April 3, 2020
Google AMP for e-commerce

Google AMP for e-commerce

(instrumental music) – [Narrator] Life is fast. Time is precious. But your customer’s on top of it. Even when the unexpected happens. She doesn’t have the time to be slowed down by sluggish websites. Thankfully, there’s AMP,
elegant mobile pages that load instantly. Here’s how it plays out. A customer searches for a product. They see some results with an AMP badge. These results get more clicks because Google guarantees
they’re fast and user friendly. AMPs load in less than a second and look just like the regular mobile page, maintaining all the same functionality. These instant load times are perfect for retail and e-commerce sites, where the buyer’s overall
experience is critical to closing the sale. Why? Because search engines
promote and give priority to fast loading mobile pages
and with blazing speed. AMPs increase engagement
and decrease bounce rate, which means there are more users clicking, converting and buying on your website. Unlocking the benefits of
AMP is easy with Womp Mobile. We create engaging,
beautiful AMP experiences. Mobile friendly is no longer enough. Speed and performance are critical. Your customer, she demands mobile speed and a seamless, easy to
use online experience.

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  1. Not sure about other platforms but if you're on Shopify you can just use the AMP by Shop Sheriff app (https://apps.shopify.com/amp-google or https://shopsheriff.com/amp). Pretty slick for us! 🔥

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