April 7, 2020
Get PAID to Create! (The Firework App REVEALED!)

Get PAID to Create! (The Firework App REVEALED!)

Hi, so I’ve been meaning to cover my experience
with the Firework app and now that my daughter just told me that PewDiePie is promoting the
platform, I thought I better get to it or I’ll miss the boat. One of the interesting
things about the Firework app was how little information I could find out about it when
I was first doing my research. What is the Firework app? That was my question
when my friend said she was jumping on it. I took a quick look and discovered the Firework
app is a short form video platform with the cool feature reveal. Reveal makes it possible
to see more of the screen when you turn your phone from vertical to horizontal. It reveals
more, get it? I thought the platform was pretty neat, but
when I started to research it, I couldn’t find much information. That’s why in today’s
video we’re going to cover the Firework app and how it can help your music career. Hi
I’m Fiona the Singer’s Biz coach. welcome to my channel, where we cover all things mindset,
marketing and monetization for your successful singing career. And if you’d like to follow
me on the Firework app, there’s a link in the description. Now, why instead of just saying follow me
on the Firework app am I actually saying there’s a link to follow me in the description? And
that is because I am actually a p aid creator on the Firework app. So what does that mean
and how did I get there? Well, my decision to jump onto Firework was
directly related to my having just finished the book Crushing It by Gary Vee. So in Crushing
It which is a sequel to Gary Vee’s first book Crush It, He’s talking about how important
it is to, among other things, jump onto new platforms when they first come out. So he
does deep dives into the major platforms and then he gives his advice that Alexa is going
to be a new massive platform. Or a new way of distributing content and becoming known
as an influencer or as a content creator, as a business owner. So I really was taking in Gary Vee’s advice
to jump onto new platforms, to embrace them the way he does, whether or not they’re going
to be successful. So if you’re using social media for your business like I am, then each
time you decide to get onto a platform you are investing your time which is precious
and so it’s a risk. It’s a gamble about whether or not a platform is going to take off. Is
it going to be successful? Is it going to be a hit? Well, Gary Vee’s advice is who
cares! Get on them anyway and you’re going to learn a ton regardless of whether the platform
is a failure or a success and regardless of whether you fail or succeed on the platform.
You’re going to learn so much that it makes it worth it anyway. So when my twenty-year-old
friend, who’s an acting colleague and a instagram buddy said she was going to jump
on the Firework app, I said hey I’m going to jump on there with you and let’s kind of
do it together and support each other and she said, “Sure!” So I went onto the Firework app and as I was
sort of getting my feet wet and just starting to post my first, well actually I hadn’t even
decided to post anything yet, I was just scrolling through what it said and it said, apply here
to be a paid creator. And I thought, well, why not! Now, I went through the process of applying
which was quite simple and basically it asked you to upload two under 30 second videos,
cuz that’s what the platform is about, short form 20-30 second videos, just upload two
that are representative of who you are and what you do. So, I went ahead and did that.
I had videos handy that I had been using on Instagram stories, that I had been using to
promote this YouTube channel. I uploaded them. I went through the whole application it wasn’t
long, but I finished it. I got to the end and there was a little warning. It says make
sure you actually want to apply before you hit send. Because you can’t apply again
for 6 months. And I thought oh, maybe I should have done more research. But at that point,
I was like click. I’m doing it. I’m taking a risk. I’m jumping. I’m doing what Gary Vee
said. I’m just putting myself out there. We’ll see what happens. So, I had no expectation
of this working, but it was more like my saying to the universe hey I’m here and I’m willing.
And I got an interview. So when I got the interview, I thought had
better do more research, because I don’t know what this platform is about at all. So at
that point I started to do the research to figure out what they were looking for and
what other people were saying about it and even was it a scam. Like really, they’re going
to pay me to create these videos? I have no followers. Well I have 80 here on YouTube
and I have a thousand over on Instagram, but I am not at this stage an influencer in terms
of the numbers. I don’t even think you can call me a micro influencer yet. So I’m thinking
is this legit is it real. So I went on to YouTube of course to start
my research, to see what people were saying about the Firework app. And I could not find
very much. I could not find by very much. So I’ll show you now what I found at that
time. And what there is now, because already it is exploding. And Firework itself has now
got a YouTube channel. They’re using to promote Firework. So here we are on YouTube and I searched Firework
app and you can see there are definitely videos here and as far as I can tell there are more
videos than there were before and certainly more videos that are showing up even though
some of these are from a year ago, I didn’t find them before. I think maybe when I searched
Firework before I was getting more stuff about fireworks, literal fireworks and now I think
the YouTube algorithm is perhaps recognizing the Firework app as a thing in and of itself.
Here is the firework Channel and it’s interesting to me that it’s still new. So they had a bunch
of videos from three months ago, but not so many recently. I’m curious what their strategy
is around YouTube for the Firework app. This video that’s currently number 3 about
whether or not the paid creator program is legit or a scam, that was kind of the only
one I could find and it’s still number three. It’s still number three. I can’t really
tell you what was said on it, because I didn’t watch it with captions and it’s in a different
language. So in addition to researching it on YouTube,
I of course I researched it on Google and I found some, I think it was on Reddit, I
found some conversation about it and all I could really find were people complaining
about how they had been approached about doing about being a paid Creator and how their interview
had been cancelled. I was not finding anything that was saying definitively, this yes this
is a real opportunity. So I kind of got the impression that that someone might apply and
that there might be an auto response and they would get an interview and right before the
interview the person who was doing the interview would take a look at what they’d put up
and decide that it wasn’t right for the platform and then cancel the interview. That was kind
of what I was thinking, although I didn’t know, because my experience was completely
the opposite and totally positive. My experience was really the sense that the
person that was going was corresponding with me regarding setting up the interview was
completely legit and she actually had taken a look at my content, possibly not just the
ones I had submitted but also on Instagram where we later followed each other and connected.
So my experience was that they my interviewer at least in my case was completely present
checking me out, seeing what I had to offer. And when I had the interview, similarly she
was very nice and approachable and basically it seemed like she had already decided that
I was in fact someone she was going to offer this opportunity to. And the reason that she
gave was that they were looking for people with high quality content and that my combination
of business coaching for singers and singing was something that they wanted to see, that
they thought that this might work. She thought it was something that despite the fact that
they think that their audience is really young and I’m not really young, in fact I’m not
young, that perhaps I what I was offering was actually going to be as value to their
audience. And it has turned out to be true. I have had
far more videos trending on Firework than I have, I mean I don’t have a trending video
on YouTube or on Instagram. So I’ve actually had trending videos over on Firework of over
10000 views, which for me is like off the charts. And initially what people were responding
to over there was the opera. It was WOW, what is this Opera sound I’m hearing. This is pretty
cool. I think is what I am the impression that I got. My first one to fully, like really
trend was Ave Maria and now I have actually had a couple of my teaching videos start sending
too. So in general, I’m doing quite well on Firework, which was what my one-to-one consultant,
which is something else that you get as a paid Creator, actually reflected to me. So
we had a meeting, where he was supposed to give me some quality advice about where to
take my account and he basically said the advice I usually give is not relevant here.
You’re doing great. So who knew! So if you’d like to follow me over on Firework
there is a link in the description and all you have to do is click that link and it will
take you to download the app and it will have you follow me as the first person you follow.
So why am I encouraging you to do this? It is actually one of my perks as a member of
the paid creator program. So by following my link, you follow me first and that gives
me credit for your following. So the more people that follow me specifically to the
Firework app, the more money that I earn that’s one of the ways that I earn money. Now for
me, because I don’t have a large following it is not going to make much impact whether
one or more people follow me there, but please do follow me. But somebody like PewDiePie
who has now decided to go onto the Firework app, he is going to get a lot of money, simply
from the people following him directly from his personal link. So what about me? What about the money? Am
I actually making money as a paid creator on the Firework app? Am I getting paid? The
answer is YES. I have already received two payments. So if you hit the threshold of 10K
views in a month, you get $50. So, my first my first month, I got paid $50, because I
had videos trend. And on top of that I received a bonus for uploading 20 videos within the
first 30 days of being on the Firework app. And for that, I received a bonus of $200.
And then I received another $50 for my next month. So in total I have already received
$300. So as far as I’m concerned legit, completely legit. If you want to be a paid creator on
the Firework app, go for it. So one of the interesting things about this
platform and also this reveal technology is that it affects the screen size. So it affects
of what is visible to when you’re watching. So I cannot take a YouTube I can’t take my
YouTube video and then cut it exact just cut pieces of it and put it onto Firework. And
the reason is that it’ll cut off my head. So the dimensions that you want for YouTube
are different than the dimensions that you want for the Firework app. So I can take a
YouTube video and post it on IGTV no problem. And now IGTV will also change the screen as
you change the way you’re looking at it, but and and so you can use your full YouTube format.
But for the Firework app, I actually have to film and cut differently. So that’s an
interesting thing and I’m going to show you my account now cuz I’m actually pretty proud
of it and I’m pretty proud of these numbers. So here we are on the Firework app and you
can see that one with the animal print that has 3425 views, that was a actually a teaching
video. And then you know a lot of these are averaging around a hundred a little less a
little more. This one that had the kind of green background was another opera aria at
2000. And then this one, wait for it high note, has got three thousand. But my two biggest
ones are here Ave Maria today’s spiritual pick me up Ave Maria at 13600 views and then
I posted two clips of O Mio babbino Caro which is another opera aria that came in at three
thousand and then the second clip from O mio babbino came in at ten thousand. So this is
what my page of the firework app looks like and as I, go follow me.
So there is much more research to do on how to really get the most out of the Firework
app and there’s so much more on the paid creator program that I can also share. So if you’re
interested in that let me know in the comments whether or not I should do another video about
the Firework app. So for now the bottom line is that it is totally legit. The paid creator
program is totally legit. Not only that, it seems very likely that this platform is in
fact going to grow and grow pretty big. There’s evidence to that especially as I keep saying
about PewDiePie and not just that, but also looking at the number of YouTube videos that
have been coming out about Firework app now as opposed to when I jumped on Firework myself,
just a few months ago. So if you’d like to follow me on Firework
don’t forget there’s a link in the description below and as always follow me here on YouTube
and like this video, and comment and subscribe and share it and I love your feedback I love
engaging with you I reply to all my comments here and on Instagram and on Firework. I’m
all about engagement. I’m all about being social on social media. So please connect
with me personally. I would love to hear from you. So one of the things I love about social media
is that it’s an opportunity for us to get our singing out to more and more people for
us to be heard, for us to make music for people to listen to us sing, for us to sing for people.
And I love that about YouTube and I love it about Firework and I love it about Instagram.
However from time to time we still have to audition. So make sure to hit the notification
bell, because in the next video we’re going to be back on the subject of auditions. And
since you watch the end of this video you’re probably interested in social media in general,
so you’ll definitely want to check out these videos. Now as always go out into the world
and let your light shine. You deserve to be heard and the world deserves to hear you.

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  1. In this video I cover in detail my HONEST experience with the Firework app! Maybe you've received an email about the paid creator program and want to find out more! Well, look no further. In this video, you'll find out whether or not you can actually MAKE MONEY directly from the platform. And if you like what you see, follow me first by downloading Firework through this link: https://fireworktv.onelink.me/iKBL/fionaflyte

  2. Its interesting how you mention that the the first YouTube video you found about the Firework app was in a different language. There are a number of interesting things about Firework,: The "wow" one gets from the reveal, the 30 second content rule, but its this ability to be a trans language application that may shape the kinds of videos. Right now I see parkour, magic skits, pranks and fails coming in my firework feed but music is also coming in. I think your content is expanding the app in a way they didn't expect. Thanks for making this introduction to the app and sharing your experience.

  3. Wow thank you for this video I have been approached by them and I was wondering if this was legitπŸ˜ƒπŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

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