April 7, 2020
[Full Tutorial] Creating Profitable Facebook Ads in 2020 – These Made Me Millions

[Full Tutorial] Creating Profitable Facebook Ads in 2020 – These Made Me Millions

Welcome back guys, it’s Kevin It’s my favorite part of the day engaging with all of you in case you missed the previous video You’re not gonna want to miss it. It was a massive one. I showed you how to design an engaging Shopify website from scratch That’s unlike anything out there that your competitors are putting up so in case you missed that video and again I can’t emphasize enough how much you’re gonna need that click right here. Just to give you guys a sneak peek We’re gonna be making ads that look like these now that you’ve got a high converting website. You’ve got your product source You got your products described now We’re actually moving to the brown of finally advertising through some customers and getting some sales so in this video I’m going to reveal and create step by step three different Facebook ad styles They’re responsible for all the success my team and I have experienced. So without further ado, let’s get going All right, guys. Hope you’re super excited for this first creative type It is gonna be the first out of three that I’m go over in this video before I begin I want to give a disclaimer that I’m going to be piggybacking on a lot of the content I went through and the Shopify Web Design video So if you haven’t seen that one make sure you click into the channel and watch that one and even if you are just looking For help on creatives and you’re not that interested in watching how to design a really engaging Shopify site Which honestly you should be just know a lot of the content I cover here is gonna be in reference to content I’ve already covered in the previous video This first ad style is a very simple concept It’s called a still image creative and you’re actually going to see a lot of your favorite brands doing this exact same thing Essentially, it’s going to be an HD picture usually of an individual interacting with a certain product and the products in front of that HD Picture now when a drop shipping business decides to leverage this types of creative which is our favorite type of creative we by far and large use this more anything else it becomes very special because it accomplishes two things Number one and communicates trust the consumer because they think wow this is a very legitimate brand that invested a lot of resources into a photo shoe into some sort of media creation to make this advertisement and number two because the products are featured so prominently the data you’re collecting such as click-through array and cost rate link click and the total number of link clicks is Actually indicative of something because there’s no reason why customer would click on an advertisement Featuring your products unless they’re actually interested in your products so This is something that’s very very exciting that I want to share with you guys And it’s also really easy to do and without further ado. Let’s get started The first thing we’re gonna do here is actually adjust it to the right canvas size. So we’re just going to image cama size We’re going to make this a square 1400 by 1400 pixels and this is because this is the most optimal way to run facebook as these days from a creative perspective Or even resize the image so it fits onto the canvas and you want to adjust it so the parts of the image that you actually want to show on the creative is aligned just right, and we’re gonna zoom in to get a little bit more detailed and just Like that, it’s gonna look good. All right, let’s give this image a clean white background. We use the right angle tool It’s like white as the color option. We’re gonna drag a rectangle right above this image And of course, we got to move the layer down and there you go. It’s pearly white Let’s spice things up by adding some products now So we’re actually gonna pick some products to add in. We’re gonna push the Mme shorts right now And as you can see, it’s super easy You just copy and paste it in and move the layer to the top and adjust it. I Found that it works really good with three products so we’re gonna pick three products right over here and again, Simple simple copy and pasting and you can choose whatever product that you want to push that kind of makes sense with the image background Now some of you guys might be wondering but Kevin these shorts aren’t the same shorts in the picture Our customer is going to be confused or deceived the thing is you’ll be surprised at how many brands are actually using stock photos as well and Honestly speaking the customers are going to focus on the product image and just Assume then you invested the money to create the content in the background. So that’s a little hack and in fact We even sold products where the jackets or let’s say the shoes in the front are Completely completely different from the model used in the background and honestly, they were some of our best converting ones So get creative with this it doesn’t even have to feature a product You know if you’re selling let’s say belts Maybe in the background you could put a bunch of cows because you’re gonna be very very savage like that It’s whatever you want to experiment with. You could put hot girls We were selling dry bags before we have really really hot girls in the background that honestly didn’t really have anything to do the dry Bags and it still worked really really well now it’s time to clean the white backgrounds and remove them So it fits in with the picture we’re gonna use the magic wand tool and set it at a tolerance level that I know is a sweet spot for us at 35 and you just simply start removing them just like that for more complicated pictures that you need to remove backgrounds on check out the Video I put out on removing Backgrounds that will be very very helpful. But for these pictures it’s a simple magic wand hack All right. Now that we removed the white backgrounds from these images It’s time to actually arrange them in a very visually appealing way and that’s super easy to do You just simply drag around the layers and also move them you can use your arrow keys or your mass So let’s just do this and I just want to clarify something This style is something that has worked for us across niche Across various products and it just seems to kill it every single time Literally three products that have some sort of continuity to them Sometimes they can be a variety of products that just fit some sort of theme a really HD background and back You’ve literally got a formula for millions of dollars in sales So we’re gonna arrange it in this way where two are in the back and one is in the front just like this But we’re not done yet because there’s something that we can do even more to make this look more professional and visually appealing We’re gonna make this image more dynamic by using the special tool called the ellipse tool and don’t worry I have no idea what ellipse is either. Apparently it’s like a cool version of a circle I don’t know why we can’t just call it a circle but we’re gonna make it black and we’re gonna draw it right under the shorts where a shadow would be and let’s adjust it in the right position and now we’re action to go ahead and Move the layer down. Remember when you move layers down the object goes backwards and we move layers up it goes in front So we want obviously the shadow to behind the first pair of shorts that is in front right over there We’re going to filter press blur and then Gaussian blur Yes, you want to click convert and now we’re gonna make these settings just right? So it looks like a shadow and there you go now we’ve achieved this sort of 3d like effect and quite simply we’re gonna copy and paste this and Then adjust the sizes for the other pairs of shorts and you’ll see now it looks even more Professional and even more clean and this is the standard that we’re really trying to achieve Because big brands spent a lot of money and a lot of time on their creatives and that is the standard you want to compete against you don’t want to just be like the other scammy dropshippers, you know, you want to communicate trust and Professionalism to consumers and that’s how you differentiate yourself so just because this seems like a tedious process you’ll be surprised at how much an impact and a copy like this can make Compared to if you didn’t make this adjustment That looks pretty good. Right too bad. We’re not done. We’re striving for perfection so we’re gonna select all of the layers that contains these MMA shorts and then we’re gonna ctrl-c and ctrl-v Case you know, that is it’s copy and paste blow your mind and then we’re gonna move it down and press transform flip Vertical and we’re going to move it further down an hour actually go and and make sure these layers are at the very bottom behind the shadows behind the original shorts So it doesn’t cause any sort of visual fallacies here and now we’re gonna take each Individual clone and move right next to the original image just like that. Don’t worry. This is definitely gonna go somewhere we’re not just fooling around on Photoshop for no reason and Let’s just make sure everything is looking great because the next step is gonna blow your mind We’re gonna now go ahead and add a mask layer over here and Then we’re gonna use something called a gradient tool and draw a line up and get ready to get mind-blown because it’s gonna happen BAM you can see now there’s a reflection. So take a look at this now It looks 3d the items look a lot more engaging it looks reflective This looks like something done by a true professional and this is how you communicate Trust to your consumers before they purchase and of course, we’re gonna add in some text Just simply take that horizontal text tool and we’re gonna come up with the messaging. Obviously. This is gonna be a new store So we’re gonna make this a store launch sale and you just simply type out store launch. Sorry guys I’m not gonna be able to teach you how to spell that something you have to learn on your own time We’re going to move the layer all the way up so it appears prominently in front of all the objects and let’s Center it real quick where we want it to be and You can see that it doesn’t really stand out. So we’re gonna have to change the color of this text I guess what color we’re gonna change it to you. Guessed it the same color as the logo I already went over how to do this at a previous video So I hope you guys remember and we just simply copy and paste that code over and it’ll look exactly like the logo red and now we’re gonna resize it even now it still doesn’t look very Appealing that looks like some Microsoft style font so we’re going to changing it to our favorite five loyal fighter and it’s going to be very Continuous with the rest of the things we’ve created for this site We just want to adjust it and make it perfect right over here and we’re gonna add even some more pizzazz by giving it an outer glow and All we have to do is make some adjustments. Let’s make this a very thin black outer Glow and there you go It’s looking like some Street Fighter level graphics now, and honestly if this is not going to catch someone’s attention I really don’t know what will but we’re not done yet because store launches aren’t exciting enough We’ve got to give this baby a sail to create even higher sense of urgency and also more interest from the consumer So we’re going to change this to the font for store launch Obviously we’re going to make this 50% off and for you guys that don’t know this you can create a sail simply by changing the compare app price and Shopify We’re going to make this aesthetically uniform so we gave it a glow as well and let’s just play around with this so we can put it in the perfect location something I do want to call out is You got to actually do some experimentation on what level of sail you want to run obviously You don’t want to do anything crazy crazy ridiculous, you know if you’re selling these MMA shorts You don’t want the compare at price to be like $500. No one’s gonna believe that unless these shorts are carrying cancer So we’re gonna make sure that this is moved up. And again, we’re just putting up the finishing touches. Let’s move this image up and Honestly BAM, that is a crispy crispy add and honestly I really want to click it myself and go buy some of these MMA shorts All right, the second style created I’m going to show you is very similar to the first style but it’s even more dynamic and I don’t see a lot of people using this even though it’s very powerful and quite honestly, there are millions of reasons why you should be using this creative and Essentially, we’re going to be turning this image which is a stock photo into something very very dynamic that actually plays like a video on Facebook and it’s what we call a Slideshow creative surprise surprise. We’re going to start off by resizing the canvas and this time we’re going to go with the handy, dandy 1400 by 1600 pixels and there we go and now we’re obviously gonna have to adjust this image so that it fits onto this new canvas size and this time you actually want To leave some white space at the bottom. So make sure you’re doing that unless a this image accordingly until it’s perfect and One second there. We bought of course We’ve got to include some pearly whites and by that I mean giving this image a white background So let’s use that rectangle tool with the white color selected and draw right on top of this image And of course, we’re gonna move that layer down and now we’re actually ready to start thinking about some text So again, we’re gonna use a store launch sale and we’re gonna get too creative here So let’s just type out store lunch And this is that royal fighter font that we’ve been using in the past and coffee as well as the router store We’re gonna make this the same color as you guessed it fight cartel red Honestly Crayola better come up with a pen With this specific color of red for those of you guys that know anyone at creo a lot hit him up So we’re gonna make this text that same color. We’re gonna copy and paste the code in. There you go let’s resize this baby over here and we’re actually gonna be moving it all the way to the top and Adjusting it accordingly until it looks pretty decent now. Most people would settle here But we’re not most people because I think it’s kind of amateur hour The fact the store launch is just right in front of this image like that Looks like anyone can make this so we’re gonna fix that right now and how we’re going to do This is by zooming in onto the layer with the two men by First hiding that first layer with the text and we’re going to use the polygonal lasso tool I went over this tool in a previous video and we’re gonna be slowly image to get sley and now I know you guys are gonna hate me for Advocating for doing something like this But hey when the CTR rate is much higher because this thing looks a lot cleaner You’re gonna be thanking me and wishing you spent the time to do this. So We’re just gonna have to trace around the edges and the edges. I’m actually tracing is going to be the area that Originally was impeded by the text that we just saw so, you know You kind of have to be careful here But you want to go at your own speed and once you’re done you just copy a pace You’ll have another layer you move it on top and bam you see how now it’s in front of that store launch text But it’s honestly blocking a little too Because you can’t really see what it’s exactly launching and what we’re gonna do is actually move this image Down and it’ll take a few iterations of different adjustments I’m moving the image down and then the layer back up until we really get the right fit So honestly, we’re almost there. But let’s just really make this thing. Perfect right here and There you go, all right Now, all we have to do is get rid of that annoying whitespace that’s above the image right over there And this is actually really easy to do I’m going to show you guys a hack that will completely change your lives and We’re gonna have to click on the layer one edit use a rectangular marquee tool and select the area of the original Image that we want to extend over the white space. So it takes some time playing around with and you just press edit content aware scale And you drag it up and there you go that white space is gone. And this looks really really natural No one can tell that this wasn’t there Beforehand. So now we’re gonna make the text stand out a little bit more by using a little drop shadow which I’ve explained in a previous video and we’re gonna make it pop out and this is easy to do and let’s just tweak around the settings a bit and We should be good to go because these are the previous settings that were saved and there you go looks perfect Now let’s throw in a sail to tantalize these customers. We’re gonna make this 50% off and we’re gonna use the font right there So there’s a little bit of difference and it stands out even more So we’re just gonna type that out and then drag it over here and let’s make this thing a little bit smaller And obviously we want to make this portion of it stand out as well So we’re going to give it an outer glow which I’ve already explained exactly how to do so, let’s just go do that real quick and we’re make it a thin outer glow and There you go. Looks pretty dandy Alright now that we’ve got the text taken care of There’s just another piece you want to add in which is the logo in this little corner right there to make things feel a lot more branded you’re just gonna copy and paste the logo file from over here and we’re gonna paste it onto this image resize it as so and because it’s already on a white background and honestly works perfectly and if it wasn’t on a white background Obviously, we all know how to clean it in that situation But now there’s a really good branded feel to this advertisement looks very professional So let’s add in some products to actually display for the customers with the still image created We push the end in a shorts, but this time or actually be pushing some gloves So all we have to do is just go to our product page pick which glove we want to push I’m only gonna be pushing 1 this time So we’re going to go with this black pair Copy the image and you just want to paste it over here and put it in the right corner again You have to aesthetically decide where the glove should belong but I think that’s a really good position The magic wand tool will get rid of the background really easily if your picture is a little bit more complicated Just use one of the techniques we covered in the previous video. I’m getting rid of product background looks like with the still image We’re not done yet. We want to be even more professional and Chris We’re gonna add in some shadows and we do this with the ellipse tool and a little bathroom break I actually found out the difference between the Lipsey’s and circles ellipses are essentially ovals So hope you guys are learning all sorts of things here. Not just ecommerce all sorts of essential life skills let’s draw this ellipse right below and give it a little Gaussian blur and that should make it look really really clean and like an accurate shadow and we want to make sure that obviously it looks realistic and it’s also Positioned in the right way and we’re acting to move this layer all the way down Right underneath the layer with the gloves just so it’s really really easy to manage We’re gonna take it an even further step and add in a little reflection which we did with the still image So we just copy and paste this boxing gloves and then obviously we’re gonna want to transform it and flip it vertical Hope you guys remember how to do this If you don’t you got to work on those learning skills and those memory skills because these skills are something that really will Differentiate your ad copies from everyone else’s so now that we’ve flipped that we’re gonna move it right below over Here and then we’re gonna want to move that layer underneath the little shadow ellipse layer So it’s logical and then we’re gonna add a mask layer down below use the gradient tool Draw that little sucker and bam. It’s a perfect reflection Now if this was a still image we would be done but this is not this is a slideshow So we’re gonna save this file and this is going to be one Panel of a series of slides that’s actually going to turn into a video. You’re gonna see it’s really really cool and Engaging and not something that’s abused by a lot of dropshippers. So we’re actually switching the product that’s in this lower, right? Panel, and as you will see it’ll start rotating two different products So it’s turning a still image into something more dynamic. So we’re gonna go ahead and pick out another glove I’m gonna use this blue pair right now. We’re gonna copy this image and paste it over And essentially this is going to replace that black pair of gloves So then you can see the gloves are gonna be transforming we’re using this magic wand tool to remove the white background But you can see it’s actually latching onto that little bit of white detail right there. And that’s not something that we want so we’re gonna get really intricate and we really want to make this perfect again extra time that you spend on something like this can really translate into crucial crucial increases in CTR So we’re gonna use the polygonal lasso tool and get really intricate around this glove And for those of you guys have been following along internalising lesson a Photoshop. There’s a lot of strategy behind it Right, essentially, what we’re doing is we’re removing the white areas that’s touching the white part of the glove that was Interfering with the magic wand and once we do that the magic wand should prove to be a lot more effective But we’re just going to be very detailed here and make sure it works So maybe this time the magic wand will actually be a lot more effective And you can see it’s still latching onto that white little bit so we’re gonna go back and zoom in even further so we can clear that problem up and Let’s pick the right tool here. Again. It’s polygonal lasso tool and let’s remove that extra a little bit Next to the white and in general if your magic wand doesn’t work and changing the tolerance levels doesn’t work. This is basically a sure microscopic way of fixing the situation So let’s delete that area and bam the magic once was now selecting the right areas and we can simply remove the white background Perfectly, so now we can move it over to where the black gloves are We’re gonna want the blue pair of gloves to be just above the black pair of gloves Perfectly and I think you guys can already start to imagine what type of animation we’re creating here You can imagine that in a facebook ad this sort of type of motion and transformation is gonna bring a lot more engagement and stop people from Scrolling on their phones or whatever device are gonna review this advertisement on and in order to hide the black pair of gloves You just simply go to that layer and hide it obviously want to maintain some Consistency and do to this pair of blue gloves the same thing. We did to the black glove So we’re gonna do the same reflection effect And I want you guys to try this now without me verbalizing the instructions because we’ve already done it once You’re gonna have to use that mask layer and also the gradient tool those are hints but you guys should be able to do the rest and You know It’s important to make sure that there’s this consistency because if you’re already doing this much work may as well take the extra step and make sure this Advertisement is as professional as possible We’re gonna save this as a different file because this is going to be the second panel of our overall Slideshow. All right So now I’m gonna speed up how I’m gonna add in a lot more different variations of different gloves You want to give customers a feel that you have a lot of different product selection as well? As not overwhelming them too much or you’re just spamming a lot of random items This parts me fast forward as the process is identical to what I just showed you two times So I’ll see you at the end of this One thing to absolutely remember guys is to save every single panel as you make them so every single time there’s a color variation I’m saving this file because again These are individual panels for Facebook And now we’re actually go into ad manager and plug these different images. We’ve made into a very engaging slideshow so you want to click on add media all Images and this is where you’re gonna actually upload the images and this is where I’ve saved the files we’re going to click all of them and Upload them into Facebook and now these are assets that we can leverage in facebook So you’re gonna want to now remove this Facebook will automatically assume it’s a still image but again, we’re making a slideshow you click create slideshow and You’re gonna want to click square. All right, that was a Shopify sale I mean I mute that thing. So it’s not too annoying and for duration that’s sort of the interval between every single slide This is something you can play with we like to go in 0.5 and make sure that you pick original instead of square for the layout because the dimensions we gave you is actually the most Optimal on the phone that takes up the most real estate on your phone And once you’ve plugged it in you can see this is what the slide will actually look like It’s pretty cool and you just click confirm and upload this bad boy over here So now we’re finished with the creative portion of creating this Advertisement and you can gonna be very engaging in that little motion of changing products is gonna stop people from scrolling Which is a lot of the battle in creating a high CTR and now you actually have to come up with a copyright for this particular ad We use some pretty basic language that we’ve tested over time, but a really cool feature that Facebook recently released Which should be pushed to all of your ad managers, these are actually able to explore multiple options for primary text header text Etc. And what it’ll actually do is leverage its machine learning algorithm to find the best combination so feel free to load as much of it in there as possible and just make sure you’re giving this ad at least Three days of spent $5.00 per ad copy within the ad set you’re gonna want to change this call-to-action to shop now because that’s obviously the thing that’s most appropriate and the last but not least you’re gonna want to preview this ad on different platforms, especially Mobile so you just set notification to Facebook It’ll send it to your phone. And we even noticed that most of our sales in our traffic comes from mobile devices So that’s a very very crucial step and there you go. You have a beautiful slide. All righty last but not least I’m going to show you the final creative that we have found a lot of success using and that is the carousel Advertisement it’s the most simple and most basic to set up but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work because I know there’s a lot of you basic folk out there and You guys are still putting in work creatives are the same way carousel ads are very very simple concept it’s essentially a Showcase of the different types of products your store sells or showcase of a particular collection of products and a very very clean and professional manner It’s not gonna be as eye catching as maybe some of the other creatives, but it’s responsible for millions of dollars in sales for our particular business and also We found that it’s worked across various niches and sometimes it even beats out the still images and the slide shows that we are running and especially because it’s easy to set up there’s No excuse for you not to test this and I just want to call out that there’s So many different ways to set up a carousel and one of the easiest ways is go through a third-party app Such as track a PHY or pixel perfect. Well, they’ll actually whole the catalog from your store into Facebook What she kind of makes a little bit easier carousel as are frequently use of retargeting and in fact It can even kill it with cold traffic, which is what we found in some of our sites Carousel ads are actually the most effective ads that get the highest return on adspend and the ones we spend the most money on I’m going to show you one particular way to set up a carousel and without further ado Let’s get started making a carousel is quite simple all you have to do is go to your product and pick the image that you want to showcase your Product the way we’re going to make this carousel is essentially a collection of different images Whether they’re all representing the same product or different products, you can see that we’ve uploaded everything over here So we’re just gonna pick that hoodie right over here And this is the first image and the carousel on all a carousel is there’s just multiple images that someone can scroll through what we found is very effective is to put the name of The item for the headline over here in the description of the carousel. We’re usually including some messaging regarding a sale to really engage Consumers or including something like we offer free global shipping That’s something for you to test you’ll notice I just linked this Particular panel of the carousel to the product page of the actual product that were pushing we’ve found this to be very effective for us But you can also run into your lantern you notice that the carousel part of ad manager also features this sort of dynamic Caption testing and this caption is exactly what appears above the carousel So there’s no harm in putting a lot of different options on there and Facebook will actually determine the best combination So you’re gonna want to use some with emojis some without mooji’s we’ve noticed that sometimes all we change is that we’re using Emojis, and bam conversion rate can be as high as 30% More than before we use emojis who knows consumers are crazy. Maybe it’s teenage girls that are buying our products. Probably not I know it’s mostly guys, but some people just love emojis and you’ll see that in this style of carousel We’re rotating the same product. So it’s going to be one product on all different angles, and these images are all from Aliexpress obviously we clean them up and then another product and all of its angles and this is really cool effect that someone scrolls through the carousel and it looks very crisp and professional another approach that you can take is just to have a lot of different product images of Different products within the same carousel to sort of give a feel of hey, these are all the different products that were pushing this is more like a dynamic product carousel that really crushes it on retargeting, but you could also try it as Coal traffic as well, which a lot of people have great results with we prefer that rotation style. But again, Testing testing testing is super important. You can treat this just like STDs you got a test all the time That was a little inappropriate, but you get the point and now this might be your best creative moving forward alright guys So you just found out the Facebook advertising? Creatives that generated twenty million dollar sales for me and my team I just gave away all the secrets My goal is for you guys to put me out of business And again, I just want to stress that practice is super super important one of the earliest things I did when I first Started is I would take random product photos from Ollie Express and pretend that I was making ads for them You’ll be surprised at how much four five six repetitions of the same ad Creative can get you really really fast and in the zone on Photoshop Which is an essential skill moving forward in the world of e-commerce And also remember one thing There’s no objective right answers in e-commerce or anything in the world of entrepreneurship You have to be proactive and continue to test new method. Sure These are the three ad styles that we like the most but that doesn’t mean that we’re not investing time Money and energy to always test different styles of creatives and always innovate in this marketplace at the end of the day Ecommerce is a horse race where everyone can push the same products? so how you differentiate yourself is going to be on your website design on your creatives and your ad strategy and the only way you’re gonna be Innovating and staying ahead of the curve is if you’re testing testing testing and coming up with other things to do There’s no way in this world for you to get rich quick and easy Because if there was other people would already crowded out these ad styles the framework for thinking about creatives But you still have to test different variables like the messaging you’re going to use different Captions you’re gonna have on these creatives the products you’re actually in a feature the different ad Captions and more the sales messaging and we still make ads every single day that don’t pan out I would say as much as 50% of the creatives that we’re testing on a day to day basis Don’t end up ending out and some of them are very high conviction ones that we really thought we’re going to do amazing But sometimes you just can’t control what consumers want to see and what the marketplace is ready for So if you’ve been here since the first video Start feeling really really really excited because I’m not gonna be able to sleep tonight Thinking about what I’m about to do in the next one. We’re finally here and We’re going to be launching Facebook ads on day one So we’re gonna be ready by the next video to actually start spending money on Facebook to start trying to get some sales. This means that between now and the next video You should try your best to follow along from the previous videos Including this one and bring your site up to par so you can launch Facebook ads with me hand-in-hand It’s finally time to make some money. So let’s make it rain Thank you guys so much for taking the time to watch this video. I hope you enjoyed it A lot of people think I’m crazy for putting this content out there for free. So make sure you press like and subscribe Share it with your friends. I’m on a mission to transform ecommerce education, and I can’t do it without you you can follow my journey at Kevin Zhuang official on Instagram DM me and I promise I’ll respond to every single DM and join the discussion and my private Facebook group generation-e, I promise

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