April 3, 2020
GoECart Ecommerce Solution: Merchant Testimonial – MWRI on Customizations

GoECart Ecommerce Solution: Merchant Testimonial – MWRI on Customizations

RAY: Well, Manish, thank you for having us.
As you know, we’ve been using GoECart for almost eight years now, and the reason for
our trip is to sit down and then discuss future development, some projects we currently have
in the works and projects going forward in our business relationship, as a whole. We’re
working on a site redesign, which encompasses not only the aesthetics of the site but also
navigation and some functionality that we see other companies going to, and technology
has evolved over the years. MANISH: Well, that’s perfect. That’s right
in line with what we’re seeing with a number of clients that we work with, the focus on
improved user experience, so did GoECart have any participation in this process? Tell us
a little bit about, how did you go about approaching this redesign project?
RAY: At the consulting end, we brainstormed with GoECart regarding branding, concepts,
webpage concepts, navigation designs, color schemes, and also some different functionalities
we either want to enhance or we want to add to our site, our existing site.
MANISH: How else are they helping you improve your business, and how do you view this relationship?
Is it strictly software? As you said, you’re getting them involved in consulting, but also,
what is the service component? RAY: That’s a good point, Manish. That’s
one thing that we really value about GoECart is the technical support. Technical support
is very important today. As our company grows and evolves, there are challenges that we
need to meet, and we want a company that has the support to back up their software.
The other thing that we value greatly is, we are an e-commerce site, and our success
depends on the up-time of our site. MANISH: What advice … I mean, you’ve been
there, you’ve done that, you’re very successful at it, any words or advice or wisdom that
you’d like to share with anybody who’s looking to change platforms?
RAY: My biggest piece of advice would be to remember you get what you pay for. I always
advice anybody that’s researching anything, be it an ecommerce solution, even a brand
they may be using, do your due diligence and don’t base your decision on price. Get some
referrals. Talk to people who are using these platforms. And always, if they offer a demo,
a demo site or test site, test it. MANISH: And what about the GoECart platform, are they investing in the platform? Are they
continuously evolving? Because there are a number of changes that are happening online,
there’s always something new, and there’s always advances happening. How do you feel
about the platform? You’ve been there for a number of years now, almost eight.
RAY: One word is scalability. Over the years, we’ve had … well, actually, when we found
GoECart, we were looking for someone who could tailor it to our specific needs. We deal in
our market in the wedding industry, and the nature of our products, we do personalization,
so we had a lot of customizations that need to be implemented to our site for it to be
effective in e-commerce. And GoECart was able to do that, and they continue to do that on
a regular basis. So, scalability is, I think, the number one benefit to a service, like
GoECart, especially in today’s environment. MANISH: At managing that customizations over
years and over versions and upgrades, have you had any major issues or pushback and resistance?
And have they continued to support them? Tell us a little bit about … you know, doing
it one time, most vendors promise and they deliver; however, keeping up with that and
maintaining it year over year and supporting it can be challenging. So, tell us a little
bit about, how has that worked for you? RAY: Well, what we have since, in eight years
that we’ve used GoECart, we’ve had many customizations from the very first year, from
our start with GoECart. And GoECart has always been very diligent about … GoECart is very
good about doing version upgrades. And I love your version upgrades, by the way, because
there’s always exciting new features that, again, shows that GoECart is forward-thinking
and they’re looking at best practices for their clients. But when it comes time, let’s
say, for a version upgrade, we understand we have customizations, and GoECart is very
good about identifying and ensuring that each one of those customizations carry over to
the next version. MANISH: Thank you, Ray. One last question
– I know you are embarking on advancing the platform further. What are one or two
new features that you saw in GoECart that got you excited? I mean, tell us, any recent
features that GoECart brought to market that you are particularly excited about?
RAY: Well, actually, we’ve learned a lot of things here at GoECart today, and you’re
working on a brand new version of GoECart and there are some very exciting new features
in that, as far as inventory management and facilitating the ordering process and CRM,
some exciting new things. It’s actually … I think it’s going to bring companies
like ours to the next level, because as we grow, we’ve already identified a need for
this type of system. As our volume grows, our need for additional staff is growing,
and we really have to look at streamlining our processes to save cost. So, GoECart is
already looking at that, because they’re presenting an enterprise solution that is
going to help us streamline our order management processes.
MANISH: Thank you, Ray. I know you’re heading out and getting back on the road, so I really
appreciate your time. Thank you for paying us a visit and we look forward to seeing more
of you. RAY: Thank you, Manish.

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