April 4, 2020
GIRLSPLAINING E01 | Losing His Virginity || Girliyapa Originals

GIRLSPLAINING E01 | Losing His Virginity || Girliyapa Originals

One second, one second. This is Payal, right? Your roommate. Iíve heard that in the last 3 months, sheís gone out for dinner with 6 boys. What is the scene? Mitali, now If our Math teacher keeps changing so
frequently, what ís her fault? She needs to clear the exams, right? You first year-ites are next level horny, good lord. This is nothing, thereís this girl in our second yearÖ Aye Ruchi, get my proxy done in the next lecture please? I have a date. With Sneha. Huh? One minute, hold on! Sneha! Oh, so all that was for you? For me? Bravo, tiger! You’re preying tonight eh! How do you know? Yesterday Sneha sent me 3 bra options from the trial room. Push-up, Black lace and Leopard Print. I said she can totally carry a leopard print. Right? How can you be so sure? Her figure, her skin tone, her orange facial hair, everything goes with her.. No no, I am not talking about that. No I mean how can you be so sure that If she was buying
a new bra, then we would Yeah! Youíll do it! Because Mr Nikhil, you only serve china cups to the guests! Shit. First test becomes a surprise test. Pch. I donít even know the syllabus. What? This is your first time? Hahaah. Why? Because, If Ranbir can give a flop debut, you are sure to give one. Plus, you’re not even a Kapoor that you get a second chance,
Deepika, Katrina and everyone. Dude please donít say that ya. I really like her. I have even decided the tattoo font of her name. Times New Roman, 12, bold. Uhm, then Nikhil, you will have to clear the test drive
or she wonít buy this car. Shit. What do I do now? Order 3 plates of noodles, go. Quite hungry here. Come on, get up! Hmm.. Hmm.. Pressed shirt, matching socks, deodorant smell from your body and
Baba Elaichi fragrance tipping off your mouth. Hmm, ground work is great, but what about the pitch? That ís where the game shall be played, right? Aye, I’m running rollers on my pitch since class 7th. But, only for net practice. Okay, we donít need to know that. It ís safe until net practice, but donít forget to wear a helmet
in real match But, Vikas was saying that the helmet slows down the
running speed between the wickets And it ís not a lot of pleasure to play? You, then, wear a cap. It ís like its not even there. And it’ll be safe as well. Durex Air. India’s thinnest condom. And you please do not listen to Vikas. He belongs to that male species who skip ads on
YouTube and foreplays on RedTube. Oh, no no, foreplay is my childhood dream..but Iím a little scared. What if the car takes a 4th gear and I take the
highway leaving the service lane. To reach the highway, you have to pass through all
the tiny nooks and corners of the city, right? Thatís when you enjoy the long drive, right? Exactly. Let it feel right.. Soft music, scented candles, dim lightsÖ Hey, but if I dim the lights already, how will I be able to see things? And how would I know where her bra-hook is. And anyway, its my first time, so thereís pressure. Bro, youíre unhooking a bra, not playing a
ëfastest fingers firstí for the hot seat. Youíre the only contestant. Take your time. Or let her do it. See, if she initiates, and in the moment if she gives you a love bite,
wonít that feel so good? Itíll feel amazing! And what will feel better is 4-5 guys looking at me and saying.. HmmmÖwhatís cooking dude? And Iíd obviously return the favour! Are you Neil Armstrong hoisting a flag on the moon? Saying- ìHey! I was here!î Idiot. So no hickies? Only where the world canít see it. Dirty talk? Not in Hindi, or Marathi. Positions? Donít come first. Come again? Only if you can.. Cigarettes? After sex? And what should I say? Anything but ëI love youí. OkayÖ Okay, so one last question, yeah? How do I get her to talk toÖGabbar? You call yourÖ.ah, f**k man! I need time to get over this. Gabbar! *giggles* This answer is hidden in the Newtonís 3rd law of Motion. So e=mc2Öso basically if.. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction! Oh.. Got it? Ohhhh. Okay! So if you want her to talk to your ëgabbarí,
youíll have to first make her ëbasantií dance. BasantiÖhmm Oh sorry! Itís Snehaís text guys! Thank you! Sardar is very happy! Hahaha! Hello Sardar, if you show turns out to be a marvel,
wait for the post credit scene. Okay? But, we are not going for a movie Sheís talking about cuddling! Oh, obviously! My favourite scene from ëMunna Bhaií is the
ëjaadoo ki jhappií anyway. I love that scene. Okay, so. Century for the debut? Aye, donít listen to her. Remember it is more important to enjoy your first game, okay? Enjoy! Yes yes, okay, however short it may last. Challenge!

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  1. Bhenchod ho kay raha hai desh me…. inki bus chaleto khudki P**N industry na open kar de… phir bhi maza aaya dekhe… haha

  2. सालो रंडियापा है यह…पढ़ भी लेने दो सालों लौंडों को…ऐसी videos से भारत में कलाम ,विवेकानंद नही बल्कि पोर्न स्टार ही पैदा होंगे।।

  3. Are bhai kese kese script bana rahe ho pase bana le k liye , in do ladki log ko dekh k to Americans v sarma jaye 😁
    Ase open discussion to woha v nahi hota hoga 😂

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  6. Yeh India ka youth hai. India me waist product hi hai yeh Yana sirf vulgarity aur sex me Ilawa inke Dimag me aur kuch Nahi Hota. Main Japan me rehta hu yeh country ham are desh se 50 years aage hai. Yaha ke youth Apni study aur technology par Focused hai. Lakin India ko Dekh kar lag Raha hai ki kuch Saalo me India ki ladliya Bangkok ki tarah prostitution ka kaam hi karengi jaha Sari duniya ke log aa kar sex aur maze karenge. Yeh dekh kar Yisa hi lag raha hai. Kyuki India ki population bhaut jayeda hai aur kaam aaj ki ladliyo ko kash Karke beautiful ladkiyo ko chayiye hi America se Sara porn industry yaha shift Hogi. Yeh Pakka hai aur bhaut se Gandu type ke log Apni behan betio se yisa Khud karwayenge. Sirf paiso ke liye.

  7. Ur family have the seen the video
    This type of thinking only youters can think…like you ppl
    Behnchod video bnane k lye kuch v soch k video bna doge….tum sbb to zindagi ka kuch secret ko he video bna k viral krte ho chutya🤣
    Public ko chutya bnate ho aap sb

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