April 6, 2020
Game Monetization Strategy Advice | Monetization Strategies | App Monetization | Udacity

Game Monetization Strategy Advice | Monetization Strategies | App Monetization | Udacity

The apps and games that are at
the top of the grossing charts, on any of the different
platforms stores are generally using IAP’s in order
to drive that revenue. It’s where the bulk of it’s coming from. And there’s a couple of key things
that they keep in mind when the app developers are determining which IAP’s
they should offer and how to price them. First and foremost, when choosing which
items to offer as in-app purchases, you have to make sure that the items
are content that enriches the game. I wouldn’t rely on just having something
that prevents ads from being shown or maybe just one or two variations
in graphics or things like that. It has to really be something
that stands out and takes somebody that may have never paid
and turns them into a paying user. There are a few
different forms of IAP’s. This first are content, so
if you want to offer new items, perhaps new maps, if it’s a game,
that falls under content. The second is functionality, so if there’s a different way to use your
app or game, perhaps a different mode. Perhaps you want to unlock
different weapons that might dramatically change
the game play experience. That would fall under functionality. There are also services. So if you’re building an app or a game where there are services that you
need to offer that aren’t necessarily something that you can do really
quickly within the game itself. Perhaps there’s a superior level of
support if you’re offering an app that’s a little bit more sophisticated, that’s
another type of IAP that you can offer. Finally, there’s subscriptions. If you’re doing an app that functions
a bit more like a magazine or a game that requires a multiplayer
subscription in order to play online. This is where subscriptions lie. They’re probably the least popular, just because the use cases
are a little bit more limited. But they’re no less valuable than any of the other types
of IAP’s that you can offer. So IAP’s can be consumable,
use them once and that’s it. They can be non-consumable, so something
like an additional map pack that somebody should always have
access to is a non-consumable. There are different types of
subscriptions that you can offer, you can offer a free subscription, an auto-renewing subscription,
a non-renewing subscription. And it really depends on what you think
people are most likely to purchase. And all of this can be tested, so you don’t have to determine right
off the bat how this is going to go. When you’re selecting IAP’s, it’s important to select
a wide range of price points. Anything from the lowest
up to the highest. Somebody will always buy whatever
that highest point IAP is, and there’s no reason to prevent
yourself from getting that revenue. Even if it might seem a little absurd
that somebody wants to spend $99 on a coin pack. There will be somebody who inevitably
wants to spend $99 on a coin pack. It’s important to offer that range, all the way from the lowest to the
highest, and then a good mix in between. Amazon generally recommends at least
12 price points, I think that might be a little overkill, but somewhere in
that neighborhood is probably right. Finally, for any of your IAP’s, it’s extremely important that
the non-consumables can be restored. You get a lot of backlash from the
platforms if you have all of these IAP’s that people are purchasing, yet they
can’t get them back on their device. You also see a significant
user backlash there which won’t be good in the long run.

3 thoughts on “Game Monetization Strategy Advice | Monetization Strategies | App Monetization | Udacity

  1. or how about include everything in the initial cost of the game. stop milking people, this is destroying the game industry. what happened consumers why do we tolerate these scummy predatory manipulative tactics. bring back the good old days when every thing had one price, when devs would not get paid again intil they did some MORE work.

  2. All those are based on the ADs. There are a few more ways to monetize without pushing the apps with limitless ads. One of those might interest – https://globalhop.net/ THere are few more based on the public data extraction.

  3. Have you ever been at that screen asking you for money? It's a shitty feeling when that manipulation gets to you. Exploiting a weakness that lies in many people and many of those people hate that weakness. Feeling like crap because you just got ripped off.

    There is almost no morality to it what so ever.

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