literally from scrap no
traffic at all zero zero traffic all the way for 10,000 visitors and in six month
period of time and I’m really excited for this because this is new challenge
for me and also are something new you guys you gotta learn along the way while
I decided to document each one of this step so I decided to divide by this case
story three compartment the first component will be hard to find winning
product the second compartment hard to find now financially how to build a
template from scratch I know you guys see a lot of commercial out there they
tell you we have a thousand thousand template that you guys can choose from
and to me that is wasting any time you know why because once you get ten
thousand visit or website you facing a new issue new problem that you have to
be able to fix and you have to be able to do a better user experience ID you
have to make it simple to the you scroll down your website and find
probably as simple as possible the more the more simple you put to the visitor
your site that simple be the in smoothly the transaction and I realize that all
those template that is out there they don’t have very good user experience and
plus they need to be unique you let’s just say one person have the same
template that you have so you your customer gonna bring it out which one
which one is the real one here you know so I figured out you know what to me is
where same time goal is template days they offer you guys and it’s better to
build one you need a different one so we’re gonna go over indeed some we will
get to the psychic apartment and the third compartment will be how we’ll do
the SEO or SOP how we’ll follow the routine to build very each content be
able to deliver it link the world to get me actually and so I’m going this video
I’m gonna discuss more compartment number one and then I’m a world detail
the rest compartment so how do you want a winning product how do you go find out
probably that be able match and the air will start our e-commerce site so how do
you find it so you can want to stay away a big product like for example TV a big
fire because with the TV it will cause you just to bring it to you facility
that would be a shipping cost and then to ship it out to your customer will be
another cost so right there you know eating your proper manages where you can
reinvest them back in the compartment 3 where you get our link so when you’re
able to find a product you need to find a part of that small and easy to ship
and people like to like to perch it as well so you got to do your homework
properly because after six more you cannot go back oh shit
I pick out the wrong product let’s just start over again that’s wasting time you
know you don’t want to be at most people you want to really want to do you home
were at the beginning and you got to take your time to find the right product
some people recommended to Alibaba but I prefer to do
were merchants they are here in the USA because it’s simple the communication
will faster you they reply right away by email by phone call so to me better here
United States some people recommend you to do drop sip tea the powers reps if
thing is how claps if the word is you don’t have the Prada with you but when
you want somebody Bob part from your website you can contact them in effect
and they could ship it out to you lately in the past I have problem with that
when I did start out with eBay way back and so the problem is sometimes the
manufacturers ship out the rum party to the customers so you don’t have really a
lot of control that so it’s better to start off with buying Bowl but if you
can’t you get started dropship stir and then you move your weight up to get you
pay buying ball so what I decided to buy so I just had to get in there Wally
industry let me show you you guy here okay you see how small it is does this wallet
is this is kind of small water right here this is the second one right here
we can actually costume main here with a lower website so Lou great professor you
see this this type probably is really not expensive to ship this is the second
one I guess you can see here it is very nice here I guess there’s called the
morning click Wallach where you can carry all the credit card and then here
with the kicker the cat is very simple you see this type of wallet thing in the
market and that I think it is called between 80 bucks 75 bucks you see and
the ship this is really not expensive it’s less than five $6 to ship it up
this way he gave me a room and to earn the profit and be able to reinvest it
back in the compartment three when we get in detail and that’s how you got to
look for it because you have to learn some profit there’s all the way you’re
not gonna be moving forward with you SEO campaign
so how do you go out and find a winner product well follow a couple of steps
but in this video I’m gonna make three step how did I go the first step will be
going to Google strange and Google’s training give you that out how you don’t
have far for 10 years ago how far is the probably selling so I go to Google guide
type Google string and from there I type the pattern a and I see they give you a
data for ten year for now for tenure how well is the probably doing if you see
the product been doing pretty well this is a good time they that this part is a
solid product and being in the market for a while now the second one I will go
to Amazon and I go look for the same product see how much the selling for and
also I will see the review of those product see how many star that telling
me that people actually enjoying buying this type of product and also they are
selling it at last I will go to ebay and figured out how many people are better
at this product and I’m actually people are buying that and I’ve that would be
the latter and the last one will be I will go to Google find out how many
people actually I’m sorry guy how many people actually like betting on that
keyboard oh for that product so what I do when I do I figured out you know okay
this is a good product to go for it and then I will contact manufacturer
here in the USA and also Alibaba but I would like to stay here USA I’m actually
working in an article that will be in the bottom the step that will follow and
also I’m gonna give you the template so you gotta get printed it out and contact
this manufacturer so this way you’d be able to negotiate at the price actually
when it’s come down when you actually find a product it come down to prices
and to me is better to buy ball because when you buy a ball you really figured
out your number you didn’t know how much you and it will cost you now mark will
cost you to ship it out so you really have your number and the beginning and
that well there you have more control wins before you get to the second
apartment alright guys so to sum up well you guys
I already went over the three compartment that I’m gonna go detail
with you guys I went over how to find a winning product and then I’ll just tell
your body about it better to build one template from scrap and then the third
compartment they weren’t actually in detail but after we get them to this
video when we get to the third compartment actually focus or more in
that compartment because that’s all prostate that’s all possible how we do
or serve it with delivery and how we’ll find contact and let me finish by saying
this guy I be in this to failure and over time I learn a lot during the time
with different nature the different client different product and I found out
guide that you have to be diversified in this game why because let’s just say if
you only focus a median buy or in failure ad or building just video
YouTube that’s a good form to do it break it will come down to it will come
down to one question when you doing that you want to find a solid plan you want
to find out a marketing plan that will stick regardless how what kind of wage
you receive during the year so SEO is one of the solid plan that you that you
you have in your market apply why because we gather what kind of way that
you receive on it else you’re still there as you know better and I do
Google is not going to know where they were being to people to make people go
out and make a purchase they go out there and find information before they
buy any product so they go to Google that type the product keyword and you
want to be ready when they type it you want to be affirmed there and that’s
when s your step in so okay guy so I’m really excited to share with you and
also a exploration for you if you ever decide to start ecommerce site or you
can see this site from scrap no traffic and hopefully you give
you expiration to start your own and be able to execute a CEO and campaign
alright guys thank you for stopping by see you next time make sure if you have
any question put in the video or an article on your bill thank you take care

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