February 18, 2020
Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

So what actually is growth mindset and what is fixed mindset? And more importantly why should we care? And how is it even gonna you know, help us in life or in business? Now, in simple terms and
this will kind of illustrate why this is important. If you ask yourself with
the goals that you set at the moment in your business or in other areas of your
life or whatever it is, ask yourself, do I more
or less currently know how to achieve my goals? Do I know what I need to
do to make my goals happen? And if you more or less know
what you kind of need to do you know, maybe it’s like working harder to get that promotion at work
or maybe it’s like, you know, launch a business that
you’ve been meaning to launch and you kind of know the steps already that you need to take to make that happen. If you know what you need
to do to achieve your goals, then almost certainly we’re operating from within a fixed mindset. Here’s why this is so important. Now in simple terms, fixed
mindset is where we say, what resources do I currently
have at my disposal? So how much money? How much time? You know, what connections? What contacts? What skills do I currently have? Look at what resources do we have? And based on that, what can we achieve? And we’ll set our goals from, you know, maybe a little bit outside
of what we currently have. And that’s what we’ll
then set our sights on, like, get that next promotion at work, or just start that business
that we’ve wanted to start. But really, we kind of, you know, we’re doing it based on
how much money we have. We’re not doing what based
on what we really want. Like, that’s fixed mindset. Now, growth mindset, on the other hand, is where we say, what is
it that I wanna achieve? Like, what do I wanna create in my life? If I could have anything at all, anything, what would that look like? And then we ask, how do
I gather the resources that we need in order to make that happen? So one of them is operating
from the perspective of, right I’m setting my goals,
I’m setting my vision and then I’m gonna figure
out how to grow into that. And the other is saying, what do I have? And then based on that, what vision could I realistically set? And we’ll set ourselves so short, like a tiny fraction of our potential of what we’re actually capable of. As opposed to growth mindset where we’ll set this big
vision, big goals, big future. And then we figure out how
to grow into that future. Is two completely
opposing ways of thinking that are gonna produce two
completely different results. And most of us, by default, will operate from within
the fixed mindset. What resources do we have? And based on that, what can we realistically
expect to achieve? And we’ll set our goals from within that it’s not what we truly want. So the super powerful exercise to do is grab a piece of paper
and then write down like just let your imagination go wild. Write down if I could
have anything in my life if I was anyone, if I could be anyone, if I could do anything,
if I could go anywhere, if I could have any
business, anything goes, what would I do? Who would I be? And what would I have? And write down just go
on a bit of a, you know, rampage, just write down
anything that comes to you that you would love to
have from that perspective. All right? And what will generally
happen like, you know, say things to yourself, for example, like, if I had 100 million in the
bank right now, what would I do? And what’s generally gonna
happen is immediately that programming in our head is gonna go, you don’t have 100 million in the bank, we’ve only got this much and therefore, we should aim a lot lower
because that’s realistic. Don’t listen to that,
because that immediately is the fixed mindset coming
back in and restricting and inhibiting us to what
we think we’re capable of based on our current reality. So do this exercise, literally
let your imagination go wild, anything goes, just write it down. And that’s when we can
start to build our vision of the future from an
unconstrained perspective because what we’re capable
of is nothing to do with the resources that we currently have. The money that we currently have, the contacts that we currently have, the skills that we
currently have, you know, the time that we currently have, that has nothing to do
with what we’re capable of. Because if we get crystal clear
about what we wanna create, we can then bit by bit, start figuring out and start taking those
steps into what creating the environment and
gathering the resources that are gonna enable us
to move closer and closer and closer to that future. We can grow into it. But if we’re operating from
a fixed mindset down here from the word go, we’re never
gonna grow into anything, we’re only gonna operate
from this tiny little box of what we’ve currently got. And all that happens is
we’re just gonna create more of our past in our future. Our past, in other words, our resources is already defining what we think we’re capable of in the future. I say do this exercise, let
your imagination go wild like if you could have
anything, anything goes, how would that look? Start getting crystal clear
about what you actually love your life to look like,
if you could have anything and be anything and then
start asking the question, how can I start gathering the resources that I need to make that happen? All right, if your lifestyle,
like if you’ve gone mental and your lifestyle is like
hundred million dollar lifestyle, for example, you know,
that’s what you wanna create in your life, well then
start reverse engineering, work backwards from where
that like what you’d have to have or what resources you’d have to gather to create that reality. And then slowly work backwards from there to where you are now, and
you’ll realise that actually, the stepping stones, you
don’t need to know the exact how of how you’re gonna do it. But the general stepping stones are not actually gonna be unachievable. You know, if you want
to get to 100 million, you first do 10 million,
then you do 1 million, and then you do 100 grand, and
if you’re gonna do 100 grand what you need to do? If you need to launch your
business that initially is gonna start generating revenue, then you get your first 10 grand a month, then you do a hundred grand month. That’s a million dollar business. And you scale and scale and
scale the vision from that. So the point is growth
mindset is gonna enable you to step into a completely
new, undefined futures. Fixed mindset, on the other
hand, is gonna keep you stuck within the resources and what
you think you’re capable of, which is based on your past. That’s the difference. And that’s why it’s so important. If you liked this video,
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