April 7, 2020

100 thoughts on “From $0 to $10,000/Month w/ Facebook Ads in 30 Days (w/ an Online Store) w/ Adrian Morrison

  1. How much money was spent on Facebook ads? I know the budget was $5 per day per ad, but I didn’t know the total money paid out. 🤔

  2. Hello love your content. 👌
    Im opening my tshirt Shopify Brand. im concered because my nitch is christian and i dont know if is a large group 😵

  3. As usual, Sarah hits it out of the park, great content and information always. thank you. keep up the great work. we all love you.

  4. Sarah I have ethical objections to Facebook (privacy, censorship, etc) so I wouldn't purchase from them. I would love to see more videos on similar strategies using other platforms.

  5. WONDERFUL video, Sarah! Your channel has been a great inspiration for me creating my channel! Keep up the great work!! ✅

  6. Adrian said in the webinar that he just shows the add to everyone (no niche). What are your thoughts on that?

  7. I've seen those collars at a work job,people had 4or6 dogs and they were letting them out in the morning and there little lights were on and i was thinking that is a good idea.

  8. Alright! "Stip by stip" or "When it comes to marketing, most people think that you sell features. But actually, what you should really be selling, is emotions." Which should be my quote?

  9. Hey Sara, a question about dropshipping: is there a video of yours that answers these questions a) what happens when an Aliexpress' seller accidentally includes the invoice that has the real price on it and b) how do you manage refunds? thanks in advance

  10. This is sooo powerful video thanks for this video soon I'll be starting a Dropshipping so i want to know to know any course which teaches about Dropshipping…😆

  11. Thanks for this great video Sarah. You showcased one of the niches I am planning to get into with my new store.

  12. Hi sarah can you please rate my store and give me some tips of what i need to do top fix it. Jrjewelrystore.com hope to hear from you soon thanks

  13. I work in graphic design and printing. I have set up online stores. I paid a lot for Facebook ads. I got absolutely ZERO results.

  14. watermelon slicer in Aliexpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33015510321.html?storeId=4987269&spm=2114.12010612.8148356.13.6e311079HmHWvS

  15. Hey Sarah, do you think I could do these tactics as a maker? www.troublemaker.co.nz I am looking to incorporate a marketing strategy for my newish business just speculating that I could take this model and apply it to a maker's business?🤔🤔🤔

  16. What I do not like about these types of videos is you tell people stuff and you assume they know what to do next. If you want to help then do real step by step demo on how to find the product till you place the advertisement on facebook. Talk is cheap, demo is better.

  17. You are amazing 😍. Have Just discovered your channel , I’m hooked . Been wanting to know this stuff .
    Brilliant tips delivered in an easy to learn fun way . Thank you 🙏

  18. Be careful using facebook…Take a few minutes and read their policies…After 3 weeks of hard work, I got banned for I don't know why. Either because I'm from Russia or I did something wrong. There are so many things you can do wrong advertising on Facebook. Just a small little mistake can destroy everything.

  19. Thanks again Sarah for all the value you provide in your vids. I have a question. How would you promote a niche store that has 100 products related to the niche? Would you promote a product or the store itself? Can you make a video about how to managing social media for a dropshipping store? I am social media illiterate

  20. Anybody else having issues with fb ads this week? Many are reporting all sorts of problems, anybody here that has more information about this?

  21. I'm a front end dev at a digital marketing company. After working on many client shopify sites, eventually I began asking myself why not build my own site and learn fb ads google analytics etc. Your videos have been very helpful, I love your channel. Thanks for all the great content 👍

  22. You just look so stunning with little dog 🐶…also thank you for sharing such a beautiful info..xoxo

  23. Hey Sarah, can you give us a list of WordPress plugins that might help us replicate that upsell feature on Woocommerce stores?

  24. Humour. There is an Italian Funeral Services company, one of the biggest in Italy, they are running ALL ad's on Humour. And they are crushing it. Called Taffo.
    Recently with all the anti-vaccine nutters, they had an ad going: Do not vaccinate! We are ready for an epidemic!

  25. Hi I have opened a new dropshipping store it has been open for 2 weeks and no sales I am in debt with Facebook by $30 and I am marketing on Instagram can anyone please give me tips and advice on my store would be much appreciated www.petshere.co.uk

  26. Can you make a more detailed video on how you would set up a product campaign with three ads on Facebook? Maybe like step by step instructions on how to set up the campaigns, what ads to use and demographics to set. The advice on Facebook seems to be too brief on the technical side of setting up a successful campaign. A step by step guide would be great for us newbies. Thanks.

  27. I think I need private coaching, I have launched my website one month ago but I haven't sold anything, I'd prefer to hire a tutor than blowing money on FB ads

  28. Since I've discovered your channel, I can't stop watching your videos. You give so much value to us! thanks 🙂

  29. so.. Sarah hey, what's up? I thought you might wanna know on your site,
    on Resources page, down where there title is:
    Recommended Dropshipping Plugin for Woocommerce: AliDropship,
    Your button says CLICL, instead of CLICK, lol.
    That is all, keep being awesome, and get tons of rejuvenating sleep! Everybody needs that 🙂 Cheers

  30. Its 2019! Come with something new, those informations and products are outdated. This guy don't do dropshipping, only courses. You need to restart doing dropshipping, and restart other courses.

  31. How do you create videos for your ads though? Do you take a video that's already viral, download it and modify/edit it…then put it in your own ad?

  32. So Adrian is Sarah’s Boyfriend and behind the scenes supporter??? Thought it’s TED 😆 Awesome presentation as always. Could be a TV Host.

  33. 2nd attempt to signing up for webinar and again no contact to link to webinar.
    Things happen for a reason, I'm done.

  34. I started facebook ads next week and it is one of the most expensive, most complicated thing I have ever seen in my life, and I have a background in marketing! It is a powerful tool but it is bugged. No course can prepare you for the try and fail of facebook ads. Coule you please STOP lying by omission?

  35. Have been trying to determine whether your accent is Kiwi or Oz – your vowel pronunciation made my mind up … sweet azzz!

  36. Very useful information, much appreciate. Just made a little bit over 500 USD in 4 days .. keep pushing 🙂

  37. Hi Sarah! Love your videos and I watch something everyday but I am so disappointed that the $0 to $100k is a lost opportunity for me. Hopefully you will make the opportunity available again. I am new to drop shipping and am about to setup the store after watching many videos (don't wanna get stuck in this position!), and even though I purchased a course (then I found you!), I am loving your videos! I will have to wait and see how it goes but I wish I knew about your course before. Anyways, in the meantime, I will keep enjoying your video tutorials and accent!!! Thank you!

  38. Sarah, We hear alot about your successes, Please make a video about your failures, failed products, failed ads, ways you've lost money. It seems to be something no one is talking about & I believe it could alleviate fears that people have in order to get started.

  39. While I was making my very first ad, facebook locked out my account and asked for a picture.. facebook isnt so great

  40. Sarah, you're the only one who suggests to do 300k-600k audience sizes. Most people say 1 million plus. Why is that?

  41. Hi Sarah,

    Question: I started with my ad campaign (10 ad sets, 3 dollars each) and made 8 sales the first 2 days.

    Day 3 and 4 I made 0 sales. you know what might cause this?

    Greetz from Holland

  42. Hi Sarah. Question
    Hope you get this. When Adrian said 3 ads at a time with a $5 budget, does that mean $5 per ad or $5 between all 3 ads.
    Thanks for your reply

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