April 10, 2020

12 thoughts on “Google Analytics Dashboard with Google Sheets (Reporting API)

  1. Could explain how you created your conversion funnel? I'd like to create something like that for my companies dashboard. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks

  2. hey! I am using a Dashbord in Data Studio which gets the info from Google Analytics, do you know how can I include and excel sheet as another source of info for the same Dashboard?

  3. Hi Julian, great video! The link to the sample dashboard is asking for a WordPress login, so I'm unable to access it. Could you please fix that link?

  4. Hello and thanks for all your great videos.
    I wanted to know about using Google sheets and net security? Is it a safe way to export and analyze data? Isn't too easy to hack/acces?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  5. Supermetrics events data is inaccurate, Do you know that? every time you generate a report the historical data changes for total events and unique events

  6. There's actually a Google Analytics Add-on in Google Spreadsheet that works via the core reporting API

  7. Hello Julian,

    I downloaded the sheet.

    But how I place my website data into it.

    As change one by one take times.

    Can you please let me know after downloading this sheet. How to replace this sheet with my own google analytics data.

    Waiting for your positive assistance.

    Thank you.

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