April 5, 2020
GoDaddy Website Builder Review & Tutorial

GoDaddy Website Builder Review & Tutorial

If you are looking for a simple, reliable
and quality website builder then you are at the right place. Today we will talk about
the GoDaddy Website Builder, one of the most affordable, easy-to-use and feature-rich website
builders you can find on the Internet. Let’s see what it has to offer in terms
of plans and features. If you haven’t heard of GoDaddy, you should
know that it is one of the most successful web hosting and domain selling companies in
the world. The goal of their Website Builder is to give you already prepared solutions
(templates) that will help you setup and run a website in couple of hours. Godaddy is one
of the most affordable website builders in the market with a free trial for the first
month of subscribing to their plan. Let`s take a closer look. There are 3 plans that GoDaddy offers and
a current promotion where all come with free hosting, domain and unlimited pages.. The
PersonalPackage is a solution for people that want to build blogs, or smaller personal websites.
It current promotion plan costs just $1 monthly, but usually the plan is $5.99 per month after
the first free month. You get 50 Personal Themes, unlimited creation of pages of your
website and business email from Office 365 that is free for your 1st year or subscription. The Business plan is a little more expensive,
current promotion is just $4.99 a month, but their usual price reads $9.99 per month after
the first free month. It is intended for businesses that want to create beautiful and attractive
commercial websites that will attract and inform their possible customers about their
work. Besides all of the features in the Personal Package, you will get 300 business and personal
themes and a mobile site, which Google favors more and more nowadays. This is a great solution
for business because it will save you time and money! The last package that GoDaddy offers is the
so called Business Plus. It is the most expensive, current promotion is $7.49 a month, usually
$14.99 and is the most effective as well. You’ll get all of the features of the Business
Package, but there will be Search Engine Optimization of your website, help in Social Media management
of your website with the One-Click Social Media Manager and 1 year SSL certificate. All the plans have the benefit of one free
month and a cancellation anytime during the free trial option! No matter which package you choose, you get
a free domain name from GoDaddy. You can also choose to not get a domain name, and use your
own if you have bought a domain name from other provider. After you select the domain
you need to pay for the package for at least 1 year if you want to keep the price at $1,
$4.99 or $7.49 a month. When you finish and pay, you will be able to create a website
with GoDaddy Website builder but not before that. And we can see those features shown
on their video preview. The menu is simple and easy to navigate as
they show us in the video. You can select template and then edit it according to your
own preference. You can do everything with a simply drag & drop. You can easily create
new pages from the dashboard, add text boxes, images, slideshows, photos and navigate your
pages. Want to add social functions? It is easy as
well. All you have to do is find your preferable networks, add your own details and that is
it. You will have your Twitter, Facebook or Google pages. For business you can also add
map to your business, form and many other useful details that will get you more leads.
Everything you may need is available to you with few simple clicks. Professional SEO service comes only with the
most expensive package. If you are not ready to purchase it, you will need to find a professional
to do SEO for you or you can do it on your own. However, the most basic SEO is included
in each plan because there is possibility to add name, meta tags, keywords related to
your website’s content etc. that are important info that search engines will index. But,
if you want to build an e-commerce through GoDaddy Website Builder, it is not possible.
You should click on the Online Store section and start from there. The Personal Plan is not responsive, i.e.
it is not optimized for mobile device. On the other hand both business plans include
mobile websites and they are responsive to any type of mobile device. In terms of customer support, we were extremely
satisfied. At the end of the day, GoDaddy is one of the best solutions just because
it is the most successful company amongst the webhosting providers. They have responsive,
knowledgeable and relevant customer support that answers questions quickly and will help
you with any issues-just give them a quick call! The website builder at GoDaddy is one of the
best and simplest solutions, especially if you are looking for a website builder that
requires no prior knowledge to web design or administration. You get everything you
need for an affordable amount. The hosting, domain and unlimited pages come for free and
there are also ready to use templates that you just need to tweak a little in order to
use. Here are the main pros:
● Free domain name and hosting ● Various useful templates
● Easy creation of websites – drag and drop options
● Feature-rich tools in the website builder ● Affordable plans
But there are also a few cons: ● There are no e-commerce features included
● No testing of the Build-It-Yourself features before payment
● Pro SEO service is only available in the most expensive package Still making up your mind about GoDaddy? Nothing
to lose but all to gain with their hot subscription promotions!

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