March 31, 2020
GetResponse Marketing Automation is here | E-commerce

GetResponse Marketing Automation is here | E-commerce

Businesses of all sizes need automated processes to optimize their marketing results, increase sales, and generate more
profit. But marketing automation always seems is too complicated and expensive.
At GetResponse we think exactly the opposite. Whether you’re big or small you deserve scalable marketing automation that brings results. That’s why we’ve created marketing automation that’s based on communication
workflows that listen and react to your subscribers’ behavior. It’s made of CONDITIONS, FILTERS and ACTIONS that can be arranged like blocks. Customize every aspect of your communication:
actions that trigger the process, message timing, the number of recipients you
want to reach, and the content you want to deliver. Now you can trigger a different action or
event based on the individual activities and properties of your subscribers – all you
have to do is drag’n’drop the specific elements, adjust the details, then join the
dots to create a sequence of actions. Effective marketing automation is now within
your reach! That’s not all! With GetResponse Automation
you can address your customers more personally than before. Assign multiple
TAGS to treat different groups of subscribers in their own special way, organize
customer lists and target your audience more precisely. • Engage with those who haven’t finished
their online purchase. Reach out with targeted messages to cart abandoners and win
back your lost revenue. • Close more sales and get more engaged
leads with website traffic tracking. Convert casual visitors, engage regular customers, track and analyze behavior on your website or e-shop. Understand and monetize your subscribers’ interests based on the pages they visit, products they purchase and target them with following offer. And if you’re looking for a way to track
and rate interactions, the SCORING model will allow you to reward your most loyal customers or identify those whose engagement is dropping. Whether you’re big or small
GetResponse Marketing Automation saves your time and money,
helps to build more detailed customer profiles, and makes your communication more targeted and profitable.

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  1. For continuous growth businesses need to build and maintain steady relationship with people interested in their products or services which can be really hard.

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