April 1, 2020
Game of Selling – Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Blogging | Krishan Kumar

Game of Selling – Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Blogging | Krishan Kumar

Yes Bhaiya, you’ll get the payment. Don’t worry you will get the payment today for sure, we are here. Why you take tension! Ok, bye. How stupid people there are, seriosly BC! What? What did you see? Any person is sharing any screenshot And people are so free.. That beg saying, bro teach me, sir teach me, you are pro.. Doesn’t matter if business is going in loss People don’t give a F**k! They just follow and beg, teach me teach me! seems like What’s reality, nobody knows! Brother reality is, people don’t know anything.. So where they see something fancy, they start following blindly! And what’s the reality of those screenshots you know and I know.. This is the reality in actual. Bro.. listen… We know the reality of these screenshots very well and people no clue then why don’t we guide them about these thing what to guide.. yaar… is that all!! Bro it’s easy to sit and just talk when I told you to do something then you’re saying… what… leave yaar… What BC! What’s tough in saying this. then tell na bro. at least tell people what you know Should we tell? Yogesh.. Bring the camera let’s tell finally. Friends, since last few years, I have been noticing one thing many people work online and also do a lot of hard work But they don’t get any success and if they get some, that’s too low they even barely reach near to their expectations So what mistake do they commit When they are doing hardwork, Why don’t they get result? as we hear if you do hardwork, you get the results but still people are doing hard work and they aren’t getting fruitful results then why do this happen? Namaskar friends, you’re welcome… my name is Krishan Kumar and you’re watching YouTube channel The GAME OF SELLING …welcome to the World’s BIGGEST Game! if you’re 100% satisfied… ..with the results of your doing then Good, Congrats to you! but if that’s not the case if you think you’re not achieving as per capabilities then this channel’s video Will work for you the same way Vibhishana’s single advice did for lord Rama. you know… We all have seen Ramayan heard of it.. must have read it as well.. what happened in Ramayana was even after thousands attempts Lord Rama was not getting success in killing Rawana.. He was trying really hard He knew a lot.. He was really good with weapons.. but still, He was unable to kill Rawana and you know why and when Lord Rama was depressed even after all tries… At this point enters Vibhishana.. And Vibhishana gives a small piece of advice to lord Rama.. That where he should aim.. Then what happens We all know very well! You have the capability, Knowledge.. ..and you are doing a lot of hardwork.. but still getting no results then in this situation, you don’t need to do more hardwork ..but all you need is that knowledge.. now if you’re doing Blogging whether you do CPA ..or affiliate.. eCommerce or you do Freelance work Our videos will work exactly the way which as I said.. Vibhishana’s advice did to Lord Rama.. by Watching our videos you’ll get to know, what’s actually the problem! We’ll tell you, where you’re doing it wrong.. We’ll tell you, what you should do. and We’ll tell you, what, when and how to do it so that… you can get BEST results out of your efforts. so friends.. if you’re interested.. then SUBSCRIBE to the channel now and hit the BELL icon as well.. So that you don’t lose that knowledge because of which.. You are devoid of all the benefits! in case you may have any doubt.. then no problem.. We can get it! you first watch our videos.. and if you like the content only then SUBSCRIBE! and in case you don’t like it.. then we humbly request you.. to kindly tell us.. what you think is missing in our video.. what you didn’t liked in shared knowledge.. kindly tell us.. so that We can do improvement.. and in coming videos.. and take care of them in coming videos. Thank you, so much.

25 thoughts on “Game of Selling – Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Blogging | Krishan Kumar

  1. Sahi h bhai. Online working Mei bahut dynamic facts rahte h jo saath saath chalte rahte h. Ek chhoti trick or suggestion bhi pura work bigad sakti h ya bana sakti h. Keep it up bro. Nice step to clear fog of this environment of online working/ internet business models etc..

  2. A raw video & a real content like this will make your channel superb!! Keep up great work. πŸ˜‡ Hope to learn many things from your channel.
    Many Congratulations !!

  3. Very nice sir.. Ramayana ka example bahot Acha lga is channel ka motive samjhane k liye.. Congratulations for this beginning.. keep it up..🀘

  4. Mujhe bahu achha lagga Sir. Aisa suggestion oh koi ni deta siway aapke
    Thank you Sir..for this great contribution ..

  5. Nice sir, jaldi se or bhi information share kro please. Hum aap ki next video k wait kr r hai.
    Nice sirπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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