March 29, 2020
Grant Cardone’s Incredible Interview with Nathanial Bibby

Grant Cardone’s Incredible Interview with Nathanial Bibby

if you could be a superhero who would
you be and why yeah I’d be Grant Cardone Fuck Batman
Grant, first of all just congratulations on everything you achieved – thank you you
know you’ve really taken everything to a new standard into a new level like I was
looking at you YouTube playlist the other day yeah you’ve got like 15 video
series that you you’ve got on there like the hour plays yeah yeah yeah we got a
lot of content there you can see some orbs and entrepreneurial mortals as a
sales person with your first venturing on business or was it in sales oh it was
definitely sales yeah I was sales got like I learned sales master sales and
then got stuck in it too long yeah and cuz it’s changed so much isn’t it and it
wasn’t because it changed there was just I got stuck I didn’t think about
elevating my game as a business person or as a manager in the organizer yes
it’s a real entrepreneur I was just a sales guy too long yeah and that’s
nothing interesting things like the amount of content that you you’re
producing Richard Branson’s producing I think that there’s a delusion like
people think you know grads just doing that all that all themself but there’s a
lot of you know people that go into you know managing a community and yet and
doing all that stuff isn’t it look you know I think the content things a little
overplay like you’re just gonna put content up something’s gonna happen
that’d be like coca-cola just putting coke on the shelves and not monetizing I
mean just put it up there don’t price it let people take it use it talk about it
not talk about it like it don’t like it somebody’s got to manage it somebody’s
got to monetize it somebody’s gonna have to replenish it somebody’s got to get
feedback like it needs to fund itself it can’t it can’t he can’t just throw
content on the internet and think okay something’s gonna happen is nothing’s
gonna happen cuz there’s no amount of content you know her two guys say the
other day you need to put up like ten pieces of content a day so what ya do 10
piece of content a day on the internet it’s a meaningless that could be
full-time job but not generally well first of all you’d have you’d have a
full-time job – it might not generate a penny and number three it’s not gonna
make a difference ten pieces of content
compared to the amount of content being dropped every day is nothing so people
need to come up with a plan where their content actually on LinkedIn what is it
going to do what is it driving traffic to the number
one mistake I see businesses make with digital whopping pool stop is they don’t
measure return on investment well I look I don’t measure return on investment on
every piece of content we drop either but but you know what’s that it should
be there yeah yeah how can you happen how can you how can you how can you do
return on investment if you’re not monetizing like like what wouldn’t we
start coming up with this nonsense like yeah sorry like that people say oh if
you’re not in social media marketing or you’re not in content marketing you’re
dead in the water which I guess makes sense but there’s also a lot stro are
doing it and they’re doing it wrong and that just as there’s a lot of a lot of
businesses out there making a lot of money I mean I’m unbelievable money with
without doing any of that yeah so you can’t take you know every company that’s
making money and suddenly say well if you’re not online you’re not gonna make
money I mean there’s a lot of businesses making money that that aren’t paying
attention to social media so look we’re all figure now nobody knows it’s really
any of this stuff like it’s shifting so fast these vehicles are here today going
tomorrow yeah and I don’t pretend that we know like any metric on any of the
platforms we do a decent job we did about 40 million don’t know I’m just on
ecommerce last year yeah yeah so you got you have to have products and the
content needs to drive to a product yeah that somebody can whether it’s a soda
tennis shoe education a service at some point the the content should be driving
to some activity where the consumer can have a transaction with you because if
I’m just delivering you content I’m just bringing flowers or coke cans or
whatever to your house or content whether it’s all the same and you don’t
ever get the transact back with me the flow stops the flow has to be
reciprocated for there to be a ecosystem like on that like I think there’s I
think one of the reasons I specialize in LinkedIn is because I deal with BB
companies higher transaction value needs are doing a small stuff yeah and
would it be fair to say that the YouTube and the instagrams of the world most of
the followers you know would be you know it’s it’s it’s hard for me to say
because we raised two hundred and twenty five million dollars in 20 months so
who’s doing who’s giving me that money that is about four hundred forty
thousand dollars at a time yeah and and so and did that come out of your 10x
philosophy like no no well the the capital rates came out of a number to
solve a number of problems but but mostly to solve problems for other
people not me and to challenge a financial system that’s a little bit
dated and unfair to the everyday investor yep a little bit about your 10x
system because I really like the methodology because if you’d like
growing from this way understand it but you’re growing from sales like 300,000
to 400,000 most businesses do know how could incremental increases you’re not
really changing anything you’re just doing more right whereas if you’re
thinking about growing from 300,000 to yeah it forces you to like think about
everything different yeah about how you came up with that strategy and how
you’ve been implementing it well because out of mistakes that I was
making out of problems that I hadn’t been my own company like I couldn’t grow
because I was thinking about incremental growth so you know if you study the big
players they do go out buy stuff yeah they have doubles they take big
companies and double them up overnight you know and so what I was trying to do
imagine I was a you know own the truck company I had ten trucks and these
trucks were delivered services and I’m like okay I’m gonna try to get to 12
trucks this year that’ll get me some growth yeah you don’t ever you don’t
think about all the setbacks the problems I’ll lose two trucks I’m back
to 10 again so the 10x concept is like to go from 10 trucks 200
trucks now you start you move yourself into another zip code neighborhood of
problems yeah oh shit now wait a minute no now I got it oh my god I was worried
about like the office we had now I need so you see it’s almost like creating
bigger problems yeah exact solution exactly exactly they get you out of
these little problems that keep you stuck in your little problems carry for
little people the other way just doesn’t work 10 to 12
doesn’t work it doesn’t work has never worked it’s
never worked for anybody there’s no there’s no there’s no look at Tesla man
what’s he do the guy sells PayPal takes all the money puts all the money into
three companies and does not buy a house yeah I think he bought himself a car
yeah exactly shoved all that man why he’s trying to
go to the moon or no Mars sorry not the moon Mars
excuse me like build tunnels underground and and that he doesn’t even know if
anybody’s gonna fund any of this stuff because it puts him to another spear
like when we did our 10x croats conference we went from doing events
where we had 200 people in him the first time you book the book that stadium that
must have been quite an amazing feeling I could imagine that was know what when
we booked it it was fucked it was terrifying when you put the deposed
enemy and the whole thing the whole thing was like writing a check for it
was one thing without being embarrassed that it was gonna be empty and that was
the biggest threat that I had it was not the money I liked i’ma lose money on
this deal yeah and so if you had to like isolates you know one of the reasons
those key success factors behind that was what was it was a partners was it
what sort of strategy did you used it no there was no partners how did you feel
it we had to fill it most people kind of feel like a room hundred people kind of
know it was it was easier selling thirty five thousand seats than it was two and
three hundred because you had to come up with a new set of solutions to
everything and then it needs to be a freaking mass commitment to the
organization to take on and you know obviously it’s what we knew would be a
if we knew it would be a big score to the brand if you could pull it off then
you got to get everybody on the same page and make sure you pull it off
you know so so that goes back to your question about the business you know
person sales person what do you do do you then you have to become you yet to
become a leader and you got to become at that point you had to become somebody
that says hey guys we’re gonna get results and everyday we’re gonna get the
results and we’re gonna fill the place up and I don’t want to hear anything
about oh yeah we’re doing on a Super Bowl weekend stupid grant
okay oh man the place is too big yeah whatever
oh you know people people are buying tickets okay I don’t care dude figure it
out yeah okay so so we found out all kind of things like you know I don’t
want to give you all my secret sauce but like most the time we were giving people
too much information about the event one of the big mistakes we’re making look
with your social media content like I think a lot of people see the jet and
they see like yeah yeah yeah nice cars and you know your lifestyle yeah yeah
bling bling like you’ve got a lot of haters right like you think I have more
than most people you’re the one that said I got a lot of haters well you
talked about them doing and and you see what other things you said I was
watching this video on Instagram and he’s yeah he’s going to be in the it’s
gonna be parties Frenchy you gotta get haters it’s gonna be a boy
Jesus had a man like who the hell thinks who is who thinks they’re not gonna have
haters like I named everybody say oh my god Bobby doesn’t like me dude they
crucified Jesus like what do you worry about somebody somebody dislike you gave
you a bad comment on YouTube which which does the guy didn’t even have an avatar
like he didn’t even have his picture on there is it just he’s X 4 1 2 3 7 porn
all the time yeah that’s his handle do a bit of it like 30 mm yeah well ya better
people on LinkedIn don’t hate they don’t hate they just don’t comment you get to
YouTube and they’re like fuck you fuckin you’re a fucking idiot you know
Lincoln’s for losers x1 for porn all night long
no avatars yeah you know yeah you got a picture of a cartoon character
yeah cuz they always do they’re just cowards and quitters yeah yeah so you
got but you gotta get them because they generate a lot of activity so how do I
get more heads you need to have a bigger opinion about stuff yeah I’d say you
need to get your opinion I’m pushing it already bit I need to get involved yes
yeah you know you know dude it I mean I can show you some tricks for getting
haters like I know how to get so do interviews with people that you disagree
with you know what you know I’m just elaborate would like my debut like yeah
you know dude do some stuff with people you like dude that’s just stupid
yeah yeah you know like try that one time just give me that that’s a stupid
grant you guys you can’t roll your eyes when you do it then you gotta lean into
it the whole thing yeah you know so and look I’m not trying to go get haters
just so you know I don’t have a a like we don’t have some kind of strategy to
go acquire haters you know like the jet okay so you see the jet somewhere in the
jet bothered you a little bit and the course you’re like well because you
brought them up right your life it’s other people’s perception I know but I’m
talking to you I’m not talking about they’re not in their view today so so so
all I’m saying is like this thing like oh yeah what eyes feels different than
my deal and I know Titus and I’ve had Thomas age right but you know a roomful
a garage full of fucking like I asked him on my show if you didn’t see the
interview I’m like we do what’s the strategy with hey I’m just trying to
show my folks yeah yeah I said you can’t you can’t tell me that like the dogs on
the tennis court and the chicks in bikinis and you shootin basketball like
like what’s the strategy like is entertainment business like the guys
done an unbelievable job now the question is is it good for business
sure we you know I don’t know that for sure
you know so so everybody’s got to pick like pick the lane you’re gonna roll
down and then and then figure out oh wow wait a minute I need another Lane too
because because that Lane might work for a kid 19 years old yeah but it probably
ain’t gonna work for always hurt this guy a couple three weeks ago and I might
do any real businessman is gonna know yeah you’re not a legit real businessman
I told him it’s off-camera I’m like any real guy is gonna come to your location
right here say do this in a real deal this is a this is a fuckin this is a at
best a hawker sales guy like you’re not even a real business like your locations
like you if you want to be with legit real business deep so you know when you
when you go out buy 50 million dollars yet and you can put your name on the
back of it also exact some major companies are like well goddamn that
guys either way over his skis or he’s the real deal but but but that that kind
of elena talks about it being trophies but really it’s just it’s just
validation like you can’t fake there’s some things you can’t fake garage full
of course yeah you can fake that I’m not saying he is but but it’s a world of
games anyway like just what game you’re gonna play what Lane you’re gonna be in
and then or do you want to own the whole highway like like I’m trying to I’m
trying to own I’m trying to work the whole highway when I do social media
yeah and the other side yeah yeah you seem like somebody that’s not just like
we talk a lot about business and and that sort of thing but you’ve done
really well in the relationship and your family live and you just seem to be
loving life like you seem to have nailed it in a lot of different areas you seem
to be in great shape yeah thank you you in the best shape you
best chef in my entire life since I was like a kid cuz you don’t want some of
this you don’t want you know you don’t want health without money I mean I’d
rather health than money but you you know I don’t want to be
healthy and broke I’ve been broke I’ve been broke so raise your hand if you’ve
been broke elite people in LinkedIn if you’ve ever been broke erase it so if
you want to stay broke don’t raise your hand just don’t even pay attention to us
but but do you want help and you you want you want money and but you also
want time you know and then if you got health money and time then you want
people like you don’t want that you don’t want a bunch of time and a bunch
of good health and a bunch of money and be by yourself like that it’s just no
fun and what are you decide about and I’m one thing that you pump to super
pumped about at the moment man I got so many things I would never have one thing
I’m excited by one thing won’t keep me excited we’re doing a big huge huge huge
push in the US a project we’re working on yeah well I’ll be everywhere like
everywhere dude well when I say everywhere what do you think first the
first thing comes your line by content no no but we’re not yeah but
where where what would have any you might sit my daughter once meet a by the
way you’d make a lot of people what happen president so so you know we’ve
got a big push in the US huge push in or internationally whether we can pull that
off or not I don’t know you know it’s it’s because international travel it’s
just hard it’s like takes a big cribs like if you want to do something big
internationally takes look look at the biggest companies in the world today
we’re fascinated with individuals like Thai grant Gary Tony you know do you
think the personal branding thing will run its course all won’t matter if
there’s no money hmm you exactly the market bull you got to
have coke cans in every shelf yeah you got it you got to be on everybody’s
phone dominate you got you got to be you got to think in a scale 10x is not even
scale big enough like you got to think in terms of like okay I got to be in
every zip code you have some codes here yeah you got you got to be in every zip
code you know we come here we visited Sydney Brisbane Melbourne yeah you know
what where didn’t I get to Tasmania Adaline Perth northern Australia the
north northeast or Cannes Townsville like nobody even knows me here well are
you gonna be coming back more is that for sure under the process give me to
its position for sure yeah cool happy to help let’s roll dude yeah let’s
do some business let’s monetize as quickly as possible yeah let’s make
money and let’s help other people make money lots of it let me tell you one
thing I’m doing with court on capital okay this is what I discovered was for
years I’ve been getting money from people and I spent I spent some time
with a billionaire and he had he had found he started a company was taking it
public he made a bunch of people a bunch of money it’s a grand smartest thing I
ever did was tell people about the company I was doing I said was that he’s
like cuz they’re invested with me I said yeah ok I’m listen bring bring me
the rest I’m looking for the meat on the bone here bra weight would tell me do
the other side grant people pray for me at night yeah I said what he’s like
people all over the world thousands tens of thousands of people are pulling for
me every night when they go to sleep I said
I was so intrigued by this okay change my life when I heard this he’s like what
what he said look he’s like I got thousands of people dinner invested in
my company ignite they know their future depends on how well I do they’re pulling
for me I said brother thank you so much appreciate your time I went back to my
room and start a card on capital right that’s why I started card on capital I
said man I’m gonna start card on capital I’m gonna let people from all over the
world in every region on the planet invested in in carlin capital I’m gonna
make sure it’s the best investment they’ve ever made in their lifetime
they’re gonna get a check from me every month people around the world 150
countries are gonna pray from Grant Cardone tonight say so imagine if you’re
pulling for yourself right imagine a million people pulling for you wouldn’t
it be easier so so my goal is to send people more money out every month than
they’ve ever given me in my whole career yeah I think we could help on LinkedIn
but let’s do it and so like I’m I’m willing to invest in it I wanted to be
based on results yeah and when it works you know I think you’d be great advocate
for my brand so let me prove myself let’s go let’s do it yeah awesome since
I’m the rock okay okay Raquel I am have one last question for the is it a big
question well Lincoln Heroes is a series oh my god what did super him well first
of all there is me what what yeah I’d be great card to home fuck Batman Batman in
a shit yeah exactly dude look Ben Affleck Ben Affleck who played one of
the Batman oh yeah yeah he was bidding on a house that I bought I bought a
house next to Leo DiCaprio I’m bragging I just told brag okay I’m just totally
bragging right now it’s not a humble brag that’s just like an ostentatious
just arrogant American bragging yeah but that’s pretty cool so Ben Affleck’s
bidding on the other set ain’t no way that punk he’s just a script reading
actor would an alcohol I said he’s never gonna step up for it okay I bought that
house for 8.3 million he didn’t step up and buys it with a punk somebody gives
him 20 million movie at the height of his career
playing fucking Batman okay okay look man I bought the house sold it for 19
million dollars okay and Ben Affleck he looked at the house at eight point three
million didn’t buy it came back and looked at it with me for fifteen I said
dude you didn’t buy it at eight point three you ain’t gonna buy it at fifteen
and I sold it for 19 I like that well I must stay with what
you said what’s super what he bro would I be Grant Cardone yeah granted and so
much as good as when somebody said to ten you’ll be which is my name yeah
that’s awesome that’s awesome I like that yeah oh thank you Tom Grant is
David pleasure to catch ya yeah dude pleasure meeting you okay let’s do
someone linked in together yeah okay let’s prove it out

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  1. Interesting body language:
    Bibby is closed, nervous, stressed, student (inferior), uncomfortable, follower.

    Cardone is the exact opposite: open, confident, lead, comfortable, relaxed.

  2. What I took from this interview is: your business has to be an eco system. I see a lot of YouTubers putting up great content but not directing the viewers to their service, product, e.t.c.
    That's why I chilled on content and working on my website. Once the thing is good to go pump out that value.. very very true. Appreciate this great interview. Subbed. Learnt a lot here. Thank you.

  3. Awesome interview Nathaniel and love what you do on LinkedIn here's my profile let's connect!

  4. Wow, awesome channel! I just found it. Hello from your newest subscriber and if you ever want some original music let me know, I'd be happy to help out (I'm a musician). 🙂 All the best Nathaniel and congratulations on your success so far.

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