February 26, 2020
Getting started with Ecwid and Printful

Getting started with Ecwid and Printful

Hi there, today we will be looking at Ecwid
and how to integrate your Ecwid store with Printful. Ecwid is a platform that lets you create your
online store or start selling on your already existing website simply by embedding your
Ecwid store in it. You can also sell simoultaniously on multiple
platforms, websites and social sites. Integrating your Ecwid store with Printful
gives you the benefits of using Printful’s product push generator, which lets you create
products in printful and automatically sync them with your store. It enables live shipping rates and getting
automatic stock updates. Note that – to connect your Ecwid store to
Printful, you must be a venture, business or unlimited plan user. If you don’t already have an Ecwid store,
you can see their guidlines for new users on their website. So, to connect with Printful go to the Apps
page on your Ecwid dashboard and search for the Printful app under “Shipping” or “store
management”. Press install and here it tells you what the app will do once installed. Click install again. And now it will automatically
appear under your catalog. Now you can start adding products to you Ecwid
store directly from then Printful app by using our generator. So, let’s add a t-shirt. And we’ll choose
this model. And now you can configure your design. Here you choose your print file. We will add one for the front of the t-shirt. Remember to check our guidlines for creating print files, there is a link to them in the
description. Now you can choose the colors and sizes you
want the product to be sold at. And once you’re satisfied with your choices,
move over to pricing. Here you can select the main mockup image
that will be dislayed on your store as the product photo and choose between it’s file
formats. You can also rename your prouct, for example,
let’s rename this product as Printful T-shirt. Then you can edit your products description. We can see that information about the garment
is already added here. And now we move over to editing prices. Here you can see Printfuls price for the product,
note that ir varies between diferent sizes, And the retail price which your product will
be sold at. You can edit the retail price simply by setting
the amount of profit you want to gain. For example, we want our profit from this
t-shirt to be 20 dollars. We set it here and the retail price is automatically
configured. Remember to check the product visibility box,
so that your product will appear on your Ecwid store. And add it to your Ecwid store collectons. Then submit the product to your store. Now wait a while for it to upload and once
that’s done, your product will appear on your Ecwid store and will be ready for purchasing. If you already have products in your Ecwid
store you want to sync with Printful, they must have combinations added. You can find them under here, when clicking
on the product. First you have to set options that are different
variations for your product, for example, we’ll add sizes to appear in a drop down
list and add sizes from small to large . Then we add a new option for colors, and let’s
add white, black and red. Now we move over to creating combinations
of your previously set options. For example, we want this t-shirt to be sold
in a size small and in the color white. Do that for all the combinations you want
to offer and hit save. Now, when you go to your printful app and
refresh it, this product will appear here. As you can see, it is not already synced
with Printful. To do that, you must choose edit. Here under variants you see all combinations
we just set in Ecwid. Now we must choose the corresponding product
from Printful, for each of the variant. For example, we take the variant of size small
and color white. Choose the model we want, add the correct
sieze and color, upload the print file, and add a mockup photo for this variant. Now if you don’t have a mockup already created,
you can do that by using our mockup generator, there will be a link to that in the description Then hit continue and this variant is now
synced with printful. Do that for all the variants you want to sell. And now going to Products, we can see that we have 3 variants of this product synced. If there are products you don’t wish to
fulfill through Printful, you can mark them as ignored. The last thing you want to do is set up your
billing in Printful. To do that head over to billing in your Printful
app settings and select your prefered payment method. For more guidlines and information on setting
up Ecwid and extra features, see all the links in the description below. Get started today: www.theprintful.com

6 thoughts on “Getting started with Ecwid and Printful

  1. Hello!
    Unrelated to the video, but how much people visit Printful every week/month?
    Oh and also, how much of the profit do sellers get? I'm interested in selling on Printful 🙂

  2. Warning: There are some basic features that are missing from Printful.

    First, you cannot save a design as a draft. That means you better finish your design in one sitting or you lose it all. Along with this, there is nowhere to save a design to use it later (like in a differnt color text).

    Second, there is no way to delete unwanted products from your product list. I started a few days ago and already have products I want to replace and upgrade but the defunct designs will continue to clog up my product list since I cannot delete them.

    I contacted Printful and the support does not know what they are doing and were unable to answer these concerns immediately but then confirmed that these problems exist. These are 2 functions that are basic to a print design company and are missing.

  3. Do I still need to tinker with shipping on Ecwid or once I connect both accounts everything will be OK and Printful does everything?

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