April 9, 2020
Getting started with Printful

Getting started with Printful

Let’s look at how to get started with Printful! After signing up, you’ll see this window
with the first steps you need to take to create a basic store. If you’re not ready for a store yet, you
can choose to “order products directly”. If you’re looking for a warehousing & fulfillment
service, click here. Since Printful is your drop shipper and production
service, you’ll need an actual store. In order to create one, click on the “create
a store” button. Stores are usually created on ecommerce platforms,
so choose the platform you want to use, register there and follow the instructions. If you ever get lost, go back to Printful’s
“help” page and you will be right back on track! We also have video tutorials on connecting
each of the ecommerce platforms we integrate with, so make sure to check out our Youtube
channel! When your store is connected you will see
this announcement here. Click on it to get back to Printful’s “getting
started” page. Now it’s time to design your products, click
“add” here, choose a product you want to create, adjust colors, sizes and create
your text-based designs here or upload ready to go files.[a] And just like previously follow
through the instructions, choose “select mockup images”, edit the title and description,
adjust your profit and after a few moments, there it is – The product is added to your
store.You can find tutorials on how to create and push your products to your store on our
Youtube channel. If your platform doesn’t support product push,
you’ll have to create them manually. First you’ll create a product on your platform
and then sync it with Printful. Let’s go back and do the next step – setting
up billing. This is important for your future orders. You’ll need a valid payment method saved for
your Printful account in order to receive orders. To do that click on the “Set up billing
and payments” step. Here insert your billing information and when
that’s done – Save the payment method. We also have a video tutorial on setting up
billing with us, you can find it on our YouTube channel. You have created a basic store, but there
are three more things to do to make it awesome! For these steps you’ll see our advice on
how to make your shop even better. Each step is important and something you need
to spend a bit more time on researching. To get more info on this, click the “read
more” option to visit our FAQ page. See how you can customize your store, set
up shipping and tax. Once you’ve gone through these steps, “mark
them as done” and – congratulations, you’ve successfully set up your Printful account. Enjoy the confetti! Hey, Wes from Printful! I hope you found this video very helpful! All the links that we mentioned are in the
descriptions below. We have tons of other tutorials so make sure
to subscribe to our channel and check those out!

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  1. hey there , we are from outside of the USA, SO we like to utilize your warehouse fulfillment service to grow our business to the USA, Now the main issue is that there are a problems in here this is when we intend to buy goods from a wholesale factory from china(alibaba) then we intend to send the goods directly to your warehouse, we are unable to take the goods to us, because we are from outside of the china also, so we literally go to the china based site (alibaba) & buy the goods at wholesale price, now the main issue is when we will send the goods from china to your warehouse that is located in the USA then when shipment reaches up to you(printful warehouse) then customs duty may impose on you as you are the (printful) recipient, so if customs duty or customs fee impose on you then we are unable to meet this(customs duty or fee) because we are from outside of the USA so we are unable to meet foreign country's customs duty or fee, please try to understand ,There are all the vendors across the whole world, nobody doesn't sale their goods along with import country's customs duty or any fee, they only provide customs duty or any customs fee in their inland port when they are exporting their shipment, they don't provide any foreign country's import duty or fee This is the only rule of the sellers of the whole world, so you should try to understand this words , & never tell this words like a fool that's what your(printful) a team member said a little earlier >(''There are other solutions! Like using duty prepaid shipping rates, using a carrier/private courier that will invoice customers for duties,'')a carrier or private courier that are not under of us, when we buy goods from a vendors then a carrier/private courier that is that their under at that moment therefore that is also not possible for us that words a little while ago one of your teammate said this words, so considering this big issue you should offer this service( pay customs duty if impose when our warehouse item reaches to you afterwards you could deduct that amount from our printful account that linked on our printful's account), there are another thing any import customs duty or fee is impose randomly so how the vendors/wholesaler will be able to prepaid shipping where customs duty or fee may impose or not also , so that's why ,There are all the vendors across the whole world, nobody doesn't sale their goods along with import country's customs duty or any fee,so considering this big issue you should offer this service as soon as possible for our convenience , otherwise we are unable to utilize your warehouse fulfilment service, so hope now you are clear about our main problems(that's the reason for Inability to utilize your warehouse fulfilment service) hope you will develop your warehouse fulfilment feature & finally you will consider about customs duty or any customs fee, after then you(printful) could charge that amount from our printful account's credit card , one more thing you should know there are a lot of fulfilment company come out in the world, they already offering this (about customs duty/fee they pay customs duty or any fee on behalf of their clients) service , if they offer this service so why you can't Why are you behind however hope you will offer this service as soon as possible for your client's convenience thank you.

  2. Ok but how do the shirts get made?do you pay print full to make it an d keep the profit? I don't really understand

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