March 28, 2020
GoDaddy Web Hosting Review & Tutorial

GoDaddy Web Hosting Review & Tutorial

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete
beginner or more experienced user, finding the ideal web hosting service to suit your
needs can be tricky. This in-depth review of GoDaddy’s web hosting capabilities should
help you decide whether this service is for you. Let’s get started. GoDaddy offers three hosting packages. The
Economy plan is great for small businesses and anyone planning on launching a small website.
On the other hand, the Deluxe and Ultimate packages are for those looking to host multiple
websites. These include more advanced features like unlimited storage, bandwidth and more
email addresses than you’ll ever use. GoDaddy really excels when it comes to the range of
advanced features on offer. All hosting packages include handy add-ons
like a free domain, 1-click installation of up to 200 apps, 1GB database storage and sophisticated
security suite. We found the signup process to be simple and
intuitive. It’s a quick three step process which first involves selecting the the plan
length. This can be for 3, 12, 24, or 36 months. Other important things to consider are the
operating system you want to use as well as security features like SiteLock. This is the GoDaddy control panel. It doesn’t
look that impressive but we found it easy enough to navigate. And you shouldn’t have
any any trouble finding your way around. Also remember that all the icons you see here can
be used to manage some aspect if your site, so you might want to spend time familiarizing
yourself with the control panel. What we also like about the control panel is that you can
change the order of the panels. See what we did there? To get started we’re going to take a look
at the extensive set of web applications GoDaddy offers. The selection is impressive and includes
solutions for everything from community building and content management to e-commerce and business.
All these apps can be installed with one click which removes all the fuss. To show you what
we mean, let’s install WordPress. See how easy that was. The file management panel is also an important
part of the control panel. Here you can manage your website, monitor disk storage and even
backup your site. Something we really like about GoDaddy is
the Preferences panel. This includes video tutorials and other useful resources for anyone
new to web hosting. We especially recommend the ‘Getting Started Wizard’ which talks
you through the whole process from how a site works to setting up email accounts. Setting up your email account with GoDaddy
is really simple. All you have to do is enter the email handle and password. You can also
assign the mailbox quota. The handy thing about this is that you can access and manage
your email from here. All you need to do is select a default webmail application. Then
there’s the mail configuration panel which lets you setup your email for various desktop
applications. For those struggling to get started, the Email Wizard takes you through
the setup process step-by-step. What we like most about GoDaddy’s email
features is that they’re so extensive. These include everything from setting up mailing
lists, adding forwarders and autoresponders to sophisticated spam filters and even encryption. Under the domains panel you can manage and
add subdomains. The great thing about subdomains is they let you add additional domains without
having to purchase a new one. In addition to a range of domain management options, you
can also preview your website. The metrics panel ensure you’ll always know
what’s happening with your website. This includes a variety of very useful analytics
tools like visitors and and bandwidth trackers. There’s even a tool which monitors CPU usage
to give you a good sense of activity on your website. When it comes to security, GoDaddy’s offering
is impressive. In addition to SiteLock, it offers an extensive array of security features.
These include an IP blocker to prevent certain IP address from accessing your site, hotlink
protection as well as leech protection. We found GoDaddy to be easy to use and were
impressed with the on-screen tutorials. We recommend it for anyone new to web hosting. Here are the main pros:
• Offers a range of hosting packages • Offers unlimited bandwidth
• Helpful on-screen tutorials But there are also a few cons:
• No live chat support • Site restoration is costly Still not sure whether GoDaddy is for you?
For more on this hosting service be sure to check out our full review at

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