April 2, 2020
Freelance Job Ideas – START EARNING MONEY IN 2020!

Freelance Job Ideas – START EARNING MONEY IN 2020!

Speaker 1: 00:00 Okay. So if you are looking for some freelance jobs
to get started with in the new year, definitely stay tuned because I’m about to tell you seven
different freelance jobs that you can go ahead and start today. So for the very best advice in business, digital
marketing and video, go ahead and subscribe to my channel and hit that bell icon right
below to be notified whenever I post a new video every Tuesday. So if you are trying to quit your nine to
five job and really make that transition to working for yourself or if you just want a
little bit of extra income, by the end of this video you will have seven new ideas for
freelance jobs that you can look into today. I will also be providing you a couple of tips
for getting freelance jobs that I have really learned throughout the years and some best
practices. Speaker 1: 00:47 So I also want to note that
some of these freelance jobs I have tried but others I have not. So that is just a disclaimer. This video is kind of mix of my own experiences
as well as research and really what is trending right now. All right, let’s go ahead and get started. So the very first freelance job that I want
to talk about is being a virtual assistant. And so the reason why I want to talk about
this is because with so many online businesses being created, there is a huge need to outsource
kind of those more tedious tasks that take place within a business. So whether that is scheduling social media
posts, scheduling appointments, taking care of emails, there is definitely a need to outsource
this as there becomes more and more online businesses. So becoming a virtual assistant can definitely
be an interesting option for you. Speaker 1: 01:35 One way that you can get
work as a virtual assistant is by checking out upwork.com there are honestly so many
different positions and projects that are being hired for. And I think that this could be a really good
website to kind of slowly start to build up your reputation, get some testimonials, and
really start to market yourself. Okay. So the very next freelance job is all about
advertising. And so advertising is becoming more and more
popular. And because of that it’s also becoming more
expensive to do. And it’s also more difficult to do effectively
because it’s not as cheap as it once was. So if you actually have skills when it comes
to Google ads or Facebook ads, really just think about what skills and what services
that you could offer. So maybe you’re really good at running these
ads or maybe you’re really good at coming up with great copy or graphics for these different
ads. Speaker 1: 02:27 That is absolutely a marketable
skill and it’s highly in demand right now. So I think that looking for different opportunities
on Upwork when it comes to advertising could be pretty profitable as long as you actually
know how to do this. I think there’s also a lot of people out there
that don’t really know what they’re doing and they’re just trying to make money. So you don’t want to be that person. Definitely be ethical. That is going to be your best bet. Uh, but like I said, I think that if you have
a lot of knowledge around online advertising, that could be a great opportunity for you. Okay. So the next freelance job is all about writing. So back when I was an undergrad, I actually
made a pretty decent amount of money and doing some freelance writing. And so this is really a good opportunity because
content is really at the heart of most websites. Speaker 1: 03:15 So whether you are trying
to improve your search engine optimization, you know, a great way to do that is through
blog posts and using the appropriate keywords. Of course, bloggers need content, businesses
need content, everybody needs more content. And sometimes if you’re not good at it, it
can take a really long time to write. So I would highly encourage you to think about
offering some of these services on websites like Fiverr or Upwork. I think that could be a really good opportunity. It might take a little bit of time to really
take off when it comes to this just because there probably are a lot of other people offering
the service right now. But I would say to just really focus on building
up your reputation, providing quality work, and also doing it in a short timeframe if
you can, to really stay competitive. And then eventually you can charge more money
because you have such an established reputation when it comes to writing articles. Speaker 1: 04:06 Okay. So this next one is one of my personal favorites
and it evolves everything to do with video and podcasts. So as we all know, video is becoming more
and more important and it’s not going to stop anytime soon because people are just getting
more and more visual. So if you know how to edit videos, this can
help you in so many different avenues. Whether you are editing videos for YouTube
burners for companies, uh, maybe you want to do a wedding video editing. I mean there’s just so many different opportunities
out there for that. So what you could do is contact different
businesses and let them know what your services are. You could also set a profile up on Upwork. Um, really just make yourself known and if
you also want to do work for the wedding industry, contacting different production companies. Because they’re always looking for editors. Speaker 1: 04:57 That’s a great way to really
starts your freelance business when it comes to editing. Also, podcasts are insanely popular right
now. It’s so crazy. They’ve been around for a while, but I feel
like everybody has a podcast right now, so if you have experience when it comes to editing
podcasts and really setting things up on the backend that is super, super marketable. Again, I would approach this by looking at
different people who already have podcasts and seeing if they need help or simply setting
up an Upwork account and really just sending out proposals for these different opportunities. Okay, so just a really quick time out. I’m honestly super interested. What freelance jobs have you all tried? Definitely let me know in the comments. I’m really interested to see if you’ve already
tried what I’ve talked about. Let me know what happened and how it worked
for you. Speaker 1: 05:46 I would love to hear from
you in the comments. Okay. So another freelance job opportunity would
be transcription. And so transcription is really just the art
of transcribing or writing out words as you hear them on videos and podcasts and that
type of thing. And the reason why that’s really important
for people is because one that can be used as additional blog content or like an interview
and blog content, it’s going to be really great for your website. If you’re looking to boost your SEO, maybe
you’re trying to use Pinterest and create blog content to kind of drive traffic. I mean there’s so many strategies that you
can use with that, but transcriptions are also really great if you have a YouTube channel
because you can upload those. And that’s also supposed to help you with
SEO. So if that is something that you are good
at and that you’re interested in doing, consider offering those services on Upwork. Speaker 1: 06:35 So I think that we’re at
a time where social media management is kind of saturated because everybody wants to do
it. And so I think that this is a really good
opportunity to kind of take that to another level. And so what I mean by that is not just offering
the ability to manage somebody’s social media, but also to actually offer them results. So if you are really good at keeping up with
the trends and the algorithm updates on the different social media platforms and you actually
know how to grow a social media account, that is seriously an invaluable skill. I’m telling you. So many people would be interested in that,
especially if you are using methods that are appropriate and you’re not doing anything
shady. I would never advise anybody to sell services
around social media to grow their social media count in a shady way. Speaker 1: 07:23 I’m talking about organic
growth or positive use of ads. This is going to be an invaluable skill. So if you know how to do that, literally set
up an Upwork account, you know, market yourself to different businesses. Get in front of these companies because that
is what people are looking for. And companies want to meet people that know
how to grow accounts the right way, even if it does take longer. Okay. And so this last idea is definitely specific
to YouTube, but if you are great with graphic design and Photoshop and Canva, consider making
YouTube thumbnails for creators. This is something that can definitely take
a little bit of time for people, especially if they aren’t super familiar with the different
editing platforms. And also if people are busy, they might just
not have the time to do that. And so if you know how to create a great YouTube
thumbnail and you think that this is a service that you could offer to somebody, absolutely
look into offering this as a freelance service because I think that there’s huge opportunity
there. Speaker 1: 08:21 I mean, thumbnails are honestly
one of the most important parts to getting your video seen because if your thumbnail
sucks, people aren’t going to want to click on a video. So consider offering that as a freelance service. Okay. And so now I’m going to kind of just talk
through some quick tips when it comes to really getting your freelance business off the ground. And so I am not the absolute like freelance
expert, but I have learned a thing or two. And I really hope that these tips help you. And so the first thing when you’re using platforms
like Upwork and you have to submit proposals, I’m telling you, put some effort and some
time into creating a good proposal for the job. Bigger submitting. I’ve been on both ends and uh, you know, whenever
I hire people to do work for me, what I’m looking at their proposal and I see what they’ve
included and kind of the time that they put into their proposal, it makes a huge difference. Speaker 1: 09:12 So provide samples of your
work, you know, maybe even consider filming a quick video of you kind of just introducing
yourself to the potential client. This absolutely does make a difference. So the next piece of advice that I have for
you is to set a quota for yourself in terms of how many people you want to reach out to
per day. Whether that means submitting a certain number
of proposals, um, or finding prospects on social media. Maybe it’s Facebook, maybe it’s Instagram. If you have real business goals and there’s
a certain amount of money that you want to get to, you really need to get as granular
and as specific as possible when it comes to meeting your goal. So whether that means contacting 30 people
a day or a hundred people a week, definitely set a very specific goal for yourself so that
you can actually meet your monetary goals. Speaker 1: 09:57 So the last piece of advice
that I have for you is to consider joining different communities where you think your
ideal client will be. And so for example, you could join a Facebook
group that has other entrepreneurs and when you join those group offer friendly advice
because you are the expert in your area. Definitely don’t harass people and don’t constantly
try to sell what you’re doing because people don’t like to be sold to like that anymore. And I honestly don’t know if they ever did. So if you can really position yourself as
an expert in your area and offer some friendly advice to people, I think that would really
go a long way. Just make sure that you are following the
rules of the group that you are posting in and you should be good to go. So I really hope that this video was helpful. Speaker 1: 10:39 If you have any questions,
comments, or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment down below. I would absolutely love to hear from you. Also, if you want to learn more about online
business and digital marketing, definitely go ahead and subscribe to my channel. Please like this video if it was helpful and
also feel free to share it if you think that it could help somebody else. If you want to see more content, please be
sure to watch the related videos on the end screen. And until next time, I hope that you all have
an amazing day and I will talk to you soon. Bye.

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