April 4, 2020
Great New Ways To Leverage Your Advertising

Great New Ways To Leverage Your Advertising

let’s talk about the new way to leverage
your advertising. Its different, way different than what you’re used to. But
it’s also easier to convert, cheaper, recyclable and more scalable than any
other traffic source you’ve ever leveraged. So it’s probably worth
learning something a little bit new right? The number one question you need
to ask yourself with a traffic or advertising decision is can I build a retargeting list. You need to
ask that question know it sounds kind of… well I can always add a retargeting list, no you can’t always. Some promotion is lost promotion. We try to focus our promotion on a point where we can always drop that retargeting pixel because it’s going to
make our costs… our advertising cheaper. It’s going to make our conversions higher and put
more money in our pocket every single time. As well as building out a long-term
traffic source that we can leverage at a moment’s notice. So why is the question important? Kind of went over that just now but let’s keep going. Normal advertising is predominantly
one-and-done. You pay for click it drives to the sales page that’s it. You buy an
email drop it sends traffic it’s done. You send out an email to click happens
the traffic goes nothing else happens. One-and-done. One-and-done is never a
good thing in marketing. We’ve all heard the saying that it takes
you know five to seven points of contact to make a sale right? Is that always the
truth? No, but predominantly is it true? Yes, it
is. It takes multiple points of contact. So if you use one-and-done advertising, you
have to use a lot more, three to five times more one-and-done advertising just
to get the same effect of leveraging retargeting. Retargeting lists are
reusable an on-demand traffic source as we talked about. And building retargeting
list defrays advertising costs and can boost conversions. Again we talked
about that. Normal advertising plus retargeting
equals cheap recyclable traffic. It’s just… it creates this never-ending siphon
of traffic just keep spinning around like a washing machine. It’s awesome guys. If you’re not leveraging
retargeting I’m gonna beat into your head all weekend. Every one of these
presenters going to be up here, will be saying the word retargeting at least
once in their presentation. It’s a requirement. Ok always promote content, why? Content allows visitors to get to know you without the pressure of a sale. It establishes you as the expert and
authority in the marketplace. It’s dirt cheap. Content, promoting content, is dirt
cheap. How many guys have ever run a pay per
engagement ad or boosted a post on Facebook and just the craziest dirt traffic ever? Guess what, you can do that all day long with content. Try
doing that with an offer it doesn’t work as well. It always gets approved. No network is going to disapprove a nice blog article or viral peace as long as
it’s not doing something that’s one of those real band categories right. Like Adil’s into. But if you’re building an asset with this content piece to, your
building the traffic platform. You’re gonna start getting organics. You’re
gonna start getting natural traffic. It’s going to get rankings. It’s going to
build up. Your building an asset that can be leveraged over and over again. That
content can be constantly remarketed and pushed out multiple, multiple times. So
send traffic only the content where you can drop a pixel. So there’s two ways to
do this. Either on a site that you control or by using a tool that allows
you to drop a pixel without leveraging the site you control. Which we have a
tool called UserGrow, I’ll tell you guys a little bit about in a little bit. So the way this would work with the UserGrow, obviously on a site you control you put
the code… you put the the pixel code in your page. If you don’t control
it, this is the flow just so you guys understand, you have the link to the
content, which let’s say it’s cnn.com. You want you want to link them to a big
article on CNN. Ok, you would use UserGrow to redirect
and cloak that link so when you give the user, or you put on
facebook, or in the ad the UserGrow link. Ok, the link itself drops a retargeting
pixel for you when they click the link and then it sends them onto the content.
So now you’re building we target pixel by getting people to click on content
you don’t control. How many guys have found really awesome content in your
niche that you would love to be able to leverage but can’t figure out a way to
do it? This is how. Ok the other cool thing
about user girls you can actually pop an offer up in front of them as well. But
you don’t have to do that. So the goal is to still make money. Trust me guys we
don’t want to market content and not make money. We want to make money. But you only want to run traffic to a content paid piece or content page that is
related to a specific offer you have to sell. If you are in the weight loss niche
and you’re going to run a traffic piece to how to cure cancer and you don’t have
an offer that helps with cancer, not a good fit. Okay, stick to content that’s about your
market. And the more targeted tightly related it is, the better the traffic, the higher
qualified are going to be and the better conversion rate and uptake on
your click-throughs on your retargeting ads going to be. So make sure you focus
on building content that makes sense to the market. Be smart about your content.
This a big one. Any old content just won’t do, ok. It
takes a little bit of effort but it’s totally worth it. The more viral the
content the better. Why? You’re getting super cheap traffic
to this content, right? It has the ability, especially on Facebook, or
Twitter, StumbleUpon, and other networks to go viral. You can further extend your advertising
budget by getting people to share it, like it, post on it. And if you
have a really engaging piece or something that ties into a trend that’s
happening that makes sense with your market, then you can get just a massive amount, I’ll show you in some of the case studies how these people just got
ridiculous amounts of traffic doing this. So leverage and integrate topics that are
trending when possible, like we just said. No generic content and create content
that is segmented based on your various offers. If you have two core offers, then
you need to have two different segments of content. Like a blog with two
different categories, each category pertains to the product that you’re
selling. Not the product name but that product specific demographic. So you
focus your content around what that demographic wants. There’s all kinds of
great ways that you can go out and basically crowdsource and curate
additional content, that you can then put on your site, leverage, run traffic to, and reap the rewards of retargeting
straight to the offer. You also need to write in the language that your audience
speaks. Ok, this is a big deal. If you are marketing to an audience that you are
just… its like a niche you just picked because you want to make money in it but you’re
not really related to that audience, you need to learn how they speak. Ok, perfect example of this is Don
Wilson, I don’t even know if he’s in the room right now, but Don and I did as a bunch of stuff in the gun niche with all my gun pages. Don would try to write an
email to my gun niche people and we’d get the most unsubscribe, complaints, we did not
make any sales. Nothing because he couldn’t even… could not get the language right. And I’d read the email and I’m like what did you do. And turns out he just don’t know how
to write it. So I would fix it then we send the same email out with my language,
that was spoke to the market, and we make ridiculous amount of money. You need to
be able to speak your markets language. And every market has a lingo, has a slang,
has a has a message. Repurpose the same content across multiple networks. Make
your work, work for you. Don’t create 20 different content pieces to go on 20
different networks. Create one content piece that you can leverage across
multiple networks. Why? Because traffic is… there’s different traffic in different
networks. Some of it crosses networks but a lot of traffic is unique or semi
unique to the networks that are going to market on. So, just because you have that same article on Facebook doesn’t mean you can’t push it out to, you know,
Adwords, or StumbleUpon, or Twitter, or anything like that because there are
people there that haven’t seen it on Facebook. You can repurpose your content. It’s very very easy. Content centered promotions make scaling easy. So here’s… I’m gonna show you five different high quality traffic sources that were
previously unavailable to you in the direct promotion model. You couldn’t use
them. Now you can scale because one of the easiest ways to scale in a business
is just pour on more traffic. Okay, you got your conversions you’re making money, but you’ve got one traffic source, cool. How do you double your business add another traffic source. well, how about if we could add five.

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