March 30, 2020
Get Paid For Watching Ads Online by Bitcoin Training Camp

Get Paid For Watching Ads Online by Bitcoin Training Camp

Get paid! Get paid! Get paid! Get paid for
watching ads online. I don’t know how many ads you’ve seen today, but I’m
guessing it’s quite a lot. If you’ve been on your cell phone… you’ve seen ads! If
you’ve played any games… you’ve seen ads! If you’ve been to Facebook… you’ve seen
ads! If you’ve been to your Gmail or check any email account… you’ve seen ads!
If you’ve opened a magazine, if you’ve watched TV, if you’ve been outside and
look at the billboard, you have seen ads and none of those ads ever pay you! So
how would you like to get paid for watching ads online? Yes? You can
absolutely get paid to watch ads on your computer, right now, and in fact, you can
actually get paid twice for doing the same thing! If that appeals to you and
you would like to get paid for watching ads online stay right here! So before we get started, just a quick
little message from me, a small disclaimer: I am NOT a financial advisor
I am NOT giving you financial advice in any way! I’m sharing with you some
information for educational purposes. I’m sharing with you some websites that I
personally use and I’ve been using for over a year or so and I have been paid
by all of them and as I made this video they are presently operational and
presently paying me. Now I can’t guarantee they always will, so when you
use them, if you use them, please take full responsibility for whatever you do.
I am not connected in any way to any of these websites and I cannot offer you
support in any way for any of these websites. If you do any kind of investing,
please do not use, in my opinion, you should not use any money that you cannot
afford to lose, however, I’m going to show you websites where you don’t need to
invest any money at all. I’ve never invested any money in any of these
websites what-so-ever and they have made me money. So if that’s all cool with you,
please remember I’m not a financial adviser, please make your own financial
decisions and if that’s all good then let’s get started and let’s show you how
to make some money! So yes, it’s absolutely true… you can get paid to
watch ads on your computer, you can get paid to watch ads on your cell phone, you
can get paid for watching ads online! Absolutely true! I know, because I do it
every single day. Every day you are bombarded with advertising that never
pays you. The only thing they’re trying to do is get you to give them money…
well, let’s reverse that again today. In my last video, I showed you a system
where you can watch some ads, you can do surveys and you do lots of other ways to
get paid, this system I’m going to show you today, is another very cool system,
where you can watch ads and get paid 100% absolutely for free. You never need
any financial investment in this platform and it’s called AdBTC. If you
click on the link now on the screen, also there’s a link
beneath the video, in the description, you will be taken to the page that looks
just like this, where you can sign up here on the right hand side. So sign up,
and then come back and watch the rest of this video and let’s get you paid for
watching ads online. Okay… so by now, you should have signed up! Before I take you
to the next step and show you how you can get paid for watching ads, please hit
the subscribe button, if you if you go beneath this video, if you’re on
YouTube and you see a red button, click on it, because you don’t want red in
crypto, you only ever want green, so if you see a red button, click on it, subscribe and
beside that, there’s a little bell… click on the little bell, which means you’ll
also get notified as soon as I release a new video and you don’t want to miss a
single video, because it makes you money! Also please, give me a thumbs up. If I see
a thumbs up, it really encourages me to keep going… so love to have a thumbs up
and then just share this… share this video on Facebook, send it to a friend…
let’s help as many people as we possibly can get paid for watching ads online. So
cool come back to AdBTC and then login you’ll come to a very simple looking
page. It’s nothing glitz, nothing glamour but I really like this little program.
I’ve been using it for over a year. I’ve been paid four or five times by it which
I’ll show you later, but let me just give you a quick run around of where
everything is. So here’s your balance right now I’ve got 15,481 satoshi and you can earn money from viewing websites,
which is what we’re gonna do or you can promote your web page, so you can
actually pay for advertising on this site and at the moment I’m not going to
show you that, because we don’t want to pay them… we want them to pay us! Up here
on the top right hand side you’ll see your ID number, of course it will be
different to mine, this is my number here and then over here you have a rating.
I’ve got 21.11 and what happens is, as you
watch videos, your rating will increase very slowly, but it will increase and
then some advertisers they are very picky about who they showed their ads to.
So they say “I only want to show this advert to people who have a rating of
greater than five or greater than 10 or greater than 21.” They choose… and they’re
working on the basis that the higher the rating is the more engaged you are
in the platform. So it’s very important to get a higher rating, you’ll see better
quality advertising, you’ll see advertising that pays out more and
you’ll see more adverts generally. Over here, you’ve got like a little dashboard
where you do your withdrawals, your referral systems, you can change your
wallet and then security. I’ll come back to all of that at a later date. This
section here is for the people who want to advertise and you’ve got some help
and referral markets and payment instructions etc. But the section
that we’re really interested in here… in the “Earn Section” and there are 3
different ways to earn… there’s the “Surf Ads,” “Active Window Surfing,” and “Auto
Surfing.” So let me just show you them one by one and this literally takes me about
ten minutes a day to do. Okay so let’s come here and click on “Surf Ads.” The
first thing we’re going to see is… we have to solve a puzzle. So you have a
choice, you have the “Mathematical Expression” or you can have “Recapture.” I
absolutely hate, with a vengeance the “Recapture” so I choose the mathematical,
you do whatever you want to do it’s entirely up to you. So the question is, two by five,
this will test your mathematical skills and then submit and you can see
up here it says we’ve got 31 sites with a total amount of 377.3 satoshi
and for this one advert I’m gonna get 37.8 satosh, I so you
click on the “Open” button, this will change, not only change colour, but it will
change position as well! You’ll see that as it happens. So it
opens up another page when you click on it. That page is the advert. Now as in…
I’ve said previously, I would tend to ignore the advertising… some of it maybe
good, some of it may be bad, you don’t know which is which and honestly there
are some real trash adverts out there as well, some real scams going on as well. So
I tend just to ignore it… what I do is, I come back to the previous page and I
scroll down a little bit and I see the countdown and you allow the countdown to
go all the way to zero. It will refresh the page, it says you’ve earned
37.8 satoshi and you can go to the next page. It’s now says 30 sites available
and then you click on “Open.” While it’s loading I go back and I close the
previous advert, because I’m not interested in any of the advertising and
then I’m not interested in this one either, so I come back to the dashboard and what I’m gonna do is I, don’t expect you to
sit here watch me do all 30 sites, so I’m going to pause the video while it counts
down I’m gonna click on all 30 and then I’ll come back and show you the next step. I’m 300 plus satoshi up, since we last
spoke and you can see my ratings gone from 21.11 to 21.15, so it’s also increased a little bit. So this is the first way,
surfing the ads, is the first way to get paid for watching ads and I did say in
the intro, that you can actually get paid twice for doing the same thing. Well
while you’re surfing the ads on AdBTC you’re getting paid once, but of course
I’m on Cryptotab browser as you can see up here on the left hand side, which
means, I’m also being paid by Cryptotab browser and if I just show you the
browser earning side of it, the Chrome extension and here is the page… so you
can see it’s mining although very slowly at the moment, because I’m using the
video to record this… video right now, because I’m recording, the
amount of mining capabilities has gone right down to zero, so you can see that Cryptotab adjusts itself automatically depending on the amount of resources
you’re using and down here be I’ve so far earned $6.2 since
my last withdrawal, so I’m getting paid twice. I’m getting paid once on Cryptotab
and if you don’t know what Cryptotab tab is, there is a link beneath this
video, that will take you to videos and also to Cryptotab, as well the videos
will show you how to get started with Cryptotab, so 1… I’m getting paid on
Cryptotab just for being online and hey if you’re on Firefox or Internet
Explorer or Chrome or anything else any other browser and you’re not being paid,
but yet you can come to Cryptotab and do exactly the same thing… you can check
Facebook… you can check all your websites… you can check emails… you can do exactly the
same things on Cryptotab as you can on Firefox or Opera or Internet Explorer and
they won’t pay you… and Cryptotab will why would you not swap? So I almost
exclusively use Cryptotab right now for all my online activities. You can see all
my tabs… well I’m a heavy user, so you know all my tabs are open right now…
So I’m getting paid once on Cryptotab I’m also getting paid on AdBTC for
doing the same thing and in theory I could actually be getting paid 3
times, because I get bitcoin for free just by doing this and as you probably
know since its creation over ten years or eleven years ago, bitcoin has gone up in
value almost every single year bar one (2015), but every other year
other than that, the value of bitcoin has gone up and up and up and up. So as we
expect bitcoin to increase in value, the amount that I get for satoshi to the US
dollar will increase as well… so technically I could be getting paid
3 times. So let me show you the 2nd way you get paid on AdBTC and
it’s coming down here to “Active Window Surfing” and
when you click there you’ll see tabs just like this sometimes as to sometimes
a six it varies, you know every day it’s different. So you get 20 satoshi
for watching a 30-second advert, 14 satoshi for a 15-second advert. You just
click on the link, it will open up a new page and once you allow that to load
you’ll see it says here “Page Loading” once it’s fully loaded, you’ll see a
countdown… 25… 24… just allow it to go all the way to zero. Again I would you know suggest you just ignore all these advertising. Don’t be seduced
by the adverts, some of them are very tempting, but you’re not here to be
seduced by advertising, stay online, stay on focus you’re here to get money, not
spend money, so I would ignore most of the advertising. When the countdown clock
gets all the way to zero, it will load a capture and then you have to select one
of the two similar images. Well there’s 2 donuts so just click on 1 of the
donuts and you will earn 20 Satoshi. You can now close this page and go click on the next link and repeat the process do exactly the same thing. Okay so once it’s
all finished I’ll get back to you… Okay, so hopefully by now you have seen 2
ways of how you can get paid for watching ads online. I’m gonna show you a
3rd way in AdBTC right now… so come down to the “Earn” box on the left hand
side click on “Autosurfing,” when you click on that another page will open, very
similar to the previous page and when you allow it to load it will just go to
the same process of counting down, but this one is slightly different, it’s an
automatic page you can actually leave this page open while you’re surfing
online. Anytime you’re online, if you wanna have this open it will
automatically reconnect itself to the server, to the AdBTC server and if
there’s any more adverts it will go and watch them for you, so here you can see
it’s watch the advert and it informs you “We’re waiting for new links you may not
to close this page,” so English is obviously not there 1st
language, and that’s okay, “The auto surf session will resume as soon as the advertisement
appears. Today you’ve earned 5.6 satoshi using the auto surfing.” Okay
so you just leave this open if you want while you online and every time a new
advert is ready it will just automatically connect and you can earn in the
background. So going back to the AdBTC dashboard, there’s the 3 ways that
you can earn very very easily. You just get paid to watch ads online, simple as
that, but there is a fourth way to earn and it’s here in the referral system. If
you click on this link, it will take you to another page, where you will see your
referral link, so across here you will see a link very similar to mine, do not
use mine otherwise I will get your referrals, you take this link and you
start posting it on social media, you send it to your friends who are
interested… do you have any do you have any friends who are interested in earning
more money? Yes? Then send it to them and just say “hey why don’t you try this out
it’s a project I’m working on let’s do it together.”
Okay so take the link, send it to your friends post, it on social media, you will
get 10% of their earnings… so my sponsor we’d get 1597 satoshi, just for what I’ve
done, so that’s quite cool, if you’ve got you know a few people in your team,
you’ll earn quite well… At the moment I only have two referrals it’s a program I
haven’t been promoting, but I’m absolutely going to start promoting this,
because I think it’s an awesome little program… it takes me about ten minutes a
day… So that’s the fourth way you can earn. Now once you’ve built up your
Satoshi, you can actually withdraw. So click on withdraw and you can see so far being paid out in total 0.002 bitcoin, it’s about twenty dollars, if I
remember and I’ve been paid five times over the last year or so. It takes three
days on average to get paid from the time of request
and at a later date I will show you how to do the withdrawals So when we get
to the level… the withdrawal level, which I think right now is 20000 Satoshi, when
I get the 20000 and I’m only 4000 to go I will show you how to withdraw. So don’t
worry about that right now, but this has been running for over a year. I
absolutely love the system, it’s very simple to do and it allows us to get
paid for watching ads online, which is very cool and also get bitcoin for free,
which is even more cool. My goal, and you know you may want to make this one of
your goals as well, is to accumulate as much bitcoin as I possibly can right now,
because I believe that in the near future, I’m talking the end of this year and
next year, the price of bitcoin is going to skyrocket again and there’s lots of
reasons why I believe that, I won’t go into every single one of them now,
because the video will be too long, but I believe that to be true. So you may want
to just, you know work alongside me, if you have any questions put them in the
the chat box beneath the video or you can go to my website at and send me a message there directly I promise you I will personally
answer you and I’d love to hear your comments about the video, I’d love to see
what you think, I’d love to know how much money you’re earning or how much bitcoin
you’re earning from doing the programs give me your feedback, love to hear from
you, so don’t forget subscribe and hit the bell… give me a thumbs up, just to let me know that you liked the videos and encourage me to keep
going and then share this video with somebody else who deserves it.
One of your friends definitely wants to make more money. So… I hope you’ve had
another enjoyable tour of another website where I’ve shown you 100% how
you can get paid for watching ads online it’s very very cool and we get more
bitcoin for free… So until the next time the next video which is gonna you know
will be in a day or two… have a great time… keep in touch and look forward to seeing
your success… and remember… BITCOIN IS FREEDOM

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