April 5, 2020

Google App Marketing

SPEAKER: You are
building a product and you know it’s
going to be great. But how will you
get that product into the hands of the right
users, in the right way, at the right time? Marketing. But marketing is a
huge playing field. So how do you choose the right
strategies and the right tools? And how do you know whether
your campaigns are succeeding? If you do it right, this
should start long before you prototype or code. Check out the product
marketing course, developed by Google
and Udacity, to learn why marketing is more
than just broadcasting your messages to the masses. You’ll also learn what
they don’t teach you in marketing 101, such as how
to prepare for launch day, how to build a following,
both online and offline, and how to measure,
track, and optimize data. Learn from experts
such as Geoffrey A. Moore of “Crossing the Chasm,”
and Steve Chen, co-founder of YouTube. This course is packed
with practical advice from the experts and you will
learn marketing research, planning, execution,
and most importantly, how to grow your user base. Start creating today. For more information,
visit udacity.com/google.

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