March 29, 2020
Getting Product Ideas To Sell On Amazon At The China Import Export Fair 2020

Getting Product Ideas To Sell On Amazon At The China Import Export Fair 2020

alright guys so we are here in the
Canton Fair it’s very exciting and I’m looking at products I’ve never seen
before this is actually the gardening niche and there’s a lot of different
gardening extra over there anything to do with gardening outdoor accessories
things in the backyard that kind of thing and on the other side we’ve got
kitchenware right kitchenware coffee coffee wear
anything that’s relatively new in the kitchen space is over on this side now
we’ve walked around I’ve got a few students here actually walking around
finding new products and the kitchen where space is a good one because home
wares are always in demand they’re always big niche because as
everyone needs a house everyone needs you know somewhere to stop their
products and to store stuff in the kitchen one big thing that I want to
mention if you’re interest they’re coming to the camp on film maybe even
join me and as a student coming to the dance on fit is you need to be prepared
right this is very important right be prepared you better have like a thousand
business cards you’re gonna make contacts here that you can’t do in
Alibaba on Alibaba there’s a lot of back and forward and you’re exchanging emails
and exchanging get what you want watch your mlq you know watch what’s your cost
per unit but here everything is done quite fast now you’re sampling the
process you sampling the product that are there you’re picking up the the item
you know you pick me up the the pot and a pan and the site there the frypan er
you try it out Nancy they don’t need to send you example if I come to the fair
you can essentially sample test like a hundred products at zero cost right you
save a lot of time you get to the point class that any cut deals you can
actually cut deals here that you can’t cut online it’s another important thing about the
council unfair is you need to wear comfortable comfortable clothing
comfortable shoes you need to basically be prepared to walk a lot because
there’s literally 200,000 people come to these now Amazon sellers importers right
200,000 people come to these events every single year
now we come here in April or May and October
all right every single year we were here with our students now who cruises
200,000 people here right there is 25 thousand exhibitors that’s a lot of
exhibitors right that’s a lot of stores a lot of potential suppliers for you and
your Amazon store right there’s a lot of people here anyway
come on this follow me let’s go look at these some products my name’s Alex Ryan
are you looking to build a business on Amazon are you looking for hot products
to sell if you are let’s get this started the number one factor for success on
Amazon comes down to your product that that’s essentially it it comes down to
your product if you don’t have an awesome product it’s not gonna sell no
matter how good your marketing is it’s just not gonna sell actually product
ideas yeah I’ve got many product ideas out of it
alex has been able to show us how to define and redefine what products sell
the best alex is friendly he’s outgoing you know
you answers everything he doesn’t put you off about anything
he’s really good listen you’ve got two choices right you
either you either make excuses or you make money you can’t do both
all right you either do one or the other now personally I would rather make money
I don’t know about you right but that’s something you gotta
commit to are you ready to make money are you committing to success are you
ready to start your business on Amazon are you looking for advice awesome
training on setting up your Amazon business maybe you even think about
starting an Amazon business for a while and the number one thing holding you
back is you don’t know the first steps maybe you’re looking for and product
ideas maybe you’re not too sure how to go about listing it on Amazon maybe you
don’t even know how to go about finding hot products or even suppliers on
Alibaba how to find good quality products good quality suppliers arrive
so we find hot products in the room we look at suppliers we actually find
suppliers in the room awright so make sure you bring computer we list products
on Amazon in the room so we actually do the entire thing at the two-day training
it’s the first time I’ve met Alex face to face and he came across it’s very
much the way it is online very heartwarming he wants to be there to you
I get that this is not just a you know come to my seminars and you’ll never see
me no it’s it’s it’s very much you’ll meet me face to face whatever I’m
telling your lies what I’ll be telling you in person
I’d recommend this conference for anyone that’s really considering the online
environment one of the things that really impresses is the way that they’ve
taught us not only the sales side but also have a service the products and
that’s why I was a type of the person first place so anyone that’s thinking of
selling products alive this course would actually be beneficial

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