April 1, 2020
Free YouTube Intro Maker | Online Tools and Tips (2019)

Free YouTube Intro Maker | Online Tools and Tips (2019)

Welcome to our free YouTube intro maker guide! In this video, we’re going to go over some of the best YouTube intro maker tools available. Having a great intro to your video can help grow your channel, increase views and get more subscribers. Unfortunately, most youtube intro makers cost money! But, all the tools we’re going to share with you are completely free! No free trials, no credit cards and no watermarks! Plus, we’re even going to throw in a few tips on how to make your YouTube intro the best it can be. And, if you watch until the end, we’re going to tell you how you can get full-length videos that are completely optimized for YouTube. All without shooting, writing or editing a thing. Sounds pretty good right? Now let’s get into it! We’re going to dive right in with our first recommendation, Panzoid. Panzoid is a completely free tool that you can use to create intros and even edit your videos. There are tons of templates to choose from. And, users upload new templates on a regular basis. This is our top recommendation because there are practically endless choices. You can make as many youtube intros as you’d like, and you can download them all for free. You might even find other elements to include in your videos! The only downside is that some of the templates can be kind of complex, making it a little difficult to make big changes to the overall style. Next up, LightMV. LightMV is incredibly easy to use. The video templates are a little simpler and more professional than those on Panzoid. All you have to do is pick a template, add text and then upload your background footage. LightMV will automatically put together a short intro that you can use for your YouTube content. As soon as it’s finished rendering, you can download it and drop it right into your YouTube videos! Plus, with LightMV, you have unlimited downloads and can create as many videos as you would like! The only downside is that there aren’t that many free templates to use. FLIXPRESS. FLIXPRESS had a lot more options back in the day, Now that it’s popular, the free options are sort of limited. But, it’s still one of the fastest and easiest ways to create a short animated YouTube intro. All you have to do is pick a template and edit the text. You can also edit the colors and sound effects for most templates. The free account is limited to 2 minutes of downloads a month. But, considering your intro should only be a few seconds long, this should be plenty! Our next recommendation is Blender, Blender is a free software for 3D animation, but it does require a download. Blender is an incredibly powerful tool that you can use for much more than just intros. But if you’re new to animation, working with 3D elements can be kind of complicated. AND, if you’re watching this video, you probably don’t want to make animations from scratch. Luckily, you don’t have to. Because you can just use Velosofy. Velosofy has a large and completely free library of animated templates. And, a pretty wide selection of templates specifically for intros. You can drop these templates straight into Blender, and other programs like Sony Vegas and After Effects. All you have to do is change the fonts or colors and then export the video. Just like Panzoid, Velosofy is continually updated with new templates for you to discover. Once you’ve got your YouTube intro created, the last step is to add it to your videos. A lot of YouTubers notice that adding intros can really stimulate their channel’s growth. This is because a YouTube intro can help increase watch time by hooking viewers at the beginning of the video. When your videos get more watch time, YouTube recognizes that you’re helping viewers stay on their platform longer. As a result, they’ll rank your video higher and suggest it to more users. When your video gets in front of more people, it gets more views and more subscribers! Of course, your intro needs to be good for this to work! Having a bad intro, or no intro at all, can have viewers click away. In fact, YouTube itself says that the first 15 seconds of the video are the most important. This is when the viewer is most likely to leave. So, you need a great YouTube intro that draws the viewers in. Make sure that your intro is brief and no longer than 10 seconds. We actually recommend sticking to about 5 seconds. We also recommend telling your audience exactly what your video is about as soon as it starts. This lets your viewer know that they’re watching the right video. They’ll be more inclined to watch your entire video when they know it’s the topic they searched for. You can further boost your watch time by incorporating a number of different elements throughout your video. Try using b-roll footage and background music to help make your video more entertaining. You can also use different camera angles and add graphics to help make your videos more engaging. And above all, don’t forget to give your audience great content. Maybe this is more than you bargained for when you started creating YouTube content. Especially when you consider all the time and planning that goes into creating a single video. Lucky for you, we have the perfect solution! HOTH Video! We’ll make you a full-length video with all of the elements we’ve talked about today. An animated logo for the intro and outro, text graphics, b-roll, engaging camera angles, and copyright-free background music. Plus, we’ll optimize the video content, title, tags and description to make sure it has the highest chance of ranking on YouTube. And the best part? We take care of the entire process. You don’t have to worry about writing, editing or shooting a thing. You can learn all about HOTH Video by clicking the link in the description, or you can visit us online at THEHOTH.COM. Or if you want a more in-depth look at these and other intro makers, you can check out our blog. Have you created a YouTube intro with one of the tools we discussed today? Leave us a comment below and let us know which of these tools is your favorite! And if you enjoyed this video, hit the subscribe button to let us know! As always, keep it right here at The HOTH for everything SEO.

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