March 30, 2020
FunnelXpress Review, Check Out My Essential Bonus Pack, [FunnelXpress review]

FunnelXpress Review, Check Out My Essential Bonus Pack, [FunnelXpress review]

Hey will Weatherly here and welcome to my funnel Express review So what I’d like to do and this review is have a quick look at my written review Here head over to the sales page and then return here to my blog Have a look at the OTO S as well as the bonuses that I put together for those of you who pick up funnel Express Through my link and then I want to go to the app itself show you around and then have the vendors give you a full Walkthrough of funnel Express. So what is funnel Express? Well, first of all, this is a new software by Mark Bishop venkata ramana and rosh pin It goes live January 20th at 11 a.m. Est so in this review What I do is I have a look at what the software does and its Advantages if you are looking for a newbie friendly system Which doesn’t require any market research doesn’t require any content creation And you’re not going to have to figure things out on your own You’re simply going to be given a funnel in a variety of niches where you can just simply Get your affiliate link, which is guaranteed by the vendors and get going earning commissions and building your list so what I’ve focused on and my bonuses is really making sure that you have everything that you need as far as list building and Understanding the funnel process as well as getting traffic both paid and free traffic So I put a lot of emphasis on those four areas. So what is Funnel Xpress. Well, really what you’re going to be doing here is you’re going to have the option of not Doing any research, but simply choosing a niche and then you’re going to pick a landing page. You’re going to have a download page Everything is going to be done for you. So let’s go ahead and have a look at the sales page You can see the headline fill-in-the-blanks done for you Commission machine Enables you to copy and paste super affiliate funnels for instant results So I’m doing this review before the launch so you can that the video will be coming soon You’re going to be filling in the blanks And so what that means is you’re going to have all the templates laid out for you All you’re going to need to put in is the specific information in your niche and you can go ahead and customize it however, you’d like So we’re going to look at some of the templates that are available in the app itself So this is the sales page you can go ahead and have a look at it on your own There’s quite a bit of information here about the steps involved about what you’re going to be doing as far as setting everything up But I’m going to be showing you the demo so you can be clear about everything before you purchase the product so let’s go ahead and have a look at the OTO s Okay, so OTO number one is The pro version which goes for $67 here you’re gonna be able to create unlimited funnels unlock 24 Additional funnels and then you can get two funnels each month and you can add your own domains o – number to funnel Express hide ticket this is $47 and here you’re going to get 15 high ticket funnels with variations a one funnel each month plus 3 bonus funnels and you can sell high ticket Products from massive Commission OTO number three is traffic and sales academy here You’re going to get full and detailed traffic and retargeting training by industry leader. OTO number four is Funnel Express agency and here you’re going to get Commission sets 85% throughout the entire funnel and sales to tools included You’re also going to get a traffic training course. Now. These are the custom bonuses that I have for those of you who pick up Funnel Express through my link now my first bonus is the ultimate vault of high converting swipes and what this is it’s going to give you extra power to fuel at your marketing email campaigns bonus number two is Avalanche list building. I don’t know why I punished three their bonus Number two is avalanche list-building 2.0 And this is a system that’s going to show you how you can get heart highly targeted visitors and build a buyer’s list Bonus three conversion cash machine and this is an email marketer who reveals a very effective ploy that in essence kidnaps 80% of his email list and then he goes on to bank 32,000 from the specific method that he shows you bonus number four list profits exposed here You’re going to learn how to generate ninety seven dollars to five thousand dollar sales from your subscribers and customers starting right away bonus number 617 email cash packs, and these are closely-guarded email cash acts It’s a full report which shows you how to get more clicks more sales and generate more traffic to your offers bonus number six affiliate profit blueprint bonus number seven sales funnel mastery Which is a course on setting up the perfect sales funnel bonus number eight top five traffic sources of twenty twenty and this is my mega bonus which includes How to set up campaigns and all five of these platforms so it’s done so it’s going to show you the traffic source It’s going to show you how to set up campaigns in all of these bonus number nine explosivo Which is my best-selling course on how to get fast traffic from Instagram and then bonus ten holiday gold rush which is another best selling course on how to get traffic from Bing and Twitter and with that I’m going to include a master class on twitter Marketing and then bonus eleven is all the vendor bonuses that have been given to me to give to you So you will go ahead and have all the bonuses that have been given. I think there’s about a dozen of them So those will be included as well So if you are on my blog You can go ahead and click this button here where it says get funnel Express and all the relevant Bonuses that’s going to take you to my to take you to the sales page and then when you check out all of my Bonuses will be waiting for you in the warrior plus checkout area If you’re on youtube, just go ahead and click the link in the description that’s going to to the sales page And then once again, all of these bonuses will be waiting for you So what I’d like to do now is have a look at the app itself Okay, so when you get inside you’re going to land on the dashboard and then you’re going to have the option here of choosing a category You’re going to have your products over here. You’re going to have subscribers as you can see here banner and email you’re going to have your email sequence set up and these are Pre-made emails for you Then you’re going to have your bonuses here You’re going to have the traffic and sales academy here and then you’re going to have all of the tutorials for each of these different areas So the first thing you’re probably going to want to do after you watch the training videos is just go over and they’re going to walk you through how to do this but to get set up with your profile and Then you can go ahead and get that set up. So Once and then if you have any questions about anything you can go ahead and click this question mark here and then you can email Support if you have any questions at all so you’re going to be giving away a free gift to get people onto your list and Then they’re going to be able to choose from all these different products. So let’s go ahead and have Have a look at the opt-in form here. These are in different niches. This isn’t video marketing as you can see This is a nicely laid out Opt-in form and then we’ve got Here this is in the self-improvement niche and Then over here for affiliate marketing you Can see this is all very well laid out So these are just some examples of the kinds of templates that are available And of course, these are customizable to whatever you want to put here So what I’d like to do now is hand you over to Josh Ben who’s going to give you a full? Demo, and I want to thank you for watching this funnel Xpress review and look forward to seeing you in the next one Here ash been here from the final express team and welcome to our final Express demo video, so let’s get right into this I will sign into the app and this is the final Express dashboard There are some quick steps that you can see here the total follows built total views and subscribers and as well as the total number of Done-for-you funnels in front of Express you get access to over 60 done-for-you funnels in 10 different niches and all of the funnels can be accessed from the dashboard Before I get started creating a funnel live in this demo. Let me show you more below the categories. You’ll see all the campaigns Including the statistics and each funnel or we call it campaign can be easily edited from here This is good if you want to edit and improve your funnels even after they go live funnel Express is more than just and for your funnels you get the complete package with done for your emails and Done for you penance the done for you emails are fully customizable and the done for your penance are in 10 different sizes So you can use them on any advertising or blogging platforms So now let’s get started creating a funnel by clicking on any of these categories So I’m gonna go with affiliate marketing in affiliate marketing These are the funnels that are available for you to create right away You can always preview the squeeze page and you can preview the Thank You page before you start creating a funnel So let me choose one of these Let’s go with this making money with affiliate marketing the modern template before I start creating these I can just click on these to preview The funnel this is squeeze page for the funnel as you can see. It’s beautiful squeeze page Very modern-looking and this is the opt-in form So let’s start with this by clicking on create funnel So there are four simple steps for you to launch your funnel So step is to fill up the details second step is to set up the squeeze page First step is to set up the Thank You page and the fourth step is to save and share your funnel Across multiple social media networks. So let’s start the first one here by creating a name Click your next step here on the squeeze page setup you can see a live preview and you can set up your Squeeze page here and all the setup here is going to be reflecting life on this live preview. Let’s set up a squeeze page URL So roschmann demo that funnel Express Co is valid and it’s available I can use that and for the form I can choose if I want color email and names or I just want to collect emails only And I can save these to my autoresponder and if I don’t have an autoresponder connected to final Express I can always switch this off and all my subscribers I will be listed under the subscribers menu, but for this example, I’m going to save all my subscribers here But you can always see if your subscribers directly to any of the autoresponders that we have in final Express In advanced settings We allow you to change the headline sub-headline as well as the images and videos on the squeeze page so that you can make your funnel look more unique and also you have custom codes where you can add in your Facebook pixels Google pixels analytic pixels or any kind of pixels or codes on the header of the page? body of the page and the footer of the page you can use this to track all the visitors and you can do remarketing and get more conversions from a funnel and You can do that by just adding coats on the header body or for the code And these codes are going to be inserted into your squeeze page. Let’s continue tech step. I Wanna thank you page the Thank You page URL is set so you don’t have to do any changes on this And we allow you to monetize your Thank You page by recommending products that we have selected Specially for you. These are the highest converting products. All those products are available under all products You just need to apply for your Philly link and you can start Selecting the products that you want to include in your Thank You page so that if anybody comes to a squeeze page they subscribe and they will come to the Thank You page where they can download the XS and at the same time you can recommend products that are related to the same topic and commissions every time somebody purchases the products formula affiliate link So I’m gonna add two products here as you can see they are reflected here So first product is clicks rail and second product is done for your profits So these are the products that I’m recommending on the Thank You page and if anybody comes and subscribe to the page Comes to the Thank You page and feels like they want to purchase this product and they click on the see more So this is gonna have the affiliate link and you’re going to be credited for each sale So at the same time you can also upload a picture and add a quick bio about yourself To build relationship with your subscribers and also for yourself branding so I’m gonna quickly do this and get back to you so I’ve added a picture of myself and also a quick bio hits me Rashmi in thanks for signing up and I wish you all the best for the New year, let’s crush it so this is how it looks like and click on next step and just review a funnel and details and click on submit and Congratulation, the new funnel has been created and this is the squeeze page URL. This is Thank You page URL And you can share your funnels as well on multiple social media and messaging networks such as Facebook Twitter Pinterest WordPress ready for capped emails and also whatsapp. And this is fully hosted for you But if you wish to download the squeeze page and host it on your own URL we can click on the download squeeze page here and download Thank You page and you can approve these pages on a server and Host it on your own domains. Let’s get back to the dashboard and In the dashboard you will see your campaign list Over here So this is the URL for a squeeze page and this is the URL for the thank-you page total views and the subscribers Next let’s look into products Here we have selected over 50 products which are the best converting products in each category for you to monetize in your Thank You pages Let’s look into affiliate marketing. These are the products recommended in affiliate marketing you can always view the products here and apply for the Philip link then once you have applied for your link and you get approve you can drop your video link here and Click on the Save button So in the products center, we recommend more than 50 products for you to promote in every niche that is available in funnel Xpress But at the same time we don’t want to limit you to just these products You can always add your own products here by clicking new product Give it a product name a subtitle the description you can add a product image you can sell any category you want to assign this product to and you can add your affiliate link here and some it and Then you’re gonna see the products available on this product center So you can choose these products in your Thank You pages in the subscribers menu. You can see all the subscribers you can sort them out by campaigns or funnels and you can export out all your subscribers into the excel file and Use it on any autoresponder that you may have on The email sequence we give you access to Email sequences or email swipes that you can use on any of these categories? for example again Let’s get into affiliate marketing and here we give you access to five High quality proven and fully customized emails with answers for affiliate marketing. So the way we do this is we don’t Specifically create these emails wipes for any specific product. We do this in a way that is fully customizable It’s very flexible for you to use on any Affiliate marketing products and you can download all your emails over here We also give you access to done-for-you banners or creatives that you can use to advertise your funnels on multiple advertising and blogging platforms For example, let’s go into fitness and weight loss and here we give you 2 types of Venice So every banner comes with 10 different sizes that you can use on various advertising and blogging platforms. For example This is the first banner size the second third fourth fifth sixth seven eight nine and ten So you can always download one by one or you can download everything from the blue button here Complete training videos are available here and frequently asked questions and support is available here. And that’s the full demo of funnel Express Thank you for watching

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