April 9, 2020
Google Adwords: Ad Extensions and Ad Rank Explained

Google Adwords: Ad Extensions and Ad Rank Explained

Hello and welcome to the fourth episode
of iProspect Ireland TV! Today we’re
going to talk about Adwords ad extensions and and Ad Rank. Ad Rank! What the hell is Ad Rank? So, since you asked. Ad Rank is basically a system that Google uses to
rank where the different ads in a paid search
auction are gonna end up. Whether they’re the top or they’re at the bottom. And this is made
up a couple different factors. One being in the max CPC, so that’s how
much you’re willing to bid or how much you’re willing to pay for a particular keyword. Plus your ad quality score. And the quality score
is made up of a number of different factors, things like click-through rate, so how good
your ad has been historically at getting click-throughs, the relevance of your landing page to
the keyword and a number of other factors. The big
change that has happened recently though is that now within this quality score,
within this Adrank, Google is going to factor in
your ad extensions. So ad extensions are little extras that you can add to your
current Google AdWords ads to make them more relevant. And they are things like site links, location extensions or even a click to
call extension. So for example, site link extensions are an extension which go on typical ads and they allow you to put some extra headlines and some text below your
existing copy and they might link to different areas
of your website. So this has been a feature that’s been
around for a while but now it’s even more important because these
sight links are gonna be used when determining your your Ad rank and how much you should pay. So
what does this actually mean? It means that you need to think more
about the types of ad extensions that you’re using. So for example if you’re bidding on
mobile and you have a business and that people could use use that business while out and about. So for
example if your car was to break down and you search for ‘car repair’, now the ad that had a call site link extension would likely be given or deemed to be more relevant in that scenario and so because they’ve got the ‘Click to Call’ ad extension, it’s going to help boost their Ad rank and going to help them move further up
the search results pages. So what can you do? You need to make sure
that you’re using all the site links that you can that are relevant to and
your business, location extension, site link extensions, click to call extensions. If you can and depend on the location, you can use
product review extensions as well. Anything you can basically do to boost the relevance of your ad through these ad extensions is going to help your ad to rank higher. So hopefully that helped explain a little bit about Ad rank and how site links work. If you have any questions please feel
free to leave a comment In the video, just reach out through the blog or through Twitter. we’ll be happy to answer them. Until
next time, take care and thanks for watching and bye bye!

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