April 3, 2020
Get Fact Up 5: Online Marketing Industry Updates

Get Fact Up 5: Online Marketing Industry Updates

– Hi, my name’s Chris Hogan founder and CEO of MeMedia. Let’s get Fact Up. Last week we spoke about
SEO and how that forms part of an integrated online marketing strategy and how content marketing
and online advertising on social media can also be
integrated into that strategy. This week we’re going to
be talking about the latest updates that are happening
online that will affect you when marketing your business. Facebook is going to give
brands a better look at what’s happening around their physical
stores with launch of a new feature called “Local Insights”. Local Insights will allow
you to see when particular groups of people are more
or less likely to be nearby. As well as what times of
the day or days of the week are the busiest in the neighborhood. They will also provide
trend information over the past week, month or quarter. Breakdowns by age and gender,
which can be a cross reference to see when men or women of
certain age are typically in the vicinity. Facebook will break down
ages into several groups between 18 – 65. And Facebook will also
report whether people are from out of town or live
within 200 kilometers of your physical location. The brands won’t be able
to filter that information by age group or gender. And that’s not all Facebook
is in the news for this week. Facebook also just launched
“Local Awareness” ads. They are ads that help your
business get found online and connect you with a local audience. It’s a great way to reach people when they are near your business. Adverts can be created
directly from your company Facebook page. The adverts offer four
different call-to-actions: Send Message, Call Now,
Get Directions, Learn More. You just need to set a
budget, choose a photo and create an engaging message
for the people in your area. Facebook does the rest. It’s that easy. As always, Google makes news this week with updates to its Google Maps app. This allows users to put
new businesses on the map. Google has integrated Google Map Maker directly into the Google Maps iOS App. The users can quickly
add missing businesses. What does that mean for you? If you want leads to turn into sales make sure you are easy to
find online and on the street. Make sure your business is
up to date on Google Maps right now. It’s that easy. You can get tapping right now adding a new business to the map. Why are you listening to me? We wanted to mention Mobile Ads. The traditional model
of online advertising is to see ads in computer web browsers but readership is moving
to mobile very fast. With PageFair now estimating
that all mobile traffic accounts for 38% of all online browsing. Other insights tell us that
BuzzFeed’s mobile traffic outstripped its desktop
traffic early in 2013. So if you’re advertising
online, you need to make sure that mobile is an essential
consideration that you’re making in your digital strategy. And don’t forget that smart
phone penetration in Australia has reached 75%. It’s not like Aussies
aren’t using mobile phones. Some of us even have two and
we’re really well connected. Staying on trend with mobile,
it’s been linked that Facebook is coming out with a
new app called “Notify” which will be coming out
in the next few weeks. We hear that it’s a new
feature app that appears to let users subscribe to
certain news organizations, dubbed stations, and receive notifications when those outlets push out new stories. It supposedly will look
somewhat like a Facebook based version of a Twitter list. Or a modernized version of an RSS reader. Yes, something that was
popular back in the days before Twitter when people
wanted to keep up with the latest posts on their favorite blogs. For marketers this means
it would be an easy way to send content directly to
readers or potential readers with an alert and then
they can just as easily click on that alert and read the content. Even better, what does Vodka
have to do with industry updates this week? Nostrovia! The developers of Android
touch screen technology have partnered with Stoli Vodka to launch touch enhanced mobile
advertising on Android devices. Stoli Vodka has created
a mobile advertisement where viewers will not
only watch a woman shake a Stoli Martini, they’ll
be able to actually feel the Martini being made in their hand. Thanks to the haptic feedback
technology in Android devices touch enhanced ads provide
brands and advertisers a new medium in which
they can engage consumers’ attention on mobile devices. (vibrating sounds) Thanks for joining us
and see you next Monday. Stay Fact Up, Australia. And join us on social media and please subscribe to
our newsletter in our blog. (upbeat drums) (laughs) That’s stupid.

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