March 31, 2020
Groovekart Review – Is it the Best Ecommerce Platform?

Groovekart Review – Is it the Best Ecommerce Platform?

hello welcome to my groovekart review
in the next few minutes you will learn what is groovekart and what are
benefits.So what is groovekart? groovekart is an ecom platform that allows the everyday mom-and-pop to set up a store within 10 minutes and be selling
physical products online for the advanced marketer it offers things like
one-click upsells and countdown timers and all the scarcity all the things to
do to increase your conversions as a marketer we need to increase conversions
but we already have our traffic we’re paying for it we want to increase it let
me tell you a key thing about groovekart you will make more money you will
save more money and you will enjoy what you do a lot easier because you can have
a one-on-one relationship with support one-on-one relationship with the people
who are launching it and we’re just a superior product so why groov cart over the competition
you know let’s just call out 800-pound gorilla as you said earlier Shopify my
store for Shopify I paid two hundred and seventy nine dollars which is the top
premium plan yet my bill is always around 650 to 750 L as a month this is
due to apps all these different apps so I have an app for shipping and I have an
app for conversion trust me the apps that you need is a marketer to run a
profitable ecommerce store are included in Google and the price that I pay for
one month you’re gonna get groove cart to the entire year so you already have a successful Shopify
store and you’re concerned why should I bring it over the groovekart
beside the fact that you’re going to get better conversions you’re going to spend
less money you’re gonna have less hassles why should I do that it’s gonna
be a hassle just moving everything over no it’s not with just a few clicks you
can move over all your products or your customers your entire database in a
seamless transition and including your domain so why should someone that’s
getting ready to start an online business start with e-commerce let me
tell you a funny little story I’ve been in digital marketing since about 2009
and all that time I couldn’t explain to my wife or my family exactly what I did
you’re like so you took a magical story and put it into some digital product and
you sold it and somebody downloaded they had no understanding of what it is and
if you ask most people today they don’t really understand digital marketing
they’re like what is it all about when I told them I was selling t-shirts or hats
but change or some other physical product and that someone actually
received that product at home they understood and they clicked and I made a
lot of money selling digital product but never as much as I made selling physical
product because there’s just something about someone actually getting something
and holding in their hands you know the leader in digital products
who’s deleting digital products let me ask the question nobody really knows
who’s the leader in physical products Amazon no and so everyone says hey
Amazon is selling physical products it’s safe to buy a physical product online
you know because of that all the people have had similar success yeah I’m not sure the ceiling is and I
can’t make any complains but I’ve done a lot of money in e-comm I’ve broken the
ten million dollar mark selling physical products since 2014
can anyone do that yeah you know I wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed and
I just have a high school degree so can it be done absolutely I think if you go
into econ today and you open up an e-commerce store and you don’t have any
knowledge of Facebook when you have no our knowledge of outsourcing you have no
knowledge of reading of products you’re gonna be able to loss however if you
become a member of group card we offer training on all of these things that’s
included in our platform I have an econ course that I’ve sold for a lot of money
that we’re gonna give away and we’re gonna have experts come on every single
month and teach you things like Facebook advertising outsourcing where to find
products I don’t know if you know it but my partner is Michael Sainte and if you
need marketing help who better to ask than him! Thanks for watch my Groovekart Review. Click the link in the
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