April 2, 2020
Gary Vaynerchuk’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@garyvee)

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@garyvee)

– You need to bet on your strengths, and don’t give a f(bleep)
about what you suck at. – If you want this, if
you want bling bling, If you want to buy the Jets, if
you want to do sh(bleep), work. – Entrepreneurship sucks. I mean, it’s lonely, it’s high-risk. I’m a humongous believer
that ideas are sh(bleep), and that execution’s the game. And so the reason I think
that people are missing why things succeed, is
because of storytelling. I love black and white
data, I’m obsessed with it. I would never take a f(bleep) note. Like, that scares the piss out of me what these three people
are doing right now. “Just do that”, I’m like, nope! This thing matters to me. My friends, there are a
million reasons why not, but there’s one great reason why. Nothing in life is free,
nothing happens overnight. – He’s an entrepreneur,
investor, author, public speaker, and internet personality. – After graduating college in 1998, he assumed control of his
father’s liquor store business. – Through e-commerce and email marketing, he grew his father’s business
from three million to 50 million dollars in revenue. He’s Gary Vaynerchuk, and here are his top
ten rules for success. – You need to bet on your strengths, and don’t give f(bleep)
about what you suck at. Way too many people in this room are going to spend the next
30, 40 years of their lives, trying to check the boxes of the things that they’re not as good at, and that, you’re going to waste a
(bleep)load of time, and lose. I highly recommend auditing yourself, or you have no f(bleep)ing
empathy, or E.Q., or self-awareness, then
find somebody in your family or friendship that does, and
let them tell you who you are, and once you believe
that, either for yourself or someone else told you, go directly all chips, all in to that, because that is the only
possible way, in my opinion, watching from the outside,
that is, let me rephrase. That is a very highly
likely way of overindexing, because the truth is, if
you want to be an anomaly, you’ve got to act like one. And so that’s it, that’s what I got, so thanks for having me. (audience laughs) How do you get money to do what you love? You don’t. Right? I lost a sh(bleep)load of money when I started doing what I loved. What you do, is you position
yourself to succeed, so for example, if you’re
doing something else, and you want to do this thing you love, you do it after hours. You work nine to six, you
get home, you kiss the dog, and you go to town, right? I mean you start building
equity in your brand and whatever you’re trying
to accomplish after hours. Everybody has time. Stop watching (bleep)ing Lost. (audience laughs) That’s a good overheard, right? That was a good overheard. So, you know what I mean? If you want this, if you want bling bling, if you want to buy the Jets, if
you want to do sh(bleep), work. That’s how you get it. – My question is, I’m an
entrepreneur, it’s very great, but not all days are great in a company, so what are your tips and
tricks for you know, tough days? – I think there’s massive
confusion around entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship sucks. I mean it’s lonely, it’s high-risk, I mean I can’t live without it, but it’s like a bad boyfriend,
or girlfriend, right, like, there’s a ton of bad
days being an entrepreneur, not to mention 98% of
entrepreneurial ventures are going to fail, so there’s going to be a really bad f(bleep) day in your future. (audience laughs) Hopefully not for you. Or any of you. For me, I think this is
a very personal question. I think it’s how you’re wired. I’m so all-in entrepreneur,
I prefer the pain. I think one of the reasons
I love the Jets so much, is because they bring me so much pain. I love the climb. To me, the setback is exciting. I love when something goes wrong, it’s where I shine the most, but that’s not for everybody, right? It can be very difficult, and when you start affecting
your life, and your loved ones, and all the other things,
it can get real nasty. To me, the way I handle things,
even on the few rare days when I really struggle,
I take a real step back, and make pretend that
somebody called me and told me that my mother or daughter were killed. And I know that’s very
dark, and I apologize, but it’s really what I do. I literally am able to, at my deepest most struggling
moment, within business, take a step back and remind myself that I could make a drillion
dollars tomorrow on bitcoin and if something bad happened
to the people I love the most, then it would mean nothing, and it very consistently
rewires me very quickly. I just put business in perspective. At the end of the day, you know it’s money, for
me it’s not really money, it’s my legacy, so I get
hurt by it a little bit more, but yeah, I put it in perspective, it’s money. And you know what? Up until I had a daughter,
even while I was married, up until when I had Misha, four years ago, I secretly wanted to lose all my money. I had this weird twisted dark
fantasy of losing everything just to rise again like a
phoenix and remind you (bleep)s. My assistant’s got a
great thing now on this. Once in every four months,
somebody sends an email saying I’ve got a huge startup
that I want you to invest in, but you’ve got to sign this NDA, right? Which literally every time
gets an email back that says, f(bleep) you, right? (audience laughs) And the reason is, I’m
a humungous believer in that ideas are sh(bleep), and that execution’s the game, right? We’ve all got ideas. Everybody’s got ideas. Do you know how many f(bleep)
ideas we all have here? We can probably sit here
for the next two hours, draw them all out, record
’em, and predict the next 78 great startups over the next nine years. And, so I think the thing that is another theme in entrepreneurship is,
there is way too much fodder brought to the idea. Uber was Magic Cab, three years earlier. Uber’s not an idea, Uber existed. It was called Magic Cab. But the guys that executed
it sucked, so they lost. So I think, you know, if
there’s any level of romance left in this room about your
idea, I’d like to suffocate it, because I think the actual situation is, what you actually do with it. You know the reason I
feel that storytelling is the most under-rated skill in business, is because it doesn’t get
talked about a whole lot, and I don’t think people
realize it’s happening when it’s happening, and most of all, I don’t think that many
people are really good at it. So, like, when I watch
a Steve Jobs keynote about a new product, I don’t
care about the new tech, I don’t care about the iPad or the iPhone, I care about the way he was
presenting it, you know? When I see David Blaine,
this is a magician, if you ever pay attention
to what he’s doing, he’s storytelling you the whole way, and then it’s the big kick, so if you understand
what the consumer wants, then you backtrack and you tell the story to get them emotionally
there, that’s how things sell. That’s marketing. There’s a very big difference
between marketing and sales, and so, the reason I think
that people are missing why things succeed, is
because of storytelling. I think it’s overlooked,
I think that people look at the x’s and o’s and
the black and the white, but I think storytelling, when done right, takes a product that should have sold a hundred million dollars worth of stuff, and sells a billion
dollars worth of stuff. In 2001, it snowed in New
Jersey on December 23rd, which was one of the
busiest days of the year. Typically December 23rd is
the busiest day of the year in the liquor store. A woman called us, we’d
just started shipping, and her case of Beringer White
Zinfandel wasn’t delivered. First of all, I appreciate
the people that know what Beringer White Zin is, good job. (audience laughs) The entire case, by the way, 15 pack, the entire 15 pack case cost 45 dollars. We’re doing about $40,000
an hour in the store. She calls. I find out about it,
somehow it was buzzing, I was on the floor selling. I am the premier salesman on
the floor, as you can imagine. (audience laughs) I find out about it, and
we’re debating what to do, she needs it for her Christmas dinner. I grab the case, throw it in my car, and drive to Bergen County to deliver it. It takes me 2 1/2 hours to
complete the whole thing. The woman was 194 years old. (audience laughs) We didn’t have a lot of lifetime value on the back end there. She looked like f(bleep) Yoda. (audience laughs) And the best part was, I delivered it, all pumped with myself,
and she said, “great”, and closed the door. Awesome. Everybody, especially my Dad,
who was pissed that I left, because of all the customers
that came in asking for me, or that I could have
sold, everybody’s baffled. I can’t tell you what the ROI
of driving through the snow in my car to deliver a
case of $45 pink sh(bleep) to a woman that looked like Yoda was. (audience laughs) But I can tell you this. Over the next two to
three years, that story became the foundation of how we treated every single customer. It became our competitive edge, and those are the things
that matter to me. I love black and white
data, I’m obsessed with it. The day when the nerd beat me, I f(bleep) understood
that the nerds beat me, and I respect the living
f(bleep) out of data, conversion funnels, all that sh(bleep). But I’m telling you right now, that there are way too many f(beep)ers running businesses today with this, and not enough people
running businesses with this. (audience applauds) And again, I swear on my
life, I am not Mother Theresa, and I’m far from running
my business just on this. But I’m telling you right now, the reason I amassed my following, the reason why I continue to retain it, is because my percentage
of this far outweighs every f(bleep)er in this room. I mean it. That’s how I feel and that’s
how I try to roll every day. And I promise you, if you
are able to figure out how to afford, how to afford,
the allocation of this in your business more,
your long-term value will be dramatically higher. Your long-term business success
will be dramatically higher. Your grandparents, your great-grandparents built businesses based on this, it’s how we built the whole thing. We got really lean and mean
when we went to the suburbs and big box stores and all
we cared about was dollars, and it’s great, and the data
matters, I continue to use it, and use this tool and understand it, but I’m asking you one final thing. When you go home, if
this talk meant anything, and by the way, I fundamentally believe only three of you are going
to act on this talk, I do, because what I talk about
is ridiculously hard and massively frustrating
and takes forever, you know, like everything that’s
good in f(bleep)ing life. (audience laughs) If you do anything
because of this keynote, there’s only one thing I ask you to do, because as zenny as I got,
I’m a practical m(bleep). Here’s what I want from you. When you go home, look
yourself in the mirror, and audit everything you
and your business do. I promise you that if you
audit from top to bottom, of expenses, and effort, and
time and energy and payroll and all that sh(beep),
if you audit all of it, even the best of us, even the InBevs, which was the company
that bought Budweiser, they built their whole business on like, printing on the both sides of the paper and all that horse(beep), even the most efficient ones of us, are doing 20% dumb sh(beep). If you take that eight per cent, that 13%, that 16% of dumb sh(beep)
that you’re doing, paying that person that’s not
bringing any cultural value to your business, having that
contract that you just renew because you’re busy as f(beep), whatever the f(beep) you’re doing, if you take any piece of that percentage, and you apply it to giving a
f(beep) about your customer, it will be better for your
business going forward, because for the first time since
we all lived in small towns where your reputation
was the complete backbone of how you did business, for the first time, because technology is bringing us back
together in a small town, for the first time,
being good, and caring, and following up, matters. It (bleep) matters. How about doing something,
random act of kindness, for a current customer, not
the ones that unsubscribed? Or left? You know how you always do nice sh(bleep) when they’re going? How ‘about while you’ve got them? Re-allocate your thought
process, I’m telling you, because the tools that is
the umbrella of this event, are getting so good, so good. You know what that means? All that sh(bleep)’s is
about to become a commodity. Emotional E.Q. is going
to dominate business over the next decade, and I implore you to start paying attention,
and oh by the way, I’ll leave you with this, you know what the best f(bleep) part is? It feels good. Thank you. The ability to adjust is the entire game, like I’m so proud that I
change my mind every day, my Dad used to get so pissed when I was building Wine Library, he would always be like,
(bleep), he would say, like, three months ago you said Ricky was going to be the best employee, I’m like, I changed my mind,
he’s sh(bleep), fire him. (audience laughs) Or, he’s like, you said
sparkling wine was important, now you just eliminated
it from the key spot. I’m like, I changed my mind, like, my ability to only be
comfortable in massive chaos, has been my biggest
asset as an entrepreneur. Like, I would never take a f(bleep) note. That scares the piss out of me, what these three people
are doing right now, right? And so, now, now, now, that may work for them, and
back to the opening statement, you need to do you, like plenty of people that make a
(bleep)load more money than me and’ve grown bigger take (bleep)ing notes. The key, though, the key is, way too many people are doing, like, here’s a good one. You know what really
pissed me the f(bleep) off? (sighs) I’m completely
driven by happiness, and like, I’m crippled by chaos, you know, Vaynermedia, which is now 500
people, update your sh(beep), (audience laughs) Vaynermedia is like
completely dictated by, like, I’m a dictator of HR. All I care about is the atmosphere, all I care about is how people roll, I think I’ve fired the four most talented smartest people that have worked for me, because if you don’t know how to play with the other boys and girls, you’re out. Because I suffocate under
conflict and negativity, and “nobody’s better than
me”, so you got to go. So, what really pissed
me off in tech world, was when Steve Jobs’s book
came out when he was dying, when it was all about Steve,
three or four years ago, I literally watched a lot
of my tech startup friends start being like a
d(bleep) to their staff, because Jobs was tough, everybody
fell into the romance of I have this big vision, and
I’m going to be a d(bleep) like Steve, right? And I felt that was
really interesting for me to watch that half-decade, of literally watching people I know,
and then watching them act differently because
of the status or the icon of the moment, and you see a lot of that, and so that it is probably the energy I’m trying to bring to this class today, which is, you can look at how people roll, and it’s great to admire,
and things of that nature, but it’s so damn important
to stick to your DNA, right? And what you’re good at, and
to recognize that you need to surround yourself,
whether it’s your co-founder, or whether it’s the
people who work for you, all I do is hire the people
that are the opposite of me, that bring the other value,
that bring me the ability to remember what the f(bleep)
that meeting was about and go make sure it happens, you know, whatever it may be, right? So I think that’s another thing that I would highly recognize. I delegate everything that I think is not the single most
important things in the world, and then I micromanage the things that I think are the most
important things in the world. Luckily for me, hence
why I’ve been able to build big companies, I don’t
think most things matter. So, I don’t think I’m any
different than anybody else, I actually think everybody is a delegator, and a micromanager, I just think that my radar of what’s important is different. Yes, we need to do something with that. That’s the sh(beep) guys,
that’s it right there. I’m just like you, we’re all the same, we all delegate, we all micromanage. The difference is, I don’t
think most things matter. And what do I mean by that, as I’m trying to think
about somebody watching this for the first time, instead
of alluding to people that have watched forever. Most things don’t matter! I don’t know, that’s what it means, You know, like, I don’t anything matters, I just don’t think things matter, I don’t think, like one client that’s going to put us out of business, I don’t think one employee is
going to kill our atmosphere, I don’t think a lot of things matter. I don’t think, a misspelling
in a deck is something that really matters to a
lot of people in my company. It just doesn’t matter to me! I just don’t think – Guys guys, I just don’t
think we’re going to lose the account because we
put the i before the e. And if we do, f(bleep) them! Idiots! I don’t think not being, I don’t think not wearing
shoes in an establishment is the biggest thing in the world, clearly if you’ve watched
Daily Vee One, some people do, and guess what, I do not judge. Do not judge. Everybody’s allowed to do their thing, it’s just like parenting, I
will never spew my parenting. I talk about it, but it’s very holistic, like, this is what I do, not
what I’m telling you to do, this is me, but f(beep) it. So, ultimately, I think that I’m both, like everybody in the world. I just think that I deem
what’s most important at a very very high level,
on things that most people, you know what, a lot
of you were commenting on my five-minute meetings. Most of you, cause you’re
part of my community, think it’s great, lot of
comments on YouTube and Facebook of like, oh, I like Daily V, ’cause Gary spends five, that’s nice. One comment: “I worked in a small–” and by the way, whoever said
this is going to see this, and be like, holy crap
he reads everything. “I’ve worked at small
companies where the boss “didn’t even know my name”,
you know what I mean? Like, “this is cool”, but,
do you know how many people think it’s stupid? I have a lot of people in my
life that think I’m very busy and I have a lot of things
to do and why in the world, Gary, it’s not scalable,
it’s not sustainable. Yeah, you’re making that
face because you’re so in our cocoon, but boy,
just like, you know? Don’t do that. It’s not bad, nobody expects you to do it, not at this scale, and
you have a great culture and you have great intent, just do that. I’m like, nope! This thing matters to me. So I’m micromanaging a
“hello” into my company three to six months in, and
a lot of people outsource to an HR person, or to the leadership, so, I do unscalable things all the time. Micromanaging, if I deem
them the most important. Pitching new business, I like to micromanage that, ’cause it’s important to win business, money helps me keep doing
everything (laughs). – [Steve] Roberto asks, “What do you feel is a bigger obstacle to success, a lack of time or a lack of capital?” Roberto, this is a tremendous question. I think the biggest obstacle to success is a lack of optimism. That question in itself is
the problem, my friend, right? You’re looking at two things
that are both negatives, and guess what? Both of them are obstacles. When I started WineLibrary.com, transformation from my
business, I had time, I worked my face off every
minute, but we didn’t have a whole lot of money in our profit center, so it took more time, right,
it’s just the way it is. Today, I have more money,
but boy don’t I have time, but neither, ever, ever
will be an excuse for me, and so, just to drill
this through the throat of the Vayner nation, that’s
right, I went that graphic, don’t smile, D Rock,
here’s the bottom line: I refuse to allow you to get
an answer to that question, because both of them are firmly
square in the excuse column, and I’ve no patience for that. There will always be problems. Let’s talk about a million other things that are a way to stop success. The health and well-being
of your family members, so it takes your mind away from execution. The country you live in’s
government and political concepts at these moments, a la start-ups in China, that I invested in, that got traction, but then people that were
wired into the government decided to not allow it to happen, and then the startup disappeared. Not as easy to be an entrepreneur there! It’s still a communist
country, sorry, it just is. And so all these things
can be problems, right? There’s a competitor
with a billion dollars, who’s also skilled and
punches you in the mouth and knocks you out in
the first round, right? The world changing, I mean
there’s just a million obstacles, right, the media, one bad coverage of you, a moment in time, you know
what I think about a lot? You know what I think about a lot? Let’s get really real, this
is why we did this show. I always, I’m a human being,
and I always think about a moment in time, what if I just say the wrong thing at the wrong time, right? What if I call out China for
being a communist country in an episode, while I’m on a rant, and somebody who’s watching doesn’t like the way that tastes and picks
away a business opportunity for me in China in seven years, even though I’m not trying to zing, it’s just things that I saw. What if, what if, what if
I looked down on my phone while I’m driving, even though
I’ve really not done that, and I hit somebody, and I kill them, and that becomes the story. And they’re like, forget about the story, about what you think of me, I
will never recover from that, because I killed somebody because
I needed to check a tweet. These are moments in time. So there are so many
things that can keep you from being successful, right, the people that you invested in, having something bad happen
to them, so it slows you down, my friends, there are a
million reasons why not, but there’s one great
reason why, which is, you’ve just got a persevere,
no matter what it is, it’s just the way it is. It’s hard being an entrepreneur. It’s hard building a business. Everybody thinks it’s so easy,
that there’s an entitlement, there’s a disaster, zinging China? Here comes my US zing right now. There is an insane generation
of 18 to 25 year olds right now who think they’re
entitled to having a business because they saw the
social networking movie, and everyone’s decided if you’re a kid and you know what tech is, because you used Instagram early on, you’re entitled to
actually build a business. Building a business is hard, and you know what makes it really hard? Everything that happens every
day of every moment, so, you can pick time, you can pick money, as the one or two things
that you think stop you from winning your game, but the truth is, there’s a million reasons. 99% of businesses go out
of business for a reason, and that reason is, it’s hard. And so, if you’re watching this show, I’ve got a sense of who you are, and you need to start
creating layers and layers and layers and layers of skin
to be able to get through, because the glamor of being
an entrepreneur well goodness, you know you get very
confused by my optimism, ’cause it’s my optimism, I can’t help it, it’s just how I roll, it’s probably one of the variable 1% reasons
why I’m successful, but please, don’t get it
twisted, this is hard, every day is hard, and if
you don’t have the stomach to weather this storm, you
will not be successful, and by the way, let me throw
you a real weird curveball: and that’s okay. People have to look
themselves in the mirror and understand if they’re
number two, three, four, five, six, seven in their organization, that has differences
of being a number one, but maybe that’s where
your skill set sits, maybe that’s how you make
your fortunes, and happiness, and all the things that
you’re looking for, and so… That question got me
going a little bit, Steve, because it’s under the context of excuses, and I will never make an excuse, everything that’s a problem with me, everything I don’t achieve, everything that’s a
problem with Vaynermedia, and everything is my fault,
and I succumb to that and I respect that, and I actually think that’s the way it should be,
and so no excuses, my friends. Nothing in life is free,
nothing happens overnight, it all takes tons and tons of work and tons and tons of talent, and tons and tons of
serendipity, but my friends, luck, serendipity, there’s a
forced culture within that. You know, you don’t just
sit in your room hoping and then something lucky happens, nobody just knocks on your
house’s door and says, congratulations, you’ve been awarded this. Luck comes from being in the right spot. I’ve been really lucky, because I (bleep) bleed out of my eyes every day of my life and worked my face off. Y’get really lucky when you
have that 11:30 p.m. meeting where the lucky thing
happened, pretty cool, since all you (bleep) sleeping,
I was pretty lucky, weird, that I scheduled that meeting
’cause I did a ton of things for 30 years that allowed
me to even have that meeting in the first place, that
gave me the leverage to have that lucky thing that happened. There’s no overnight successes, period. They don’t exist. Show me. Leave a comment in YouTube,
leave the name, explain to me, tell me, show me, let me know, show me the overnight success,
because I’ll show you you, justifying in your brain,
something that is just not true. Period. – Thank you so much for watching. – We made this video because
Cameron Blackwell asked us to, if you have another entrepreneur
you want us to profile, leave it in the comments below. – We’d also love to know
which of Gary Vaynerchuk’s top ten rules meant the most to you, what you’re going to take
home from this video, leave it in the comments and
we’ll join in the discussion. Thank you so much for watching. Continue to believe! And we’ll see you soon.

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    I felt so strong about the empathetic values that I had to share it on my FB.

    On reflection I think my judgement got obscured by the romanticism of empathy and giving that I failed to see how without doubt number 9 was the rule that resonated with me the deepest.

    No excuses. Full stop. Love that. Love Gary. Love this platform. Thank you Evan.

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    On all social media platforms….

    So many others are full of shit and try selling you a dream….

    Gary.v is the only dude who gives you this shit for free and tells you and shows you how….

    All for free … because he knows 95% will not do…. And because it's the best shit he can do….

    A lot of you all have no sense..
    Of seeing the real truth…

    It's all in all of us…… But ambitious.. determination….

    Hustle hard that's it get it every fUKin Day!!!!!!

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    If you feel you must, of good conscience, filter your videos… just SILENCE the word. Don’t beep it.

    That shit went out in the 80s for a reason.

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    Twice in this clip, Gary contradicts himself; money mattering/not mattering and he doesn’t care/does care about how many Youtube subs he’s got. I’m gonna say it was more about his growth from one video interview to another.

  33. I love how you talk about taking the romanticism out of your business venture. I have done this and it was defeating. I think I have focused on the outcome to much and therefore have forgotten about the in between. It gave me the thought that if your already at the end then you have nothing to do.

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