December 9, 2019
Global Goals in Action: Roberto Marques, Executive Chairman of Natura & Co

Global Goals in Action: Roberto Marques, Executive Chairman of Natura & Co

I’m Roberto Marques. I’m the Executive Chairman of Natura & Co. The Global Goals are really relevant to our
strategy in a way that is part of the way we just do business. For us it’s highly important to be participants
of the UN Global Compact. The Ten Principles are really relevant and set the tone in terms of how we need to behave as an organization, as leaders. There are a lot of benefits for us as being
participants of the UN Global Compact. We can discuss the Global Goals, we can see what
other companies are doing, we can engage in that dialogue and coming to events like that
is really inspiring. It’s really powerful to use some of those
Global Goals not only to inspire but as for ourselves to set very ambitious targets. In terms of sustainability, traceability of
ingredients, in terms of carbon emission, empowerment of women, it’s a north star for
us and I want to highlight one which is the Global Goal 12 which talks about responsible
production and on this one we are very committed to work with local communities. For those companies that are still not involved
in the UN Global Compact, a call to action: embrace the Global Goals and hold ourselves
accountable not only because of the climate change but because the new generation, the
end consumers, are paying more and more attention to those things. By embracing the agenda for 2030 the world
will be a little more just and the companies will play their role that they’re supposed
to play, which goes much beyond just drop in profit, who actually create that positive
impact. Our attitude is always we can do more. We can learn more from the private sector,
from public sector and in terms of how we can, you know, enable our business to be more
successful and to create that positive impact that is so relevant for our purpose.

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