April 1, 2020
Growing Your Ecommerce Business. Focus on the Customer Experience. The Humm Episode 5

Growing Your Ecommerce Business. Focus on the Customer Experience. The Humm Episode 5

– Don’t you dare touch that camera. – Centrifugal force, Chicago has centrifugal force. (giggles) (lively pop music) Hope you liked that intro. (chuckle) Hoverboards are amazing. – Yup, and you’d never
get Kitzia on them either. So, that’s probably the
best thing about ’em. – Never, never fallen off of it. – Yeah Kitzi has never fallen either. (laughter) – Love you Kitzia. (mumbled response in background) Ah, okay, E-commerce. – Yeah, let’s do it. – We’re focusing more on E-commerce because we’re really excited
about results that we’ve seen with our clients from where
they were pre- a new website and then post that website. And then what they do with
continued advertising, because it’s not, that we were talking about before, you know, just get a website and then all of a sudden
things are glorious. – Right. Yeah, I think the coolest thing and something that’s made
us really transition, more heavily focus on E-commerce. You know, all our clients are always, no matter what industry
they’re in, I guess. You really focus on, “Oh is this agency giving me enough value? Are we getting a return on investment?” You always kind of think from
that consumer’s standpoint or that buyer’s standpoint of are they wasting their money? But from the agency’s standpoint, that’s amazingly exciting to us. – Right. – It’s not just us
trying to close business, keep a retainer or whatever it is. We’re really here ’cause we
love seeing those differences. And E-commerce is beautiful
’cause you can track everything. So, we can show all the
great things we’re doing. – Yeah. – And also the client knows
that it’s a good investment. So for us, lending out our
web development design skills, our social, our AdWords, PPC and stuff. – Right. – We got a lot of talent
in the house for all this. And it just makes sense.
– Full circle. – It really is. And we’re really big
about not stepping out of what we can do. And kind of plan where we should be. – That’s true. I can’t design a website. – Yeah. – But I can run your admins — (loud chuckle) – Yeah, and we’re not doin’ voice over commercials and stuff. I mean we’re really — – Right. – We’re staying to our core value of what we’re really awesome at and what we’re, you know,
the staff you have in hand. And E-commerce clients
have been great for us and us for them. So I think, yeah, we wanna talk about just you know a lot of people
might be starting up an E-commerce store or
thinking about it or have one. And it’s just, the mindset might be, let’s just launch this really cool store and like, people will come. I’ll just throw out a Facebook or — – If you build it (chuckling) – Yeah, exactly. (chuckling) Build, they’ll come. And you know, we know more than a lot now ’cause we have so many clients with it that it’s certainly not that. It actually is a lot of
effort to (chuckles). – Oh yeah. – Get the traffic, the right traffic, the right buyer, the right experience. And there’s so many
different pieces to it. – Yeah, if you were to bird’s eye view it, I would really say it’s
two sides of the fence that you’re trying to cater to. And that’s user experience. So yeah, your beautiful website, that’s easy to use and it loads quickly and all that good stuff
for the actual user. And then on the other side
is the search engines. Like getting it to show
up on Google and on Bing. Getting Alexa or Cortana or
whoever your voice assistant is. Okay, Google to bring up your website for whatever it is that
consumer is looking for. Those are two opposite ends and they’re both very important. That’s why it’s important not to just say, “Okay, I have a beautiful website now.” That’s great, but if no one sees it then you’re not gonna increase any sales, let alone begin getting any sales if no one’s actually seeing your website. So that’s where the full circle comes in and having a creative agency that can take care of you digitally 100%. Not just creating a beautiful website, which is very important. And for that to be custom coded which is one of the many things that sets us apart. To have the knowledge to know that it has to load quickly. It has to make sense to the user as well as the search engines. And then to get in the
world of advertising, whether that’s through
social media, Google Adwords. They’re very important because they’re half of the first page, pretty much, you know, now when you Google something. – Yeah, Google’s making
sure that (chuckling) Do you wanna play in a
competitive market place, you’re gonna be needing to play with ads. – Yeah. – Organic is so very important, but yeah, if it’s a
competitive marketplace, you know your competitor’s are gonna be up there ahead of you. – Yeah. – In that search that um … yeah. – You wanna show up, obviously, but you want the sales to convert. I mean there’s so many different ways that we can provide that with ads. One of the funnest ones
we just did for a client was taking out of the many campaigns that we have for him on Google, we took a single, kind of a funnel. It takes you through a questionnaire, just to let you know it’s
water softeners, okay? I don’t know about you
but before this client, I had no idea — – Right. – I didn’t think about water softeners, complete transparency there. And that’s why I love this new strategy that we came up with. If I’m like that, then there’s surely there’s gotta be many, many, many people like that. That don’t know about
gray-ins and backwashing — – Yeah. – And all that. – When there’s so many products and it’s a technical thing and it is a big purchase. – Right. – You know it’s not a
low purchase item there. Yeah, people are really
afraid to spend that and what it is. And I’d certainly be the same way. – Right, what is it? What’s the difference? And that’s what this online
questionnaire kind of did. It was very visual and it was very simple. Just, you know, how many
bathrooms do you have? How many people live in your home? And if there was a question
you couldn’t answer, there was a guide to get you to where you could be able
to answer that question. And, I don’t know, it was
like three or five questions that gets you to the end —
– Yeah. – And it gets you three or four products. – Recommended products. – Yeah. – It might figure your price range. Yeah and it’s not you know, thing about “Oh great,
that’s a water softener. How does it work for me?” – Right. – It’s just the idea. It’s with E-commerce, it’s not just launch that store, maybe throw in a little Adwords behind it. It’s constantly finding different ways to find different segments of your clients or your customers. – Exactly. – Where they’re at in education site goal, where they’re ready to buy or not. And just thinking of different ways. If they’re struggling with this, how can we solve that problem? Make that checkout experience, that shopping experience easier. – Right. – Why would they choose you
over your 100’s of competitors? Because it’s getting
more and more competitive for every industry online. – Yeah. I think it reiterates
what we always talk about is every client is different. That’s why we try to come up with these unique, different
ideas to cater to that client. You know, in order to see
where they’re struggling or where they could
potentially be struggling and they don’t know about yet. Something as simple as, “I don’t know much about this
product or this industry.” – Right. – And to be able to answer that question. You know that strategy
is different for everyone and it’s about — – Sure. – Having the right team to find the answer to that problem or potential problem. So, that’s the fun in it. You know, and to have
a whole team behind you to get you there, to get you more sales and to see those sales come in and to be able to provide those
reports every single month. And to just have happy clients, I mean, it’s priceless to us. – Yeah, it’s certainly what
we dream of is that return. We, the amount of stress
we put on ourselves to make sure that — (chuckling) we’re converting and we’re
doing good for our clients and growing their business. We definitely take it on
like it’s our business. – Yeah. – That we wanna see them grow and when they call, they’re excited about it, like we’re twice as excited. It’s not even our
business in the sense of, you know, this is tied to (chuckling) our income of that. So, um — – Every penny — – Yeah. – Every penny we put passion behind, I mean, not to sound super cheesy, but it’s true. – Right. Oh yeah! – We’re not just like, “Oh yeah, give us all this money and we’ll put it out
there in the ad space.” We’re very, very cautious and we have clients that could tell you that there are times that we don’t spend a full amount of that money ’cause we’re not just here
to waste it. (chuckling) – We’re not just gonna burn it. Yeah we wanna get that, yeah, that return, absolutely. – Every penny. (laughter) – I like that line now. (chuckling) We put passion behind every penny, (chuckling) because it’s true. – Cha-ching. (laughter) It’s ours, copyright. Um, yeah, I think that’s a pretty good, just kind of chat about it. Just want to talk about yeah, E-commerce it’s just not that site of a store and going. It’s really breaking it down and not thinking of having people come to your store, traffic numbers and then coming in and then converting out. Think of, you know, the actual person that’s
coming there to shop. Put yourself in their shoes. And it’s really exciting when you kind of start thinking that way and thinking of it — – Right.
– as people, right? – And that’s just how
we help solve problems, drive value for the customer. – Not staying stagnant neither, I … You know. – Oh my goodness, yeah. – You could have a client
for a few months or a year, but if you’re doing the same thing that you were doing before, then you’re doing something wrong. – You should always be trying
– You can constantly … – To find new ways to bring
in new and more revenue, more clientele for those
customers or vice versa. – Absolutely. – But it’s all about keeping it fresh because in business, in the world, we don’t grow without change. So, if you’re not growing without change. If you’re not changing
things up for your clients, then you know, how can you say that you’re actually growing
them to their full potential. – Exactly. – Just another, another thing that sets us apart, I feel and we really put that
passion behind every penny. (laughing) I’m gonna keep that one. – Uh huh, oh boy. – I’m makin’ that plaque. He hates it. (laughing) Ahhh. – (heavy sigh) Yeah, I think
that’s a good discussion. – That was a good closing segment. – Yeah, absolutely. Guys, make sure you keep
watching and follow us. We’ll have the link below. – Or above. Might happen. – Or both. (laughter) Still figure that out. – See ya. – Bye. – The Humm. (theme music) Is it recording? (chuckling) – [Off Camera speaker] There you go. – Is it recording? – It is, but we’ll just
cut to whenever (mumbles) – Okay, I hope my mic is working. – Check, check. I’m sure it is.

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