February 18, 2020
Google Smart Shopping Campaigns- Beginner’s Guide [emarketing]

Google Smart Shopping Campaigns- Beginner’s Guide [emarketing]

Hi and welcome to this episode of
emarketing basics. Today we’re covering Google Smart Shopping Campaigns for your
ecommerce store. Google Shopping helps ecommerce Merchants advertise on Google
and its partners. There are some products you can’t advertise on Google shopping so
you’ll definitely want to check out our google shopping video for more information
on that. Let’s check out an example. products are shown based off of what the
customer is searching for on Google. This makes it one of the highest performing
ad platforms on the internet for e-commerce. Previously these ad campaigns
required a lot of PPC knowledge but more recently Google released their Google
Smart Shopping Campaigns. emarketing makes these campaigns accessible and
automated for all ecommerce merchants. There are a lot of different
ways to set up a Google Smart Shopping Campaign but I want to show you a
specific example. Let’s head over to emarketing to take a look. The SSC is often outperforming advance
campaigns because they pick which products to advertise based off of which
product is selling best and the market trends in your sector. So we already know
that these campaigns are really easy to manage and to set up but what are the
pros and cons between a smart campaign and an advanced campaign. So the pros of
the smart campaign is that it’s made for people who do not have a huge amount of
PPC knowledge, so if you’re not somebody that wants to adjust all your filters
and advertise only one product in one certain area with a bunch of campaigns,
definitely go the smart shopping campaign route. If you’re a PPC master and
you really like to get deep into these campaigns, you’ll definitely want to
check out the advanced campaigns. Either way I definitely recommend running both
at the same time. Do this for at least a month because the smart shopping
campaigns take a little bit of time around two weeks to learn how you’re
bidding and which products are going to convert best. So run both for at least a
month and then you can check which one is right for your store. Thanks for
joining me for this episode of emarketing basics. Make sure you click to
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  1. You can't optimize with negative keywords, you can't exclude spams with I.P. exclusions. I'll stick with normal shopping campaigns for now.

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