April 4, 2020
Grocery eCommerce personalization solution – AisleOne – Doorcrasher deals

Grocery eCommerce personalization solution – AisleOne – Doorcrasher deals

(upbeat music) – Hi, it’s Madelaine and Isla, joining you again from Mercatus. We’re going to talk to
you about another one of the incredible features available with AisleOne on the Mercatus
platform, Doorcrasher deals. Shoppers today are always looking to save money on their
weekly grocery shop. But when they log into their
favorite retailer’s site, they have to spend time
looking for those savings through flyers, coupon
listings and catalogs. And in that time, they only find maybe two or three offerings that
are truly relevant to them. With Doorcrasher deals, shoppers can find the top product deals and offers they want and need, right on the home page of
their favorite retailer’s site. So how does it work? The AisleOne personalization
intelligence engine taps into every shopper data point on the Mercatus platform to
automatically generate deal and offer recommendations
that are relevant to each individual shopper. Customers will love shopping online with their favorite retailer, with the deals and offers they
want being so easy to find. The moment they log
into your online store, they can start saving on
their favorite products and building up their basket. Retailers can get personalized deals in front of their shoppers without any extra work
needed on their part, freeing up time to focus
on other business needs. With Doorcrasher deals,
you can help your shoppers easily find the deals and
offers they want and need, save time and money on their weekly shop, and build their basket faster. And retailers can benefit from, increased online orders, bigger basket sizes, and personalized shopper marketing that’s automatically done for them. Thanks for watching. To learn about what AisleOne
on the Mercatus platform can do for your grocery retail business, contact our sales team today. Bye for now.

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