November 17, 2019
Gemini Man (2019) – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures

Gemini Man (2019) – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures

(Gun clicks) (Soft Piano Instrumental) – [Clay] Tell me something… [Clay] Why is it so hard
for you to kill this man? – He knew every move of
mine before I made it. ♪ Forever young ♪ I’d have him right there,
then take the shot… ♪ I wanna be forever young ♪ (Explosion) And he’d be gone like a ghost. ♪ Do you really want to live forever ♪ Who is he? ♪ Do you really want to live forever ♪ ♪ Forever young ♪ – [Danny] I think I know
why he’s as good as you. He is you. – [Henry] Twenty-five years
ago they made you from me. They chose me because there’s
never been anybody like me. We have to end this right now. – [Clay] You have all of
his gifts without his pain. – [Young Henry] You made a
person out of another person. Then you sent me to kill him. You made a choice to do this to me. – [Clay] This thing that you
are struggling with is fear. Embrace it and then overcome it. (Exciting Orchestral Music) – [Henry] Of all the people
in the world to come after me why would he send you? (Soft Piano Instrumental)

100 thoughts on “Gemini Man (2019) – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures

  1. Very bad movie, there's sequences that needs improvement, a lot of things, everything else is acceptable, but No wauuuuu!!

  2. I don't know why there's so much criticism… Ang took a risk using cgi for a co star. Had it been an enormous success, everyone would be doing it. Without risk, there is no reward. This is why he has my respect. So many individuals and corporations are afraid to innovate. The tech is far from perfect, but at least Ang was original and carried out his vision as best as he could. I personally thought was a great movie.

  3. A film about black people being cloned and then the clones turning evil. I swear I already saw that movie this year.

  4. I’m sorry but this was one of the worst movies that I’ve watched this year. The visuals effects and the fight scenes were pretty good but other than that really poor.. i think that they should have explored all of the “Gemini” concept further and maybe invest in a deeper character development and story line. I don’t recommend it.

  5. Excuse me. It seems, I was be Will Smith with consortium of Mr. Tora Sudiro in past time. Maybe can checking documents those be linked in National Archives of RI in South Jakarta, National Library of RI in Center Jakarta and still can pay debts as Will Smith and debtor in acts of mortgage in the US and RI from Mrs. Lisnawati , Head Chief of BCA ,Branch Office of Pamulang, Ciputat and Golden Point .

  6. Ughh why do they keep casting will smith. He has no relevancy in today's film world. Please will…don't be in another film again.

  7. I dont want to be an racist , but this moovie trailer looks like tolerant hitman version , but with hair and Will Smith

  8. gemini: a star sign. Gemini man: A man with twin children born on the same day in the star sign Gemini two years apart. 6/8 for example. Twin refers to twin different items same numbering. Rev.6:8 … PALE HORSE. Don't go by Eastwood anymore. Not since BTTF ruined it for every one. triplets always causes problems

  9. This is more like the movie terminators…..a younger version from the future is coming back to replace the old version…….i think!

  10. What a cliche movie and not in a classy way but in a cheesy way. The actions moves are nice but the dialog is ridiculously cheesy to the point that makes you feel like you are watching a play in a school. The girl in the movie did her best but she looks awkward like they picked her up randomly. What a waste of money it would only be great if they donated the money to a charitable organization. Sorry Will I love you but the movie sucked

  11. I swear to you Mary Elizabeth Winstead has been in everything but I still have no clue who the heck she is. Her agents are gods.

  12. Sometimes I wonder if movies like this particular one adds to the current social problems because there is no solution provided within the movie, in which I depart movies like these propelled to do nothing constructive and positive to better mankind.

  13. Fresh prince vs will Smith
    Cant believe fresh prince still looks so young after all this years ate they both like brothers?

    For people dumb enough it's a joke

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