April 6, 2020
Go Global – ePayments – Solid Payment Foundations for eCommerce

Go Global – ePayments – Solid Payment Foundations for eCommerce

Bradley, Managing Director CyberSource. [MUSIC PLAYING] In Asia-Pacific,
e-commerce sales are expected to outpace
those of the US in 2015. E-commerce is one of the
fastest growing sales channels for all businesses, including
small and medium enterprises. And it’s becoming
easier for businesses to sell their products
and services online due to the availability of
numerous platforms and tools that quickly enable
an online presence. Payment has become increasingly
foundational to success in the online channel creating
a seamless payment process. It’s one of the factors that can
help develop customer loyalty and support the
growth in e-commerce. First, delivering an
enjoyable user experience and fast response time
and ease of navigation often aids in the
payment process. Any lag in loading times can
leave customers frustrated, and can contribute to
shopping cart abandonment. Next, the ability to accept and
manage online transactions made from multiple devices
in different channels, is key to a modern
consumer of today who may access your business
from several different platforms. Third, the ability to offer
multiple payment options is important to sell your goods
and services internationally, and provide consumers
choices on how to pay. Lastly, an important
factor in payment success is a confidence in the
security of the transaction. This is especially important
for new businesses who are just starting out online and
creating relationships of trust with new consumers. Online businesses that start
out with the right payment foundation will put
themselves in a good position to scale their operations. The right payment
platform makes it easy to incorporate
more payment options and reach more consumers. First, before you
can accept payments, you will require the services
of merchant account provider or an acquiring bank who would
issue a merchant account where your payments will be deposited. You’ll need the
ability to securely accept multiple forms of payment
through a payment gateway. The payment gateway needs
to support different credit cards, bank transfers,
or digital wallets, such as Visa Checkout. Payment gateway should
support a wide range of regional and
international payment types to help you grow your business
into multiple markets. And finally, the
payment gateway should work regardless of
whether the buyer is using a desktop browser,
a smartphone or a tablet to place the order. Many online businesses now
offer various payment options. However, accepting, transmitting
and storing a consumer’s credit card information can pose
a liability for businesses. Online businesses may be
subject to penalties for failure to protect credit card
information from being exposed. One way to streamline
the checkout process, while avoiding the need to
store credit card details, is to use embedded payments,
achieved through payment models, such as digital wallets,
card on file and stored value. To enable secure payment
data storage and processing, CyberSource payment tokenization
and secure acceptance solutions allow you to embed a form of
payment at the checkout page for consumers to input
their payment details. This token replaces the
sensitive cardholder data within a business’s environment,
providing protection against unauthorized access. [MUSIC PLAYING] There many ways that you can
protect your online business from fraud. Most businesses need to screen
their online transactions for fraudulent behavior. Online businesses
need to identify fraudulent transactions
by assessing them against certain
validation, preferably before the transactions
are finalized and goods and services
are shipped or delivered. Online businesses
should consider deploying a fraud management
solution, such as CyberSource’s Decision Manager. Decision Manager correlate
your transactions against over 60 billion
annual transactions processed by CyberSource and Visa,
providing you a powerful tool to validate good orders or
potentially fraudulent ones. Decision Manager
can be customized to suit your industry
or vertical markets, providing a solid foundation
for international growth and expansion. CyberSource offers expert
help to deploy and fine tune your payment and fraud
solutions to help your business capitalize on the
vast potential of e-commerce. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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