April 7, 2020

100 thoughts on “GlowBar ‘Pitch GaryVee’ the New Facial Experience

  1. I always always eat up all your content. For some reason this video just missed the mark for me. Hopefully the second pitch hits home. Just my two cents of course

  2. Do 35 min. treatments for $79. I'd charge $79 instead of $69 or $70 because psychologically I'd think I'm getting 'more' for my money. PLUS your aestheticians will be tipped more at $79 than $70 so they'd be happier too. It's true,(i'm a dog groomer)…I price a bit more than others because customers really do** think they're getting more for the higher price…Personally, for me I'd still do the 1hr. and a half facial. I love them, …for the simple reason that when I have a facial, I'm there to 'slow down'…..not speed up and I get something out of the aesthetic, sensory/touch feel. Did you ever really think of having a private / back 'luxe' room for a premium service anyway as well? Cudos to you. 🙂 Congratulations!

  3. They focused on time being a main point of disruption wouldn’t it be a good idea to take the facial or product to the consumer? It would save the consumer even more time not having to transport back & forth to the physical location for those really pressed on time. Just seems like instead of disrupting the industry they could blow the thing entirely

  4. I have been going through every upload you have on spreaker for the past month while I deliver food. I am almost caught up to present day. This is the gold that I mine your content for. It is really awesome that you provide this style of content for free. We basically get a free consultation every time you put out a piece like this whether it is 4Ds or Pitch GaryVee, etc. . I've Been lurking, but I figured I would speak up here because I really enjoy hearing this style of dialogue. It is real and I want more of it in the future. I am not just taking completely. I sent wine to my family in PA this Christmas using wine library. I disagree with you in many logical, philosophical, and theological worldview type tid bits here and there concerning technology etc. … But you have the practical, pragmatic, merchant side of life on lock and I am grateful that you exist and give me a form of content to consume that is a break from the more intense heavy content I stay watching. I am employing patience right now. Perhaps we will meet after the markets melt… If anyone reading this believes in our Heavenly Father and prays, remember to pray for all of the men and women who are going to get punched in the face with knock out force when the markets melt. Love Ya Gary.

  5. I consume all of your content on every platform; up until now '4Ds' was my favourite because of the SPECIFIC, hands on, practical and actionable insights you provide but 'Pitch GaryVee' has overtaken it for the top spot (and that is after only one episode)! This content was invaluable – but just to be an insider and see the pitch in progress; the takeaways were GOLDEN! Thank you GaryVee! Thank you! Thank you! Oh and thank you for putting two female entrepreneurs in the spotlight first. #AlwaysADisruptor

  6. $500 to run ads and test demo consumption for pricing…it's 2019 baby…these are the nuggets. I'm so excited about this series ❤️

  7. Pleeeease get some better camera gear Gary! I want to watch this, but it looks like it was shot in the 90's and not the good way! :0

  8. This was an unbelievably informative video. Got so many ideas and areas to think on for my own business. Great insight in how a pitch meeting has organic growth in the q and a. Much more of a supportive and fruitful exchange than I imagined. With the company featured how do they really set themselves apart there us a well established beauty brand in the UK called GLOWBAR LDN so how will they set themselves apart? I have followed the ladies and am super interested in the product and journey 👍🏾

  9. I reached out to Rachel few days back on IG and she was super humble and helpful. Its so good to see her here. Good people. 🙌

  10. I would love to do a talk with Gary about „Why we have to change the Education System“: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFVHHbBBP6Q
    With my YouTube Channel I provide Education Content in Mathematics and the Future of Learning (150 Million Views). 
    Best Regards Daniel

  11. Anyone know what camera body and lens was used to shoot the first part of this video? The picture is sooooo crispy and warm

  12. From an esthetician stand point it sounds cool the concept as long as they don’t turn the employees into to sweat shop workers. Curious to know who her grandma is that pioneered the first Esthetics school as the school i attended was stated to be the first and the woman who started is no longer alive her daughter runs it.

  13. Also there’s a difference between a basic facial and treatments. Most of the people want the relaxation facials come with they don’t want to feel rushed. 1hr is still reasonable most masks will have to stay on 15-20.

  14. In all seriousness, I love selling products to women, because they will buy anything and everything even if they have no money or shouldn’t be buying it.

  15. Love this style Gary! This is definitely going to help so many entrepreneurs to improve their pitching skills! I am following you for many years now and your content always provides value. It also inspired me to start my hustle as well!

  16. Great stuff can’t wait to see where this branch takes off to …. curious to see what Phil is all about…… doe knows awesome this is it

  17. It’s not a ‘traditional’ pitch sure, but start ups need this type of approach because they walk away with advice they can actually implement. Much more useful than receiving a flat “No” from a VC. Great start to this series & good luck ladies!!

  18. I'm sorry, there are other business ideas that deserves Gary's expertise. These girls are a joke and contradict themselves. Pitching $80 for half an hour is a joke. They're compromising quality, 30 minutes isn't enough for a quality facial. They stated places charge $150 for an hour and a half yet they plan on charging $80 for half an hour…. the math doesn't add up. These girls are charging way more than existing places and they're compromising the quality of the product. I'm sorry but they're a waste of time. Have several seats

  19. They seem great! But frequent (monthly) short appointments are more time consuming, inconvenient and expensive compared to a few (quarterly) longer appointments

  20. What a great question Gary asked about what happens in a recession, ie 2008? Ultra Beauty, Lulul athletica did very well after market crash. People put money into feeling and looking better, maybe for job interviews etc.

  21. I love the idea of this series but this was not really a "pitch" it was more like a tutoring/strategy/advice session. Still really cool and helpful!

  22. Gary say's the "F' word frequently in his public speaking but he is completely professional in dealing with these 2 women. The blonde woman is trying to be cool by using "fuck" and a couple other unprofessional words in dealing with Gary. The 2 women are obviously intelligent but I think she screws up by doing this.

  23. They should deliver the data via a GlowBar app so that way you can also track your progress and history, that way you could also make appointments at the GlowBar stores, the app could possibly also serve as a place where you can take pictures of your face so that you can visually track the status of the skin as well. Potential to be the MindBody of facials

  24. Love this type of content. Even though it's not related in my industry I still get a lot from it. I get to see Gary's creativity and thought process. It's cool.

  25. Love this idea … but my wife tells me I should get treatments like this all the time! I wish you wouldn't limit this to the pronoun "her" … This is something that I would buy as a guy!

  26. Great Vid, Love the business model! Please keep these kinds of videos coming. Love your lesson in helping employees/partners brand.

  27. I have reviewed 10,000 pitches in the last 2 years. Only 200 were worth reading. 20 of them were good enough to get funded. I wish I could fund them all myself, but I have to prioritize. Your series is interesting, but I can't believe that these girls got 30 minutes. This is a stupid idea and they are way too early. I think you gave them good advice, so that is good. I like the series idea. I look forward to consuming the content. Lots of good info. Hey Gary Vee, what's with playing with the two toys and clanking them together for almost the entire video? I mean I have massive ADD too, but damn.

  28. I love his idea about comparing various price points on Facebook using a fake business. Also, I think that influencer marketing is key. They can get a huge increase in business if they find a popular Instagram or better yet YouTube star and offer them a free facial (or even pay/sponsor them as an incentive to do it) in exchange for a review on their channel! As for making their employees stars, all they have to do is make their own YouTube channel and feature their employees demonstrating various skincare techniques and telling tips and tricks to their audience even if it's only for one day a week.

  29. the other thing I see is a flip within the flip. I would encourage the education and training so that customers become estheticians for the purpose of helping their friends take care of their skins and they can sell the products.

  30. As a Curly Hair Specialist this is a great first pitch episode for me to watch – great insights that go into the thinking.

  31. This is amazing. You are living my dream with Glowbar !! I live in New York and I would love to try the Glowbar experience !!
    IG: @charleneortizgarcia

  32. At it fucking again, super super cool idea Gary, awesome content. Looking forward to seeing more of this.

    Really appreciate having access to you

  33. @Gary V. Recommend wework studios giving them instant locations around the world. Great advice on motion recognition ☝️

  34. ''If your known for building brands, they'll all come to you. You'll have a pipeline greater than the people that leave.'' –Garyvee

  35. just visited their webpage and instagram page but i do not see any fruition from this talk. I am bit confused and wondering why these girls used all this valuable time with Gary and yet there is no visible results on their instagram or on their website?? Any thoughts ??

  36. I would never give money to a woman in her 30s who continues to say literally, hashtag blessed, and vocalizes lazily like a teenage girl. Women are strong and we need to stop acting weak and stupid.

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