April 10, 2020
getting ready for my online shop opening

getting ready for my online shop opening

hi guys good morning today’s Monday and I’m really nervous because the online shop is officially going to launch in a couple of weeks and today I need to show all of the labels so I started doing these guys by hand and I realized it was going to take me so long to do by the way my foot is still broken toe so I got this sewing machine which is going to help me to sew all of the labels so as you guys know and I don’t know if you can see I have a couple of t-shirts that I made myself and I put them on the dryer a couple of times and the label started to falling off so I decided to sew them in order to prevent them for falling so that’s what I’m going to do today I just set up this sewing machine thank you so much to my patrons because they actually bought this sewing machine for me and I really needed one and this is apparently a super good sewing machine for when you’re like for beginners and I just set up everything look at [Music] hey you guys oh my god it’s been so long my love’s how are you today is Wednesday I mean during this next few days my to-do list you guys it’s insane because wait a second can we sit down for a second first news is my toe is alright yesterday I went to the doctor and he told me that everything was fine and that for the next two weeks I should be able to have like a semi normal routine in sense that I can walk and I can move to places I can’t still do exercise which is a bummer but I will take anything he said that even like walking and biking is absolutely allowed so this morning I brought all the stuff that I took to my flat a couple of weeks ago and I remember when all of this happened actually was four weeks ago so we need to talk you guys let me see if I can take this out of the bag okay hi guys I’m launching my online shop on September 1st I am really nervous because I’ve been working lots of people have been working on this for about a year and a half so it’s a long time and I am really excited because it’s something new it’s something that I’ve never done before I’m moving away from Etsy and that’s really exciting it feels like I’m doing my own thing and it’s I’m so nervous you won’t believe and my to-do list you guys it’s insane I can show you very quickly what it looks like so this is my to-do list you guys it’s insane like look at this it’s an endless it’s an endless to-do list sorry about the noise by the way noise is back the first thing that I need to do is that I asked a couple of my patrons and if they could be my guinea pigs for the online shop because everything was coded from scratch and since it’s curly from scratch I am really scared that the website is not working properly it is by the way but I needed to check if everything was all right before the big launch so I asked a couple of patrons and they cut kindly enough volunteered to test the website and see that everything was working properly if the I don’t know the shopping cart bag was working ok if the shipping address was working ok so this morning I think I miss I need to a system because they’re starting to write me writing me reviews about how the online shop is working and also today my love’s I need to do inventory because this is the mess that I’m dealing right now I have no idea how many t-shirts I mean I know how many t-shirts I have but I have no idea how many planners I have how many stickers I have so at some point today and envelopes as well I need to count all of the bastards which is something that is going to take me so long but something that I have to do let me assist my patrons first for the online shop thing and then we can count this is going to be so fun we can count together all the stuff I have oh hi guys so I just had lunch and I am so overwhelmed so I spent most of the morning if not the entire morning counting all of the stuff that I have and I realize god I have so much stuff I feel like I won’t ever be able to sell all this stuff but it’s okay like there’s no rush and I can take all the time of the world but um later on I realized that I don’t have enough envelopes to ship my stuff and I was just like thinking and going through so this is the envelope that I usually have and I realized that the big one is not I mean the medium one is not as big as I thought it was so for example if someone purchases a t-shirt and a planner it won’t fit either this one or the big one I know really crazy I’m not even a focus it’s okay so I was I was just like okay I’m gonna I might as well use a box and this is the box that Jess and I used to use back in Hastings and I have I don’t know if you can tell but over here there’s a bunch of them that I have left thank God but I was just like thinking you guys what if someone buys one big calendar and a t-shirt and a planner I will I’m going to be basically so I’m screwed so there’s no way I can fit all of this they throw all of those three items in this one or on this box so I started measuring and going on arriving hold online looking for the perfect not even like the perfect but a decent box and what I want to do with my website is to provide recycled packing supplies especially locally so only US companies that are doing like a good job recycling and giving like eco-friendly packaging and you guys I have been like searching and like measuring and over measuring again and forgetting what the measurements were for like about I don’t know two and a half hours I think I finally found one but it’s so overwhelming to have an online shop you guys because like this information is not online so it’s really hard to get this information because I’m basically starting from scratch on a new country the other day for example I had to buy oh Jesus Christ I knew is this boring for you guys I mean if it’s worrying you can stop watching I had to buy a new label maker because the label that I used to have which was the Dymo which is over there actually I don’t know if you can see it it was a tiny dime oh and Deimos are well you already know what diamonds are a diamond is basically like a label printer and we used to print all of the addresses but now I have to print the Post the actual postage on the label and my diamond is too small so I had to buy a new label printer yeah it’s been like a lot and I’m launching my own shop in like two and a half weeks which is still time like um I’m so happy that I’m doing all of this beforehand like before launching because I’m hoping that I will have tons of i io honestly have no idea but I have just like hoping there will be orders when I opened my shop and I just want to be like extra prepare also for example all of those bags I don’t know if you remember guys but when we launched the first planner I made these bags they were so cute and now I want to sell them by themselves because you can do and you can keep like yet the book your current really the book you’re currently reading or I don’t know your makeups or toiletries or pencils or like even your sketchbook for example all of those are the old like the older planners plus those ones and these are the new planners the yellow cover ones I miss having a shop though I miss like sitting down and packing your orders so that’s something that I really look forward to have an online shop again that’s it you guys I hope this wasn’t boring for you hi guys good master noon today is Friday I spent most of the week getting ready for the shop lunch yesterday actually I haven’t told you this but I redesigned the police dog pen sticker look look how tidy this looks I mean probably looks super messy for you guys but the before of this was sane so I’m so happy that I finally managed to organize this chaos what am I going to show you right now so these were the previews please do not burn stickers that I used to put on my shop but I think I have probably 20 left 50 left so I decided to revamp and let me put this there do uh a new one and I decided to make this really funny guy being bent over and I don’t know I said it was really yeah so this is the final results I hope you like it guys because you if you order from the shop you’re going to see this guy popping out to your mail hole mail mailbox anyway yes today I will log to work on a couple of details of the website which unfortunately I show you right now because it’s secret actually the website is absolutely public people can go there and buy whatever they want but since no one knows the URL or you are you are L the link no one can go there so let’s just keep it a secret until September first but there’s an issue because the guys my friends who coded the website use some illustrations in order to depict what what could we do in some of the sections let me show you what I’m talking about so for example if you click here on the magnifying glass and you wanna search for something like look for something they put this illustration that obviously I can’t use because I made this illustration for line so I would love to do an illustration for this section and also if you go to the bag there’s an empty no products in the cart illustration and I will also not to change that so today my love’s we are going to work on those illustrations because I need to change them right away and that’s that’s it basically today’s Friday so I think today I’m going to go home at around 4:00 because I’m going to meet my friend Becca and we’re having coffee later so yeah I love ending my Friday’s earlier than usual I don’t know it feels like it’s a special day and I’m really looking forward for this weekend because it’s the first weekend in a while in which I am able to go out and do stuff so of course I’m going to take you along guys but I’m so excited anyway let’s do this bastard yeah let’s do it let’s do this illustration [Music] hi guys good morning happy Monday I just pour myself a delicious call bro today guys we have a very important task to do because we are officially less than two weeks ago from opening my online shop I’m so happy thank god this is next week so god I’m so nervous anyway so last week as you guys know my some of my patrons and I did a test run for the shop they actually purchased stuff from a shop that so they were my officially my first couple of purchases and today I love to shape those orders because they actually they pay for obviously so I would love to give them some extra freebies and gifts for helping me out testing the website and giving me so much useful feedback I just tested I don’t know if you guys can saw but I just tested my new label printer because I think I already mentioned this you guys but I used to have say I guess I already did it but I used to have a very tiny demo so here in the US the proper size for labels are of four by four by five inches six by five so I needed a bigger printer label label printer to print those outs and it’s working beautifully so now god it’s been a while since the last time I packed stuff but that’s what we’re going to do today okay guys this is my shaping setup coffee my computer the label printer and I have a scale wait how do you call it scale because I need to scale every order that I receive and today you guys we’re going to listen up to good ol Bob I can’t believe I have listened to more than a hundred albums this year and that’s that’s insane anyway let’s do this guy’s let’s do these I missed shipping I miss packing orders so much so I am really excited [Music] okay guys I’m officially done with the test run yay but you know what you know what I just realized is that I don’t have a thank-you card like a hint um Fisher ah I used to have a thank-you postcard when my shop Watson Hastings in order to give you and say thanks for your purchase and I just realized that I don’t have any right now so I think I’m going to order custom postcards online I found a website that I think they have a hundred percent recycled paper which is perfect for what I want and hopefully those postcards arrive before the launch of the shop I’m really nervous but anyway I’m going to start sketching these ideas that I have this idea that I have on my mind and I will show you the design as soon as it’s finished I just realized how simple this sign is there’s no much to show you guys I wrote the text of the postcard but I just want to make sure that I can make it my mirror is moving so much I can make it funnier or like I don’t know I’m so bad at composing composing and writing texts or yeah just like editing text so each and every single time I have this issue I just ask for help specifically to add because he always helps me just like writing and composing can you compose the text yeah you can do that anyway for the rest of the day I think I’m going to answer some emails because I haven’t done that yet and that’s usually what I do on Mondays and also what else do I have my to-do list I have to do like a couple of things this list looks insane but it’s not I’ve done like a couple of things already on my to-do list for the website but other than that I think I’m I’m done this Monday is done I’m going to go tomorrow to drop these babies to the post office it’s so nice that they’re already processed and I don’t have to do anything else just like leave them at the post office but yeah you guys stop so excited I can’t believe the shop is going to open soon I’m really nervous if I can be honest so they show up you guys it’s opening on September 1st that day I’m going to upload a video we the address and everything else summer is almost over and I’m going to sell t-shirts and people don’t usually wear t-shirts doing autumn but just like please wait for me please wear the t-shirt unless for a couple of days until it’s too cold the same with the planners I know it’s already too late for like getting a planner because most people start using their planners on September and it’s September already but just wait for me just wait for me a couple of days that’s all I’m asking please wait for me anyway ah that’s it for today see you tomorrow guys hi guys I’m officially back from the post office and I’m actually editing the we did just watch I just wanted to probably say goodbye and to give a big shout out to my patrons because they helped me so much during this run and they actually helped me to buy a sewing machine because I needed one and I don’t know if you can see it but it’s the one that is right there so thank you so much guys for helping me and for all your support and that’s it you guys thank you so much for watching this video and for keeping me company during this journey of preparing my online shop I will see you all next Sunday September 1st and I will share the link for my new online shop I am so excited you guys thank you so much for acha for being here thank you so much see you next Sunday I love you guys so much bye so never expect

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  2. Love seeing you talk and showing what happening for your relaunch of your shop. Please keep showing the behind the scenes.😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Miss you coffee time & asmr sounds. Also i definitely missing Humbergssa & cereal… Please bring them back in your videos. Even miss Ed….omg 😱 I'm so alone. LOL😂😂😂

  4. Me dieron muchas ganas de ayudarte! Acá, en Argentina, hay dos manos que quieren trabajar junto a vos. Ahh! Y al menos a mi, no me aburrió ese tema. Beso! Que ganas de colaborar!!!

  5. Ok, I was distracted and I only heard: btw my foot is still broken… so I bought this sewing machine 😐😐 I was like WHAT?? 😂

  6. Not boring at all! I hear Dynmo's or however you spell it, can be hard to sync up at times with computer. What brand label maker did you end up purchasing? Love you art, and so glad you posted today you cheered me up and on, as I was having a yukky day.

  7. Hey Fran! Try looking at Uline. They are based in US but not sure if the products are made in US but they have LOTS of options.

  8. noissue is a sustainable packaging company. I believe they're global company as in their based in several countries, i think even new york. hopefully this info is useful or helps you find sustainable packaging for your merch! ;3

  9. Lots of luck for the shop and I wait I am excited what you have to sell plus omg I love the little bag it’s perf for books 📚 or sketchbook

  10. Don’t you worry Fran, lots of people wear t-shirts all year round including me 😻 need some new ones, so this is great timing actually 😀

  11. yeeesssss Fran!!!!!!!! i've been stalking you to find out when your store opens this whole time! I'm super excited! kyaaaaaa xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  12. Happy biking!! I'm so glad your foot is much better and you can get back into the groove. Congrats on the new shop!!!

  13. OOOOOMMMMGGGG FRAN…. YOU ARE KILLING ME WITH THAT HEALING, BROKEN TOE IN THOSE OPEN BIRKS. My anxiety is super heightened… Waiting for you to BUMP THAT TOE INTO SOMETHING !!!! LAWD JESUS!!!!! Good luck with the shop opening. You will do GREAT! I'm so excited for and proud of you. 👍❤️

  14. Your videos are enjoyable to watch. 😀
    The swearing is a bit off-putting, though. 🙄
    But you're doing a great job! Good luck with your new shop! 😃

  15. Seriously thanks for sharing all the little things! It’s not boring at all! You give so much good insight and honestly it’s so refreshing to see such a kind artist who shares their process and struggles. 💖

  16. Fran, you are just awesome. And don't worry about the T-shirts, to some part of the world the spring is just starting and a big need for new awesome T-shirts. (ps. I hope you are sealing your packages with a tape or something so no greedy fingers can get into them 🙂 ) Greetings from AUS. 🙂

  17. Thank you for sharing!!! I decided that I want to open an art store, but I didn’t know where to start nor all the hard work that is! Thank you, Thank you!!!

  18. I'm so excited for the shop to finally open!!! I have been wanting to buy shirts from you since you shared your convention vlog <3

  19. hey Fran! I recently became a Patreon and am so happy to finally be supporting you on there! you're a huge inspiration to me and I'm PUMPED BABY for the shop to open I have a reminder set on my phone lol! sending love to you, ed, and the kitties!

  20. Hi! I just moved to a foreign country but want to start selling my art online. Since I know you have some experience selling overseas and in foreign places, do you have any tips on packaging, delivery estimates, post office stuff, or just things to be aware of when starting?? Thanks!

  21. Hi Fran. I am still going to draw funny pictures of your funny faces. know this seems like a stupid question. But, why are you launching your own shop and leaving Etsy.?Because, in was goings to launch with Etsy, and now I'm wondering if I'm making a mistake?

  22. How exciting! Can't wait to order some shirts. I'm in San Diego, so yeah pretty much shirt weather all year 🤩

  23. ¡Hola, Fran!
    Me alegra muchísimo lo del próximo lanzamiento de tu tienda en línea, te deseo el mejor de los éxitos.
    Una preguntita ¿tendrás envíos disponibles para Latínamerica? Realmente quiero comprar unas cuantas cosillas.
    Te mando un abrazo desde México.

  24. I really do enjoy hearing the business side of starting an online shop. not many people talk about it honestly. new subscriber. 🙂

  25. Here is a little timesaver for you, Fran: there is probably a little "knife" on the left side of your sewingmachine where you can easily cut the thread of. So you don't have to go in with the scissor all the time 😘

  26. AHAH thank you for adding a picture on the "do not bend" sticker, I think my mailman does not get english and last time your fanzines arrived…well bended >.<

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  28. Yay! I am so looking forward to seeing the new items and stocking up on my old favorites. Have a great week! Everything will be fine!

  29. I'm currently working on opening my first ever Etsy shop and have the exact same worries with boxes and sizes and suppliers and what not, it's nice to know that it's normal and not just me being bad at… online shops? 😆 Thanks for sharing your process/ behind the scenes/ life… whatever ^_^

  30. Baylee Jae shares a bunch of her shop stuff on her vlog channel! She doesn't ship as many large items but she gives a lot of info on how her shop works.

  31. This is the shit that made me quit lol. How do you ship multiple things together? AND how do you ship a pin with a print?! I had noooo idea!
    Also you are hilarious Fran, I can't wait to have your stuff in my mail hole.

  32. AAAh ! Can't wait to see your shop and buy a lil' thing 😀 you do an amazing job and it's so cool to watch your vlogs 🙂

  33. I would like to purchase a drawstring bag, I'll use it as a my knitting commute bag. Will the re-launch be on etsy or your website?

  34. So excited for your shop to open! It's a lot of hard work leading up to it — but looks like you're on top of things. I have had an online store (www.tanyalochridge.com non-Etsy) for about seven or so years now and I love it. The best advice I can give you at the moment is just remember…nothing in set in stone…you can change things along the way until you find what works best for you and your customers. As for shipping, don't make yourself nuts trying to find just the right mailer/box for each individual item. I have found that my items can be shipped in one of three boxes. The inner package which is wrapped like a gift was narrowed to three different sizes (to protect the item) and make those boxes/gifts work in one of three of the outer mailer. Make sense? I "adjust" with inner packing materials so the item doesn't rattle around in transit. jStart by ordering small quantities of shipping supplies until you find what works best, then you can get bigger volume to take advantage of lower prices. Hope that helps…it you have other questions please feel free to contact me…via my site. Glad to share the process any way I can. I've got my fingers crossed for you that all goes smoothly! (I find myself talking with your chilean accent after watching one of you videos…the dogs think I am nuts!)

  35. Congrats on opening you new online shop!!! Super excited!!! Don't work too too hard. Health is as important as work!!! Wishing you and Ed all the best filled with love!! Ganbate kudasai!

  36. Wow realmente no puedo comparar tu talento con el mío porque realmente llevas mucho tiempo haciendo lo qué haces, yo llevo un año aproximadamente y este mes salió mi tienda en línea y justamente tuve los mismos problemas de empaque y el pánico de no poder con el conteo de stock y que la gente pidiera más de lo que tengo y todo ese rollo
    A mi me encantaría preguntarte cómo le haces con los envíos pues realmente me cuestan mucho y por tanto no he podido poner mi tienda con envíos internacionales y si es una traba porque varios países de Sudamérica me han pedido
    Amo todo lo qué haces y con ansias espero tu tienda, estamos seguros todos tus suscriptores que te irán increíble, te dejo mi página para que la veas y también todos aquellos que quieran curiosearla. Gracias por compartir tu experiencia, me hace sentir muy bien, pues a pesar de que eres una persona muy conocida y con experiencia también atraviesas por problemas que cualquier mortal pasa jaja
    Muy buena suerte 🍀

    www.covenstoremx.com ♥️

  37. I am sooo excited for your shop opening 😀 Ever since I discovered you I wanted to buy your stuff 🙂 I Hope everything goes well for you!

  38. Hola Frann, amo tus videos desde que vivías en Hastings!!! 💖💖, estaría genial que hicieras postcast sobre abrir una tienda en línea, tu experiencia y tips!!! 💖.

    Saludos desde la Ciudad de México 🇲🇽

  39. FraN I am SO EXCITED for your shop to open up! I get paid the day before, which is either really really perfect timing or not great timing… i guess that depends on if you're talking to me or my bank account haha. gracias por todos tus videos, me hacen muy feliz <3 (lo siento, yo era una estudiante de espanol pero yo necesito mas practicar jaja)

  40. Cada vez que dices "September 1" no puedo evitar pensar en "Beautiful" del musical Heathers 😂😂😂 Esperaremos tu tienda con ansias 👀💕💕💕

  41. Hola Fraaaaan! que bueno que tu dedo está mejor!! oye la primera canción que usaste en el minuto 1:16 nos recuerda al carrito de las nieves que pasa por nuestra casa jajaj, te mandamos un abrazo, a ti, a Ed y a los michos!

  42. Is it midnight on the 1st September USA time? Because i need one of your tshirts in my life? Also is it website or etsy?

  43. I’m pretty sure this is the same sewing machine my mom has had since I was a kid, aka the machine I learn to sew on!

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  45. Pucha si es aburrido pero a mí me encanta… me encantan los detalles reales de la vida, lo que no es tan emocionante y aún así nos genera emociones, lo que avanza de a poco, hasta los sabores pálidos me gustan jaj

  46. Hi Fran, what size is your desk? I'm thinking about bying the same (BEKANT from IKEA), but not sure what size I should get. Your desk look perfect, but I'm not sure if you have the the smallest og biggest one. 120cm length, or 160 lengt. Lots of luck with your new online shop by the way! Your illustrations are always amazing, and your videos too! <3

  47. so excited for the store opening!!!!! im sure it takes extra time and work to find recycled and eco friendly packaging, but i greatly appreciate it!!!

  48. i literally use my planner bag EVERY SINGLE DAY! i keep my planner, sketchbook, and notebook in it, and i take it with me everywhere! im so glad you have more! <3

  49. Omg this is so exciting, I can't wait to have a loooook.
    Also, spring/summer is coming up in the southern hemisphere so hunny, we'll be buying and wearing those damn shirts!!

  50. Tengo mucha curiosidad por ver qué pondrás en tu tienda online. Y me ha hecho gracia ver los stickers de LINE, porque en su momento yo conocí tu trabajo gracias a ellos XD. Ánimo con todo 😀

  51. thank you for sharing everything with us ^^ (because I am working on my online shop too )~~looking forward to visiting your online shop la!!

  52. can't wait for your shop launch to get me a Tshirt!! You're like a role model to be followed. I'm an illustrator and next year I'm moving to germany so…I should rewatch your Berlin videos 🙂
    Muchísimo éxito en tu new online shop, saludos desde Temuco!!

  53. Hey….! Watching this as I edit my own YouTube video 😂! I’m always amazed at how much you get done!! You are amazing! Also, I love it when you say bastard too. Lol. Keep up the good work and can’t wait for your shop to open! Maybe I’ll get a planner to be more organized like you.

  54. Hey Fran! I was wondering how you make your shirts..Do you screenprint them yourself, get the images printed elsewhere, etc? I always wanted to make tshirts, but never knew where to start (Also I'm excited for your shop to open!)

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