April 8, 2020
Free Traffic Training with Rachel S Lee-How to get buyers to all of your offers

Free Traffic Training with Rachel S Lee-How to get buyers to all of your offers

what’s going on everybody I think I think we’re live I’m pulling up a stream on my phone to just like it make sure what’s going on everyone I’m so so stoked for this I’ve been looking forward to this for a while you guys have probably seen me like posting like crazy about it and but I just didn’t want any you guys to miss out on this value and I’m super excited I got my friend Rachel s Lee here today and we’re gonna be going over some of her traffic systems but before we dive deep into that I just want to give you guys like a quick introduction for Rachel Rachel is a two comma Club recipient which means that she’s made over a million dollars through one funnel using click funnels and she’s also a dream car winner which means that she’s had over a hundred signups to click funnels and it’s so funny because I saw Rachel’s story when I was first getting signed up to click funnels like a year and a half ago when I before I had one person on my email list before I had any results and and I remember her seeing her story and seeing the picture of her standing next to her dream car and thinking like one day one day I’m going to be there and and it’s so cool being able to hear you know just what she has for us today I’m excited thank you yeah I got the car a year ago and it’s like still sometimes like wow because I had my my previous car for like ten years ever since like high school and I remember driving it around thinking like I wish this was like a new card that I didn’t even have to pay for it like you know how network marketing companies will do a car bonus some affiliate offers do a car bonus you know network marketing so I was like yo new cooler like make money make passive income and have a car paid for hey David Davis coming on live if you guys are watching the replay let us know maybe like hashtag replay if you’re live say live or say hi I’m super excited for this you know even Ron doing the emails that did in the chatbox that he did in the Facebook post he did that’s like what I’m gonna share with you guys it’s simple like and I was asking him like you know what’s your current audience size right now because there’s almost 300 people in this group and he just started his email listen his Chapel it’s not too long ago and then the youtubes coming up but it’s just every day it grows huh like it’s there’s no going down from here there’s only going up and then it starts to exponentially grow you first get started no one’s in your group no one’s on your list like you’re in your group and then you get like a couple people then you get like one a day then you get like two a days then you get like ten a day even on the days you’re not doing anything even on the days you don’t want to make a video you’re not going live it just passively comes in hey gerald nice to see ya what’s going on gerrae we got a bunch of people hopping on Gerald Gilman David Grammer what’s going on David Shay what’s going on thank you for uh for making it good to see you in here Walter what’s happening man and the Andy’s on as well appreciate all you guys coming on and spending some time with us yes so what I’ll do is all like screen share and show you guys the training and you guys can just ask questions at any time and Ron will let me know what you guys are asking but I just don’t want anyone to get overwhelmed like if you’re just starting from scratch from zero and you’re like oh my gosh you can’t even like imagine making six figures online like first scene I hope make your first thousand online or your first 100 online it’s ok these systems work either way whether Ron that has you know 300 people in the group or 3,000 worth 30,000 he’s gonna continue doing the same processes yeah well the Walter says staying consistent so I’m gonna show you guys more clearly what it looks like hey Andy hey Cornelia hey Walter and another thing too about like what Rob is doing is yeah if it’s you know not a huge size it’s also like the conversion ratio like other conversion the I just call it like your engagement ratio in a way you can have a huge group and a huge list and a lot of people following and then not too many people opening your stuff we’re looking at your stuff or you disappear for a month and then you come back later and it’s harder to get get back in the game so by staying consistent that some people are like I see this guy around all the time like and people say like oh Rachel I see you everywhere like oh my well I just I’m not everywhere I don’t do that much I’m not doing too many live streams or too many videos not live streaming every day I don’t do that you can I admire what you do you go on the walks and you live streaming stay energized that way I would like to do that and II I’m still working on my first five figures personally you know let us know to like where you guys are at are you totaled meet beginner are you gonna feel I mean this is affiliate marketing group so are you just getting started in affiliate marketing as a sign hustle add-on to your main thing you also do course sell courses create courses coaching info products services ecommerce nine-to-five were you trying to quit your 9 to 5 you just want to do this part-time full-time income working part-time all that kind of stuff so let us know and yeah I’m gonna get my screen ready and I’ll share the this let me know that you guys can see this good so I’m going to talk about creating your online sales machine with organic traffic so yeah like rod was saying I have a six-figure affiliate marketing business from home just from this chair got it on Amazon it’s 100 bucks I really like it and a six-figure online education business just from the laptop I don’t do like crazy traveling like surfing in Bali I don’t think you can go surfing there but you all go to Vegas sometimes but just any you know just run it from the laptop don’t have no fancy computers and I have a Facebook group in YouTube that’s where I’m kind of known in my industry not so much the other platforms I just like Facebook and YouTube works for me must all show you guys a super affiliate dream card winner with clickfunnels – comma Club with clear photos and the one funnel away leaderboard and that’s what I want to show you I there’s one funnel away is this course from click funnels and i stoled was in the top ten in sales so we got to go to this mastermind it’s like a photo of it and I’ll share with you exactly what I shared with other top affiliates at the click funnels mastermind this past summer we all like shared how we got on the leader board how we sold the most copies of the course and this is like I wrote it on a piece of paper and then after I left I was like I could make this into its own course so you’ll learn my method to attract hundreds even thousands of free eyes if it’s tens of thousand on your board more on your videos your offers your programs your courses your services affiliate offers and you don’t have to be techie for this it’s not a tech thing you don’t have to be good on camera or you know a popular have a big network to make it work for you some of you guys know Doug Bowden he was at the affiliate mastermind and then watched my trainings and he said after watching Rachel’s traffic training only traffic training I was able to implement there’s one of the things she taught she taught and now have over a hundred people watching every single one of my facebook lives in my group from using a messenger box and using organic methods so what we’re gonna cover my intention is free to leave this training tonight having a new understanding of what’s possible for you just regular girl I think Ron and I are neighbors I’m in North Hollywood and yeah right down the street we’re near USC Oh kind of right yeah it’s just regular girl working for my laptop if I could do it anyone can do this I don’t have like high IQ and then we sometimes I think I’m a genius but I think we’re all are geniuses and at the end I’ll share with you guys how you can take them steps to do this for yourself with my Black Friday special and bonuses and Ron’s bonuses or bonus so who this works for affiliate marketers who want more commissions it’s free organic traffic influencers personal brands people don’t need a system for monetizing their audience I think we’re both friends with Sheila J she’s so good at like being a personal brand being an influencer and she watches my stuff till I’ve learned monetization tricks brick-and-mortar ecommerce stores regular businesses local businesses coaches consultants you have a course who want to get people on sales calls strategy sessions so this works for that all types of entrepreneurs service professionals you want to stand out among the competition sometimes we think Oh everyone’s teaching affiliate marketing I can’t do that or everyone’s teaching funnels I can’t do that or everyone’s teaching social media or checking Facebook groups or whatever like I can’t do that like there’s room for many many more people to do this I go on the airplane you know you’re like walking around you’re like you’re in traffic in LA like there’s so many freaking people in this world I just need like thousand of these people to spend a thousand dollars as me and I’m a millionaire right and it’s like when you see that there’s a bunch of a bunch of people doing something it’s like that’s how you know that it’s working yeah the online business trend is not going away it’s not a trend it’s the way of the world now like people it’s almost like an alternate universe like Facebook you it’s a whole new world people live there so but we don’t really want to live there like we want to look like we live there we want to look like we’re the mayor of our niche and now we’re the boss with although actually living our real lives outside of being glued to the computer in the phone this works for part-timers you’re just doing this part-time do you got a nine-to-five and you just have some time after work to do this and on the weekends or if you’re like all in online business you’re adding this on to your online business and you want to maximize your time we all do we don’t want to like waste time and I’ll help you get out of this mess feeling like you got to do all the platforms everything spread too thin you don’t need to do that so yeah we shared this stuff you know they send me trophies it’s kind of cool but before all that it wasn’t like that it wasn’t like I just I know how to do this I know how to do YouTube I know how to do Facebook I know how to make money online I’ve tried for really a really long time um I couldn’t get raises at work didn’t feel appreciated about work that’s for like a 50 cent raise and they said no and I was a top salesperson at the clothing store so then I just would hop around different jobs trying to get like a better job couldn’t really keep a job you know just jobs didn’t really work out for me so I would pick up some clients do like freelance work social media management there’s also hard to get clients and go to meetings and meet with these people who didn’t understand online business and then they hire you for a month and then they don’t stay on so I was looking for other ways to make money online e-commerce lead generation building funnels all the things and couldn’t really get focused there was so many things I wanted to do like network marketing and I just want to do it all I can I could do it all but I like couldn’t actually do it all shed a lot of shiny object syndrome and I also had to be bankrupt by age 26 get my car repossessed and moved back in with my parents this was just a couple years ago like I was oh yeah this is just a couple years ago so I had no other choice but to face reality and look at my bank account because I still had some clients like there were so some money coming in just like where was it going I was spending it all on like trying on like contractors and stuff so wasn’t gonna it wasn’t keeping any of it and I noticed when I learned into my bank account I had some commissions from past one-on-one clients I didn’t think like a Philip Fillion marketing I wasn’t getting commissions because I was focused on affiliate marketing I would just sign the clients up to click funnels or to email autoresponder or to some Instagram software but I would use an a referral link or an affiliate link but I wasn’t like I just lost track but over time it added up to like four hundred dollars a month didn’t realize it so she’s scared to look at my bank account I like $12 Commission here $38 Commission here and I was like almost 400 bucks if I get 10 exes that’s 4,000 bucks a month I can afford to live in LA for this and I thought but I can’t get 10x more clients like I already got like two clients and I can’t even handle that so I thought what if I make videos so instead of presenting one to one I’m presenting one to hopefully hundreds of people instead of doing is one on one zoom calls driving to go meet someone and then explaining them to something and like I thought I can maybe make a video and explain it and it worked it worked I put like videos up for email marketing click funnels I mean it started like just talking about click funnels an email marketing because that’s what I was making the most Commission’s in then I started making videos about some other things um let me know let us know you guys in the comments let’s oh dang let me um the comments are are going past me I’ve been I’ve been monitoring okay so yeah I’m trying to see like where what you guys are okay side Kim’s a side hustle but I wanted my main hustle Shane selling electricity and wireless services network marketing was sweet Andy I don’t do e-commerce yeah me neither anymore I did but um Walter you might start doing Amazon you know this some of this stuff I could share with you it still works for e-commerce too cuz its traffic its organic traffic but I just got kind of more into selling software’s because as an affiliate because I get paid every single month from them or courses because they pay like two hundred fifty dollar commissions five hundred dollar Commission’s thousand dollar commissions and then I don’t have to worry about like shipping or fulfillment but that’s just me like you can make money with e-commerce could make money with agency you could make money with network marketing but can you make money with all of them at the same time probably not like your focus like what you’re gonna do David full-time construction construction part-time network marketing business looking at affiliate network marketing and affiliate worked really well with each other – hey Jay hey Jerome okay sweet let’s go back to and my video has ended up getting thousands of views subscribers and buyers like and I don’t think it’s like that much driving like a 6,000 subscribers I should have more but like it’s definitely enough it’s enough and it grows every day and it’s I never thought like I’d have 25,000 people watching a video that’s like speaking to a room of 25,000 people it you don’t need to get this many views for things to convert a lot of these videos like recent ones they don’t have as many views and they still get any sales they grow my email list they get people in my facebook group they get people on my chat BOTS they get people to know like and trust me even if I’m not making a sale right away off of it and because of the system I set up to automatically bro my other platform simultaneously the email subscribers shot up I started making videos around like January 2018 like less than two years ago so the email is shot up a facebook chat bot shot up all these feed into each other my youtube I mean my facebook group shot up at my over 5,000 members in this group actually this is a old screenshot changed it to be an online traffic group it’s sort of a affiliate marketing group but still every day dozens of people requesting the join plus I collect their email address so I get them I just like getting everyone on all those platforms YouTube Facebook email but the engagement in my group too has shot up doing the things that I’m doing other people posting in the group people being active in the group even if they’re not active they’re still lurking and watching and those are a lot of my buyers the people that aren’t liking and commenting and then the views to my offers this is like folks I do in my facebook group hundreds of comments hundreds of reactions on it thousand over thousand views on it and it’s not just about the views and the followers and the comments and the likes not it’s about the money like it’s not just about the money – it’s about helping people but we’re in the business to make money I’m lucky enough to be in the business of helping other people make money which I really loves being in I wasn’t doing e-commerce just I wasn’t passionate about it so so for this it becomes beyond the money it’s like Kayla make enough money now so I don’t have to keep doing it but I was more of like purpose behind it to help other people so yeah clickfunnels money whatever Tony Robbins course Bert kit softwares courses in my own courses selling my own courses and coaching that’s harder than affiliate marketing but it’s still fun and then I got my car paid for with clickfunnels they send me this or I picked it out brought it delivered I don’t really drive too much especially with uber so like I forget how to drive sometimes but give you a trophy you get it on stage and then I got to network with my favorite marketers cuz if you make money online you can afford to like reinvest back in himself by courses by events live events ticket travel flights hotels the food like cost money to get out there and meet the people you want to meet where I met Russell Brunson multiple times ty Lopez Gary Vaynerchuk Pat playing a lot of other marketers and then I get invited to speak at events too so then you get free ticket I like free tickets and then and then you gotta speak at ease so I was just on a cruise mastermind and stages affiliate masterminds I used to do more like speaking events too but I don’t know you reach more people why didn’t you do this stuff online but it’s fun to get out of the house too and go to events and then the best part of it all is helping other people get results Stacia why one of my top students Taoiseach she’s got over three hundred thousand views on her youtube and click files Commission Zimmer software’s courses for small channel like two thousand subs but it’s it’s still enough and then lots of views on the videos um Shweta she just has like like almost a little over 100 subs but gets hundreds of views on the videos over a thousand views on some videos and then it gets her more clients for her chatbot agency an ad agency so you know she does like to have clients I hope people get their first affiliate Commission’s selling click funnels or one funnel away challenge or high ticket click funnels offers people following my systems so just wanna ask you guys what kind of a difference it would make in your life it’s just to make it extra thousand dollars a month four thousand dollars with $5,000 a month whenever you want it to be like it really could be whatever you want to be I wanted mine to be four thousand so I made it happen then I wanted it to be twenty thousand I made it happen now I want it to be thirty thousand I’m gonna make it happen and like I have my reasons you know I wanna buy a house and I want to have a lot in savings so then I don’t like have to work when I’m older and still doing this well well the opportunities are hard so I’m gonna get into or detail how this online trucking ecosystem attracts buyers to your offers with a hundred percent free online traffic so we’re taught to think the system works like this a lot of us get into online marketing and they say buy leads or buy pay for traffic you only pay a dollar you’re gonna make $3 back yeah it’s the best investment ever like screw the stock market do this like even if you don’t do paid ads you’re gonna have to do all this you’re gonna have to post on all the social media platforms so you if you have more time than money you’re gonna have to do all these things and if you have more money than time you can do paid but the truth is paid ads still take a lot of time to learn sure a lot of us have already you know had failed ad campaigns or higher at a Facebook Ads person and an agency and didn’t work it still happens to me you know I’m not saying don’t ever do paid ads or I never do paid ads I do sometimes but it’s not what I fall back on it’s not like the main way my business grows I have a question for you like when I got started I like built some funnels or downloaded some of some funnels and I um you know ran ads to it right away and like you know I didn’t get results I didn’t get sales but I didn’t have an audience and you know I haven’t ran Adsense I’ve just been growing my audience organically but when you after like using this system when you were running ads and retargeting campaigns is it you see like a huge difference compared to like running ads to a cold audience I like retargeting I don’t really like cold but yeah retargeting and if you have the time to put up retargeting and have people to retarget to then put up some retargeting for your offers especially if it’s like online course something more high ticket than for sure and then we think like okay well I’m gonna do organic because I got a Duda store I mean you do some stories I try to do some stories like on Facebook I also I have to do Instagram and I have to do Instagram stories and and sometimes I’ll add like IG TV for fun or I’ll post my video over the links in anyway but I’m not like actively doing all the LinkedIn lead generation and and Twitter and stuff is too hard to do all them it’s just more work like you can do it but it doesn’t mean it’s gonna be as effective as going all-in on Facebook groups and YouTube Prakash said I brought him into this affiliate world and he’s about to quit his nine-to-five so to establish yourself as an expert in your field and get people to know like and trust you you simply need to be putting out informative educational content that shows you know what you’re talking about it’s really it’s not tricking people there’s no like secret sales hypnosis that’s happening like like I’m not like people I don’t know people think Oh someone’s selling it’s because they’re using like some amazing coffee or tricking you or doing some NLP or some hip Oh sis no you just like get out good content teach something teach something you can teach something that someone else doesn’t know or whatever it is related to your niche or your business if you’re not sure of your niche or your business you can just learn to teach learn something try it out and then you teach it people are afraid to do that too because I think they’re copying I can’t make videos that Rachel makes videos about because I’m copying Rachel and she’s gonna call me out as a copier no like if I do it like I would invent it I did invent clickfunnels I invent email marketing I didn’t invent making videos about YouTube or making videos about Facebook groups like ports don’t go rip someone’s course off or copy their video title exactly and everything that they say in it and all the tags and description but you know some people hold themselves back I do it too sometimes like Who am I to launch a program about this someone else already has I can’t talk about it but like there is so much room for you to talk about it especially if you have something to talk about in your videos for YouTube I like mine to be ten minutes long some of them are seven minutes some of them are eight minutes some of them are 12 minutes aim for 10 minute quick educational videos with a pitch at the end or call to action at the end there doesn’t always even have to be to a an offer it can be like get my free lead magnet or join my free Facebook group or subscribe to my channel so it’s exactly what I did and what I continue to do create video content that demonstrates I know what I’m talking about and actually helps people if you just try to be all too salesy yeah I’ve done that you know how to webinar that was too salesy wasn’t teaching anything and I did get called out and then I get so embarrassed just like saying things that were inauthentic to me like little sales lines just to get a conversion like because I thought it would be effective and it’s like just real content educational content is what it’s effective so let’s make videos about affiliate marketing click funnels email mark online marketing tools whenever I feel like actually Michele one of my students she made her first video for YouTube after his twenty nine views got a call to her truck repair shop someone looking for a part because she had a brick and mortar like truck repair thing and she ranked the video in a way where the right person searching for what it was she had to offer that found the video and called their office so this is not just YouTube this is also Facebook this is also email and then you know optionally chatbox so my YouTube videos right away I sent post them to Facebook I send them out to my email list and I send them out to my chat bot list right away because then these people on the other platforms see it go back to my YouTube video and then the amount of views on my YouTube video jumps up in the first hour if I just posted my YouTube video I’ll get like the YouTube traffic looking at it but I let people know on my email list and I let them know on Facebook and I let them know on my chat BOTS hey head over to my YouTube I got a new video up and then that triggers to the YouTube algorithm oh this video is popular people like this video we’re gonna show it even higher in the search and higher in the recommended and then more cold traffic more new people find me oh this was in my search this wasn’t my recommended let me click on it and then in the description and in the video I’m getting them to go into my facebook group and get on my lead magnet and get on my bot so that’s how this ecosystem works each platform feeds into to each other even Facebook sometimes you know I’ll do something with Facebook like this we’re starting with Facebook now starting with YouTube we’re live-streaming and and then you can take this live stream and go put it on to YouTube and then you can email your list and you’re chopped hey I have a new youtube video go check it out in YouTube and then you get more subscribers in your YouTube so it all feeds into each other some people they just want to go all in on YouTube and they’re like I’m focused on YouTube but like my Facebook group grows my youtube and then some people they want to go all in on Facebook groups I’m just focus on Facebook groups I’m not gonna do YouTube right now but like my YouTube has massively rapidly growing my Facebook group so I’m growing even way more it’s not like one plus one equals two it’s like one plus one equals four by by doing both so to have a new video you know put the thumbnail in my email autoresponder send out a quick message go watch a video same thing on Facebook upload the video the link and get people over to YouTube I don’t just like to post the youtube link though I’d like to add the raw video file and the youtube link for Facebook and then chat box send out the thumbnail and then send out a little snippet of text YouTube there’s over a billion users on YouTube Google owns YouTube so if you search for something on Google YouTube videos show up towards the top also and people are searching on YouTube all the time if you’re a youtuber it ultra establishes you as an authority people are like Rachel I see you everywhere I’m like yeah cuz I’m on YouTube and Facebook and like people are watching videos on YouTube so it really will differentiate you among the competition and colleagues whatever if you have YouTube you show up in the search in the suggested and then like I was saying YouTube is growing your group and your email in your buck Facebook groups Facebook’s going all in on groups they’re running commercials about groups why you should be in groups and have a group there’s billboards there’s bus billboards saying like Facebook groups I’m like I got a Facebook group Facebook groups more community YouTube’s more like a TV show it’s your show people are watching it Facebook groups is more like interaction like we’re we’re chatting with each other you can still build a kind of a sense of community on YouTube you still have your subscribers and people commenting but Facebook like we’re doing this live I mean you can go live on YouTube also I’ve even started dual streaming so I used to take my live streams on Facebook and then upload them to YouTube now I figured out a way like I just streamed to both at once then I just monitor both chats um yeah like we have our chat here on this livestream people can watch the replay and then it gets higher reach and your Facebook group grows your YouTube it grows your email it grows your bot when people request to join your group you can ask for their email once they’re in your group you can say check out this retraining and deliver it via chat bot as you have new YouTube videos go out little short 10-minute videos share them in your group email email is really important because you own the list just in case YouTube shuts down or Facebook shuts down or you get banned whatever you can have backups of your email list email marketing is not dead like yeah okay maybe you’re getting a 20% open right but it’s not like a hundred percent of the people on your Facebook are seeing what you post or a hundred percent of the people on YouTube are seeing what you post it’s also about like 20% or less so people are still checking him and I check email and multiple times a day and a lot of my buyers are coming because I’m sending up email us and your email is growing your Facebook group because you can have your link to your Facebook group in the footer and your email I’m saying with your YouTube and your box and then the chat box this is like the newer thing but it just works so well like ninety percent open rates thirty percent click-through rates differ for everyone but everyone’s on facebook Messenger everyone is on Facebook you can reach people really quickly with it and get them to open your messages and it’s it’s like even easier than email marketing honestly so I mean email marketing is like easy to so your chat BOTS it grows your Facebook group email and your youtube so you may think well no one will care about what I have to say because you just don’t think you have anything of value to put out but it’s just not true like if you’re consistent with putting out value the traffic will come yeah your first video maybe no one will watch it yeah when you make a Facebook group for the first time you’re gonna be the only one in there and then you know maybe Ron and I will join your group or who might be your first subscribers but you know everyone starts from zero you just keep putting out value showing up in the traffic it does come truth is you can’t attract buyers to your offers with 100% free online traffic without actually having to be everywhere all the time it just looks like you’re everywhere all the time like like I see you everywhere I said well yeah cuz you’re on my youtube and you’re in my group and on Facebook and you’re on my email list and here on my chat but so I just had one piece of content but I spread it out on the four places where you are and this works even if you’re a beginner or are not techie is what I meant to say people think I’m not techie enough for this mic bomb do you know how to turn on your computer like some people don’t you know and I’m like maybe not for you if you’re like don’t log into your facebook but this isn’t tech this isn’t about tech then most techy thing about this is getting an email address set up to set up your autoresponder but that’s like there’s a lot of step-by-step on how to do that too so it’s not really about tech at all I’m gonna show you guys how to massively grow your audience online even if you’re starting from zero and are shy on camera cuz that’s where a lot of you guys are at turning from zero or just a few people and you’re like I I’m sharing camera yeah yeah Jarell is asking do you recommend starting youtube and facebook or start with one first like the truth is you can’t do two exact things at once like you can’t unless you have two computers you know you have two laptops and you’re like creating the YouTube channel but then here’s like jump into the facebooking like like oh my gosh so since you have to have an order of operations and just focus for a freaking 30 minutes or an hour and get it done I would say the way I teach it is like just create your YouTube first and then like create your group and I put a video up on YouTube and then go put that video in your group and then do it again and again and again and and then you know break up your day for 30 minutes today I’m gonna I mean I don’t even like to do it like my day I’ll say for like a cup I’d batch film my videos I’ll show you guys how to do that but like for an hour this week I’m gonna focus on my youtube channel or making videos and breaking and then for our this week I’m gonna schedule out post a facebook and add some people into my group I mean you could break it up also you don’t want to spend too much on time online either like you know there’s time to watch trainings and train yourself and watch online courses so you can say I’m going to study for 30 minutes today and watch some lessons of a course and then for 30 minutes like implement implement my Facebook stuff I’m gonna implement my YouTube stuff so good question great question because you know sometimes we feel overwhelmed I think it’s pretty simple you know video post the video send out an email you don’t even have to do a chatbot but it’s good to have like checklist for yourself to to make sure you’ve got everything done so you’re not wondering what should I be doing today to combat like the just getting started even if you’re not just getting started I like to collab with other people or interview other people what we’re doing right now this is how you do it first of all it feels less scary to have a buddy to be on camera with it’s more fun there’s like more like energy flow like we can talk or do questions it doesn’t have to be like this where you someone has like a training they bring in in a slideshow it could just be both of you on camera and like you interviewing them and then they can interview you so you can interview swap or just if you don’t even have to sell anything you could just interview swap to provide value you can leverage their expertise and their audience so like Ron gets to have this like leverage my expertise and provide a valuable training to his audience and then I’ve benefits you could somebody you guys never seen him before and it’s gonna grow my audience and it’s growing his audience because he was posting on his Facebook page okay everyone head over to my group and he’s posting an email everyone make sure you’re heading over my group and that’s gonna get more people in his group or like oh I want some people they know me and they’re like I want to watch I want to see Rachel on interview this guy Ron tagged her let me go to his group and you just be the reporter you just sit back and relax I just did this last week and my friend Alex Elliott um brought her in for training we just talked for a little she’s screen shared and then we went back to Q&A at the end and then I sent out emails for the next five days and and like had the replay on YouTube and stuff and I did sixty-five hundred dollars in commissions and like it was pretty easy so and yeah I have like bigger audience than someone just starting out but I built up to it it wasn’t the first time I’ve done that there’s other times that well I’ll show you guys and doing this your fresh content to put out you don’t just think like how am I gonna put out what am I gonna promote this week what am i focusing on like bring someone else in so it’s my friend Kim I was just chilling from my car I was parked but I just like interviewed her about Chrome extensions and then she taught and did all the talking and she pitched her course at the end and I made Commission’s from it uh my friend Marcus Campbell we met online like he just saw my videos I saw his videos he has way more subscribers than me but he like went to my audience did a live training use put my affiliate link up on the board and I still make positive income from interviews I did with him last year a few trainings and I done like eight thousand dollars in commissions with him and I’m like we needed a collab again because we can do active like we can make money actively than on the live or like a week after the live while it’s still hot and I’m still sending out emails but then even two years later when people are still finding the videos on YouTube they’re less likely to be like looking at old videos on Facebook groups but that’s like true passive income happens he’ll he’ll like text me like hey he just made commission from your old traffic like from the old video I’m like awesome this my friend Clark he’s got almost three hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube he was at follow hacking live and I asked him hey Clark you don’t even know me like I love your channel will you interview me I wasn’t even like can I interview you I was like will you interview me and he said yes then I ended up interviewing him too but it just goes to show you like sometimes you just gotta ask like if you’re just starting out I would to say collab with another newbie someone if you know it has similar follower count than you but you doesn’t have to be like you can reach out to other people and maybe don’t do it I didn’t say will you interview me but people say that like will you promote my affiliate offer and I’m like no but you could say like hey can I interview yeah I mean that’s what Ron did said you know and I had to cut it off because people were like booking the calls and that’s okay I don’t want to do like too many of these calls so it works out so this was with Alex we streamed it into YouTube as the same time as Facebook so I’ve got over 800 views on YouTube with like the replay me sending traffic back from my email and bots and go check out the reef leg of check out the replay and then on Facebook it got 700 views and I mean it’s not that much it’s like cool you know it adds up this can like rank even more sales are still coming in the live chat was going we’ve got a bunch of comments from the live chat on Facebook in sixty four hundred dollars in commissions 24 sales a bunch from the live she was doing it she was really good at her webinar not closing and then some trickled in throughout the other days I was promoting it and then the final day the bonus is going away doors closing well the doors weren’t closing but bonus is going away last chance more sales and she’s done I mean this screenshots old she’s done now like a hundred fifty thousand in the past three months just organic traffic group doing leveraging affiliates and JV partnerships and collaborative spent any money on paid traffic so you might think well how am I gonna make videos or be on camera or do an interview I’m super shy and awkward on camera but the truth is people are just attracted to authenticity so it’s just best to be yourself like whatever you’d be weird you could be ugly like no one really cares thank you so no you just I don’t know I wish I had something nicer to say to get over it no it’s the truth is it’s your duty to share your message with the people that you can help like by creating content fast and not worrying if you’re extroverted or not or if you’re doing what your personality type and that’s like your online horoscope told you to do and whatever quiz the psychiatrist made you take like whatever you don’t don’t worry about it and just make the content fast face your fears you’re like really secure stomach about doing this don’t force yourself to do it but oftentimes we get a little nervous but it’s really because we’re excited and we’re doing the neck like thing I get nervous sometimes but it doesn’t mean don’t do it miss can this is how are gonna grow your audience and your brothers this fast and its really like selfish not to show up if you can help somebody even if it’s helping them do something technical like set up their autoresponder or buy a domain is your duty to help people and then you get paid you make more money as you helping more people so the truth is you don’t need paid ads to make multiple six figures a year you can massively grow your audience online even if you’re starting from zero and a shining camera and then this brings me to how to outsource a majority of the work so you’re not glued to the computer or your phone so you’re maybe thinking how the heck am I gonna find the time to make videos and do some interviews and distribute and promote them across these online platforms but I just tell people and tell my students back to all your videos in a couple hours and then you can outsource the rest to a virtual assistants so just once a month one Sunday afternoon a month pick afternoon do your makeup do your you know get your phone ready or your laptop ready webcam and film your videos like have some ideas for some videos and pick like for it to film so then you can have one go out a week if you want to crank it up and you can film eight videos that are ten minutes long do that I find though like four is the most I can really do and it just takes a couple hours um you can film in one shot or you can like edit out any like mess ups or times where you pause you’re gonna have a VA do the video editing for you have them upload it to YouTube for you have some SEO ranked it for you have them posted on to Facebook have them send out the email but that’s what I do it’s not what I always did you know I did do it myself but then over time I grew it and because before I just wasn’t sure on my systems and I didn’t think I can afford to hire but I really like could not afford to hire so they posted to Facebook can thought do you think you can go into a little bit like what you mean by like you couldn’t not afford yeah right here so you may think that you can’t afford to outsource cuz your business may not be making any money yet sure this you can’t afford not to outsource because you can hire a VA for as low as $3 an hour in the Philippines and have them work for just a couple of hours a week like you really can you can go in the Facebook group do a job post you say what you’re looking for you know I’m starting you off at $3 hour I’m gonna start you off with a couple hours a week and these are the tasks I need you to do I want you to schedule in post to my facebook remove any spam I want you to reply to all the comments on my youtube channel I want you to clean out my email list and follow them away file the spam and spam and the promotion’s and and clean it up and let me know about any important messages I want you to deliver bonuses to people who are asking for bonuses and then like I even I want you to SEO optimized my video or audit all my other videos make sure all the tags are updated make make me new thumbnails and update the thumbnails put copy and paste take out this link of something I’m not using anymore and replace it with this link of something that I’m using and you’re gonna start slow like even starting with a couple hours a week it’s good because then you learn to you know be a boss and delegate and and then they’re learning to what you want them to do and then you can start putting on more tasks on them and I’ll have them like scheduled I have a list of 365 daily posts and I just have them like go in my group and Skype copy and Taysom and schedule them out they approve people in my group they upload their email addresses into my autoresponder please do the welcome posts I’m not saying that a $3 an hour VA is gonna be so great at email copywriting doesn’t necessarily mean they’re gonna be able to write a beautiful email about your new YouTube video you know my VA don’t have any sweedler VA is I pay mine $5 an hour but like they’re very educated and have great English this is important that they have great English and I have them work during my time so if I need something I want to talk to them add on an extra task or and then I can talk to them that day so you may think like I will know how to train them or what tasks to give them but there’s a lot of step by step process that you can give them I have them if I’m in an online course I’ll say hey girl watch this online course there are some people who are in my course I’m like how do you VA watch my course so then they can SEO ranker videos or they can do things in your Facebook group you can give them SOPs those are standard operating procedures just instructions or I’ll have my TAS create their own SOPs all like tell them this is how I want it done but hey can you go add it on to the SOP in case like they leave it doesn’t they don’t work out they you know have a baby or whatever can’t work for you anymore like that’s happened to me then at least they can train a new person or it’s easier to train someone else because you already have steps for them to do and you can get someone else so you don’t have to spend too much time doing training and then checklist also like I have daily checklists for my views so every day they know what to do sometimes I’ll go in and move the checklist around like hey I don’t want you to do this anymore or we’re putting this task on pause but don’t need to do this right now and then I’ll bring it back I’m like a start doing that again like commenting on other YouTube videos or like engaging on Instagram but I’m gonna do that right now James who’s in the program said when he first started online marketing he did it believe that free traffic would work you thought you had to do pay down so he was like wasting a few hundred bucks a month and then you learned from me and now he gets more leads and sales than his paid ads says organic does work Rachel system proves it for those who are you are trying to boost your posts don’t get fooled like I did wish we met a year ago and he thought the market was too saturated but it’s totally not so yeah once you guys imagine being a confident leader when it comes to content creation Ron so confident even if you’re in like nervous really like shows confidence if you never have to invest another penny in ads to get leads maybe some retargeting but not have to worry about to being cold to get leads reaching more people while spending less time on content and what a free list of a thousand buyers would do for your business you really don’t need like it’s just all depends what you want you know the sky’s the limit with this type of business if you’re happy with making $4,000 a month with this type of business you can stop there for me my goals every time I hit a goal I did have another goal that I wanted to hit this is the same system that I continue to use to get results and my hundreds of students used to and I want to know if you guys seeing how this could work for you seeing how it can work for your business for that we’ll check in the comments those of you who have the affiliate marketing business online business some of you guys to ecommerce J you trades of trade services your own batch and apps were selling is serving Tyrone was like taking all his note oh I get it like the hands of the notes that’s cool yeah Jerome is it is an avid a note taker and J so it’s your duty your danger oh so this is blowing my mind okay good good so yeah I want to see if you can see how this can work for you so I wanna know who’s ready to do this for themselves who’s ready to change their business do it now do it correctly without spending years on the trial and air 100 thousands dollars on things that don’t work paid ads get right the first time around so at this point you have two choices you can go to the law like I did spend time on trial and error trying to figure out all the details seeing what works what doesn’t work or just get the proven system from someone who has not just done it but achieve mastery at it exponentially growing every single day almost $1,000 a day mark and has a truven proven track record of being able to get others results as well which would you prefer so that’s why I put together Black Friday special for online traffic ecosystem this is my signature course you may have heard about it um just wasn’t sure if it was ready oops it was right for you or not uh but yeah I wanted to get this out to more people because it can just benefit them so we’re Black Friday I added lots of bonuses and I wasn’t like into discounting prices on programs but I just was like I can’t beat them I’ll join him you know everyone’s doing it for Black Friday I guess once a year I can do discount so the purpose of this program is to get you a ton of qualified traffic to your buy a buyers to your offers every single day it’s a six module online course that shows you everything you need to know to build your own online traffic ecosystem by six modules I mean like six weeks you could do it faster you could watch it longer you get lifetime access it’s step by step video trainings workbooks checklist PDFs and more I’m continuously adding more things in there also and bonus trainings live trainings Andrea says I’m doing Rachel’s course and it’s really helped me get over procrastination and action taking she gives a clear action plan and accountability sometimes really know what we need to do it’s just a matter of like feeling invested in ourselves and being surrounded by other people doing and getting motivated to do it James says guys I’m in Rachel’s course and it’s awesome if you’re doing any kind of business and you want more traffic then rich of course is what you need so module 1 week 1 this is the foundation this is the actual formula of the ecosystem this is where you learn in detail how it works getting your mindset set up for success and being able to attract success in the money to your life and being more confident in being a leader on how to choose a niche that you’re aligned with you might have a niche you’re not super aligned with it so it’s a lot of like getting in your head for that and feeling real good about what you’re doing I’ve had just I’ve switched niches before like I so share with you that and then how to pick profitable offers to promote whether it’s affiliate offers or your own thing making sure that the offer aligns with the niche so then you’re set up to sell so you have something I sell cuz that’s really what we’re doing at the end of the day module 2 week 2 this is where I teach you my one take video content system so you get a month’s worth of videos done in just a couple hours and like I got time to do videos and get content all the time like you don’t have to do it every day just looks like you’re there if I post a video two days ago it’s still getting views today it’s still showing up a fresh in people’s feeds so you got to learn exactly how it works what to make videos about like the right types of videos to make for what you’re selling in your niche the best ways to create the videos without having to buy cameras and fancy gear and do any editing and then how to batch and organize your video creation because it can get overwhelming and we just want to keep it clean and organized get it done module 3 which of your videos ready then we can rank them so the viral YouTube master classes so you can rank your videos for the search engines for Google and YouTube search engines and grow your views and your subscribers full of buyers like the right people you can buy fake traffic from other countries but like you want qualified people looking at your stuff you learn how to get started with YouTube how to make the channel how to upload the videos how to rank the videos how to promote your videos across the platforms and I give you my viral YouTube SEO checklist and description template so in the description you can put like rank that for SEO and put the links to your offers to your lead magnet to your Facebook group and like there’s a whole format to use to make your description really good for YouTube module 4 let me sip this for a week for you know some people might want to jump right into this you can like if you already have a group or whatever if you want to jump right into this shirt but you know I I say go on harder whatever this is a hyper engaged Facebook blueprint this is so you can leverage other people’s audiences automate your group growth and convert members into customers autopilot so this is where you learn how to set up and organize your Facebook pages your friend page your business page your group how to set your group up for automatic gross people requesting to join every single day for free how to monetize your Facebook page in your group how to effectively livestream and do the collab live streams with other people too like how to do effective interviews and promote the interviews and all of that you also get my 365 Facebook group posts wipes you never have to worry about coming up with content to pro to post it’s like engaging questions you can post in your group I say 365 but then we really ended up adding more but I don’t want to call it I just thought I’ve so wanted to call it a 65 but there’s even more so you can like pick and choose what you want for your group or have a VA do it module 5 week 5 email marketing engine so your email list grows daily and you can consistently mark it to subscribers without extra work so this is how to create yours is to the lead magnets something to give away in exchange for the email how to get people to actually opt-in to become a subscriber and give you their email how to deliver the lead magnet how to set up your email marketing platform so your emails actually get delivered and don’t end up in spam how to set up email automation send broadcasts I give you a lead magnet template also and email templates so you can like tell your story and pitch something at the end of the story this is like the most techy part just get it you can get it done in an evening get your email stuff set up so once it’s done there’s your machine it’s really cool and then module 6 the last week facebook Messenger chat bout success you can instantly send more traffic to your videos your live streams your offers you learn how to get people to opt-in to your chat bot this we use a lead magnet too it can be the same lead magnet as your email how to set up some automation and how to send broadcast so you can immediately get more people to your content the automation I don’t go too crazy with Chapa automation teach you how to do all these sequences and artificial intelligence you can train your body like you know so they type this in it and I’m like that’s kind of crazy like I don’t need to have all these crazy sequences planned out for my bot I just need people to opt in and get my broadcast and like no one I having a youtube video out or no one have a live stream or no when the doors are closing there’s something like just keep it simple Facebook chat bots are kind of like newer but they have the high open rate they like change you know but as they change I update this as far as though getting people to opt in and sending broadcast has been pretty same for past couple years so a breakdown of all the modules the the growth hacking traffic ecosystem formula $997.00 value the one take video content system and $997.00 william the viral YouTube master class it’s all the SEO training in there 997 volume the Facebook group blueprint which includes groups and collabs and live streams 997 value email marketing engine which includes lead magnets automation and broadcasts 987 value and then the chat bots facebook Messenger chat bot success 997 volume all ohand row join my program in just a few weeks well he said let me just read it we’re just training and coaching allowed me to take massive in just a few weeks I’ve taken courses in the past but felt overwhelmed I was also scared to go public and create content in different platforms with Rachel I created my lead magnet funnel my website homepage funnel he grew his Facebook group his YouTube channel his email is chat box he does it all in Spanish he was like online marketing in the Spanish pitch so it was so cool like so he’s really building a unique audience he says trust Rachel her training will help you get the results you want so you get your plaque Friday the six modules and all the resources workbooks blueprints $7000 value and then I put Black Friday bonuses cuz I wanted to add some cool things so first bonus is outsourcing to a virtual assistant master class so they recently taught and then I broke it up into sections so all my videos none of them are like real long there’s like sections this is how to create and effectively manage a team so your business can run on autopilot making you more money with less work plus the SOPs the checklist hiring Docs exactly what’s a post like in a Facebook group or on up work how to hire them just everything I do to manage my VA team but just you can start with one person for a couple hours a week so that’s in there the Black Friday bonus number two top affiliate leaderboard masterclass this I taught like just a couple weeks ago also this is step by step behind-the-scenes look at all the methods I use to get to the top of affiliate contest leaderboards like one funnel away one group away I think I’m Alex’s help affiliate I’m Spencer Meachem stop affiliate and I just like to be the top affiliate I don’t know some people like competition it’s fun you know and you get prizes too when your top affiliate in the unity it’ll make the leaderboard like you’re at least that much closer by looking at all the things that I do how I how I craft bonuses and and plan out my promos and make sure I hit all angles so I can sell affiliate offers Black Friday bonus number 3 this one’s really good this is a student mastermind community the private student mastermind community so a 2,000 dollar value this is in a Facebook group it’s different than free Facebook groups free Facebook groups it’s a free group it’s free people are like no you can’t post feedback in this group you can strategize on collab with other students ask questions I’ll answer them or other students answer them share your work for feedback and get accountability and support in other groups you can’t really share links if you share link you get a band like you sure your YouTube video like they like delete and ban you you share your fun all your offer you just ask for feedback on something they’re like no no links even in my free group I don’t allow links but in this private group like please share your YouTube videos so then we all can like it and comment on your videos and subscribe to each other’s channels please share the link to your Facebook group so we can all join each other’s groups and support each other and show up on each other’s lives and increase the engagement please share your photos please share your emails like this is the place to do it plus in this group people are collabing with each other like hey let’s cross interview each other you interview me I’ll interview you um I just joined a different mastermind the other day like one where I’m not the leader of the mastermind and because I wanted to be able to do this to us and right away someone in the group was like hey oh I see you’re join the group do you want to do a collab with me like will you do it live training in my group and if I didn’t know him I’d be like no like I don’t know you but because we’re in the same group and with paid to be in the same group I was like yo let’s let’s do it you know I’m here to help you you’re here to help me that’s why we’re in this mastermind to learn from each other and we did a lot of training his grip and he made sales and likes women I made sales cuz he got affiliate commissions from my program so that was like totally cool we’re gonna collab on other things and so that’s like power of mastermind communities you like build these friendships and business relationships and work with people Bobby said Rachel’s training is exactly what I needed not only did it provide me with actionable roadmap to create Facebook and YouTube presence incredibly short time she gave me feedback at the insight that helped me create content right lead magnets automate the channels the countability created in the group alone will be well worth investment do yourself and business a favor and take her training Black Friday bonus number for this one I was not going to do because I like just added it some of you guys if your affiliates for me like so I kept changing my offer and then I like finally settled on an offer and I wasn’t gonna add it but then I was like I really want to keep it in is group coaching by launching a new group coaching program in a few weeks I’m gonna be selling it for $3,000 like over phone clothes but I wanted to have group coaching as a Black Friday bonus for you guys I’d join OD for Black Friday so this is where you get personalized support to jumpstart your profits on zoom’ calls you get insights from the other students being coached by me you get extreme accountability you know at the end of each call we like talk about what we’re gonna work on for the week and then the next week check back in so during the six weeks of coaching calls you get clarity on exactly what you should be working on in your business and how to progress fast it’s not available any other time or place it’s the only place I’m doing coaching for now until I launch my 3 K program like in a couple weeks that’s why I joined that mastermind to get my 3 K program going but I’m adding it as the last bonus for OTE Kyle said I gone for coaching called Rachel she’s awesome she provided a super clear path for me to make more affiliate income quickly I’m thinking about getting her course or coaching just do it on her said totally about for anything rich to teach her she goes above and beyond what you signed up for it get on her course coaching so this is everything for Black Friday the whole online traffic ecosystem the video trainings the workbooks of checklist the PDFs the lifetime updates it’s just seven thousand dollar value and I usually sell the course for 997 plus all my buck Friday bonuses which is like another seven thousand dollar value so total value fourteen thousand dollars Ron what you have a bonus also for your audience right if they use yessum yes I’m also adding adding a bonus there’s you know a ton a ton of value in this offer already and I just wanted to let all you guys know that I’m actually going through this as well so I’m going to be going through this week by week with you guys and so offer heard [Music] you guys through a connection with me so anybody anybody who buys me bull skin on our call and we can do this it beginning we can do this towards the end whenever you want to schedule the call so that we can connect and see you know exactly what you’re doing exactly what I’m doing and have our own you know personal mastermind we it cut out a little but just let me I’ll just try to summarize to make sure this is right they got a one-on-one coaching call with you write one letter so while you guys are doing the group coaching you can because Ron’s going through the program too so you can do it in the beginning the call like in the beginning every six weeks the middle or towards the end that’s super powerful and then he’s good he can help you with like anything if you need tech help if you need just ideas if you need help going like what topics you should do or cuz you know he is a few steps ahead that so many of you guys and that’s that’s what you need to do find someone who steps ahead of you learn from them and then as you’re helping people you help people who are just a few steps behind you and then we all just grow together I want to mention you know before we share with them the link to join just how things are changing like it used to be you got to go to college you got to go to college for four or five or eight years and then you can you know get a job and you can pay off all that debt and then you know maybe in your 40s you could start making some money and then stop working when you’re like 70 I don’t know it’s not like that anymore even with college like why did it cost so much money it’s like eight hundred dollars a unit you have to take four units in a class and you gonna take 16 units a semester and then like two semesters Oh year in summer school and winter school and it still takes five years to get the bachelors and like for what dude for what for entry-level job like I hate talking crap about it you know just we all got like family and friends who are like in the system like I went to college you know I don’t regret going to college I had a great time but like I make more money than my college professors and I don’t know say it to rub it in their face it’s just like times change you don’t teach you how to make money and call it it’s like like what are they teaching us um when it comes down to it we won’t we just won’t make a living like some of you guys maybe want to do like crazy cool things with your life do a ton of traveling and like jumping out of planes and stuff and some of us we just want to like chill and hang out with our family and friends whatever you want to do like but yeah for college you know we spend all the money on the tuition and the living expenses student loan debt I just paid mine on this past year plus all my consumer credit debt that I accumulated during college and it’s just sometimes just not worth it so times have changed like you can learn now how to create a like a career for yourself without having to go through many many years and tens of thousands of dollars with college so I’m not gonna charge you as much as college not gonna trade you nearly as much as college don’t even charge you as much as you know your elective history class that you took at the Community College or whatever it was or the one that they forced us to take and stupid science guy that pissed me off and math like why am I taking this bro what but anyway if all the students help you grow a quality audience of buyers without having to run ads would it be worth it and if all this did was help you become a leader in your industry and have people recommending your programs tagging you deeming you can I use your link would it be worth it if all I did was save you hours hours per week working so you could spend more time to family your friends alone chillin sleeping I think I’m gonna sleep would it be worth it so I had two choices give it all away for free as like YouTube videos and you got to kind of like put together the pieces and not get the whole picture and not take it serious or charge a fair amount so put all the information in there and be really committed to you and you be committed to it you’ll be invested in it and surround yourself with other people doing the same thing it’s like know that you’re committed have the energy exchange of investing in yourself so what would you rather have so for Black Friday only um ideal for Black Friday is I slashed the price in half 50% off just for 97 or three payments of 197 I added a payment plan I don’t offer payment plan for this I usually sell this for 997 people buy it for 997 just the course but I did the $7000 worth of bonuses and flushed the price and half add the coaching and the payment plan Ron has his affiliate link make sure you join with his links and then email him your receipt so then you can book the coaching call with him um do you have that ready we can share it in the comments yeah I’m sharing it in the comments right now in the comments and I’m gonna open up just uh actually let me see what’s the next slide all open up the page just show you guys don’t use like my link make sure you use but when you go on the page just another training I did this training I think better than this like what we’re doing so um just summarizes everything that comes in the core program and the Black Friday bonuses and you just fill in this part and make sure you select the Black Friday special or the Black Friday payment plan when checking out let’s see Stacia I won’t read the whole thing but she’s getting upwards of 60,000 views on her videos now because some of them went viral she’s a use this as a hobby but now she’s like actually makes money from it her channel her getting click funnel signups getting payouts Alex Elliot said since we’ve implemented traffic ecosystem it’s been such a blessing and absolutely in love with it now all our platforms are playing together instead of competing against one another this means a ton more about money in my bottom line out and having a spent on ads thanks so much for more hours day I’m deeply appreciative appreciative I showed you guys like the screenshots of the sales she’s making in her group it’s not too many people like I mean now it’s maybe 3,000 people like I was the whole world you could if you could make that much money just from having like hanging out on Facebook and I’m making stuff for you so I I loved seeing those results sandy one of my clients sandy I’m so I was spinning my wheels trying to get people to see my videos join my list buy my offer she thought she was doing it right like you’re still making videos she still had the email list already she had some offers she wasn’t like starting from scratch but it’s just she wasn’t getting the traction so she said after learning from Rachel I started seeing massive growth in my views and my subscribers my engagement and members of my group my email is skyrocket and since exponentially it cut off exponentially grown her sales she got like the funnel set up that I gave her and now she she does courses and coaching and group coaching so before she was just closing everyone over the phone and now she can just close them over messenger because they see all her content online so you can get started with all new traffic ecosystem today for just 197 if you do the payment plan that’s like a better deal to do the 497 you save another hundred bucks but I wanted to make accessible for everyone so just 197 I also added a 30-day guarantee so the program it’s self-paced and you get lifetime access but like I still made it for action takers I didn’t make it just to be entertainment so if you do the homework and you take action and you’re not happy you just fill it a refund request form give me some feedback you know let me know what you didn’t like show some of your work and I’ll give you a full refund and then I wanted to add fast action bonus for those of you here on this livestream maybe you know if you’re watching like the replay later today or tomorrow morning we can do this but we’re just gonna cut it off for the first 10 people so you want to make sure you reach hit that my phone all my funnels are used for my business my my sales pages my course pages my upsells my down cells my webinar funnels my coaching funnels you don’t need to use all of them right away you don’t just set them all up but you can go through the funnel vault see which ones work for you you know obviously don’t rip off my course switch it out with your own stuff or I’ll give me my bridge I give you my bridge pages – for affiliate offers don’t like copy my bonuses exactly change the text change you know the image make sure you don’t use my photo make it a photo of you put your videos but it’s kind of seen you ton of work this is more than a $4,500 really value cuz I’ve spent a lot of money on these funnels like getting designers to make them look nice hiring agencies so much time on it it’s really like ten thousand dollar value or more I just hate when people are like oh yeah fifty thousand dollar value I don’t want it to look like like not real but I really truly believe it’s there are funnels out of many hundreds of thousands of dollars Sonia says I really love OTE I’m so glad I got it before for learning from Rachel I was overwhelmed I’m organized I was trying to build all these funnels but now that I’m in the program I’ve organized I got regionals funnels also having the accountability of the other students keeps me motivated I love this program and she says I have exact steps to follow so today tonight you get the six modules and all the workbooks resources of the online traffic ecosystem $7000 volume outsourcing to a virtual assistant master class and all the SOPs the checklist the hiring Docs 997 volume top affiliate leaderboard methods behind the scenes everything I do to make affiliate Commission’s 997 value the private student mastermind community $1,997 value so you can collab with other people be in the community be surrounded by like-minded people the six weeks of group coaching on zoom’ $3,000 value I’m gonna be selling you guys will see I’m gonna do a whole launch I sell it for three thousand dollars in a couple weeks and my funnel is forty five hundred dollar value total combined value eighteen thousand five hundred seventy dollars plus Ross cut one-on-one coaching call we’re that’s great like on my coke my group coaching you guys get some one-on-one time to for sure you get one-on-one time but then having that as a bonus to like really work on your stuff that’s gonna be amazing also for Black Friday I wanted to add just a couple more like things cuz I felt like it and I could do whatever I want so I add an option to add on my upcoming live master class profitable info product creation and launch secrets live masterclass I just came up with that name I mean it is what it is like I’m just a fancy name but it is what it is like how to create profitable info products little courses and master class or coaching and then how to launch it and sell it so that is you just can add it on to your order so you just add it with the bump to reserve your spot so join the live master class where you learn how to come up with ideas for info products that will actually sell how to sell the program before you create it and how to sell it passively or actively through promotional launches so many people make a program and then try to sell it and wonder why no one buys it so how you do it go sell it first and then you create it let me show you guys how to do I’m gonna launch this one and I want to figure out which I’m going to launch first probably the probably launched this one in like three weeks I’m gonna launch it for 347 and then I’m gonna teach it live I think towards any December in my master classes are about two three hours long we’re all on zoom’ I’m teaching it to you live we have live Q&A we’re just like in a room together it’s like a little class but virtual and you get lifetime access to the recordings all the everything I want to include and I’m gonna lot of resources in it too I just couldn’t lift it all in this little box so that is to reserve your spot there before I raise this to the 347 and then after this once you click Submit it’ll take you to a hotel page a one-time offer to also get daily Commission’s Club my really popular affiliate marketing course for $200 off for just 297 I’ve been selling it if you go to the daily Commission’s club com it’s 497 but I wanted to add it as like a paddle on thing for OTE for Black Friday such as 297 once you get to the next page but you’ll see everything that’s in it um so yeah you guys could get started today for just 197 there’s again everything that you’re gonna get plus Ron’s bonus don’t use this link use his link he put in here wait yeah oh it’s it’s connected to your BOTS cool let me click it and see what happens okay click the bots and okay I have to click get to started because I guess I wasn’t on your body yet this is good now you’re getting people on your butt oh it says I’m super pumped to dive into Rachel’s online traffic training click here to get it off to get 50% off nice and there’s your affiliate link perfect so then when you guys get your receipt your bonuses will just be unlocked in the portal like the bonuses I’m giving you guys and then if you get the Masterclass where’s my screen I’ll coordinate with you like get you in the private chat let me turn off my screen share I’ll get you in the private chat so you know you’re you know when the dive training is coming up and then I’ll get you all set up in the Facebook group and get set up for the coaching calls and then I guess just forward or just hit up Ron on Facebook and let him know you bought with this link so you can set up your one-on-one coaching call with him let’s see how’s our comments okay I’m checking the comments James said Rachael is a super affiliate and a two comma Club winner she knows she’s teaching you’d be crazy not to take this offer and I I agree so if you guys have any questions coming up you’re not sure if it’s for you or it’ll work for your business ask it here you can ask you later you can DM you can tag us I’ll let you know like honest opinion or I’ll chart with you to make to make sure you guys have any questions anything that you could think of wrong that people should know you know um I just wanted to I guess add that this like the one thing that I did that I do want to add for sure is the thing with the funnels like that extra for the first ten people when I saw that like for anybody who doesn’t know how valuable that is like over the last week I’ve actually been doing my best to funnel hack Rachel like as best as I could you know like from looking at the sales page like I have screenshots of all the entrances so all over her funnels already like saved on my computer and when I saw that it was like I could just skip all of the hard work and just actually get the funnels modify I’m like I want people to copy me you’re like I want my students to especially like it so I give you guys all my stuff because I want you to like use it I love that you sent your link actually through the bot because now you know everyone who now you’re collecting your leads of interested people so you can follow up with them to smart right makes it a lot easier to for anybody so that we can book the call so when you purchase then I’ll be able to send you a message and messenger and book you know our call for for my bonus the good thing about having Ron also I was like your side coach with this and I mean the one I won’t call is Heath he gets all this stuff and like the tech of all this so for some reason you did feel stuck or wanted like feedback on but or your email marketing or whatever it is he can you know he really gets this kind of stuff yeah anything you got well a lot of you guys in this group already know that you can reach out and ask questions at any time that’s just you know being able to help other people is what really motivates me to keep moving forward when I first got started like Rachel I was selling physical products with Shopify and I did not like my heart wasn’t in that and and once I started learning that I can help others and in answering questions and and then that led to some sales that’s when I was like okay this is this is what I need to doing so James said Ron can I throw in a bonus on top of years if anyone signs up tonight with Ron’s link he’ll give them an extra bonus what is it absolutely what is it um Chris said I’m gonna watch the replay yeah when we’re done with this the replay will render and you guys can watch it and Ron I’m sure will be sending out to his list and upload this to YouTube too and people see it they’re also he-he’s doing the ecosystem method shame peanut I made my first IG TV today super cool that’s like another little bonus thing I do is take try to take my youtube videos and add them to IG TV just to do it but I forget sometimes I haven’t like added it to my virtual assistants checklist yet just cuz I wanted to like make sure I like knew all the steps to take but I’ll probably add that onto for them to do hi James this awesome bonus run I’d love to take you up on it but I’m already in the program that’s thing – there’s like cool people in the program that are willing to help you and collab with you and and out bonuses on your offers and like help you sell so you guys if you’re in they’re in the program or when you join you’ll see James is in there – he’s one of the top students ooh that’s James sorry just commented his bonus he said they can come on my new hot podcast and promote their service or offer and if you guys don’t know James is going through I’m a podcasting he’s been going through a podcasting course like for a while and you know his is launching on December 2nd and he’s already got a bunch of buzz around it so I know he’s doing it right so it’s not like you’re gonna go on to a podcast and nobody’s gonna see what you’re talking about like the the podcast is it’s already generating a bunch of attention you know and it’s not even launched yet it’s just launching so I he just had me on it yeah yeah once it’s launched as he already has like these names on it of people who have these audiences and so you get a benefit from that audience to like people might go check out the audience because they want it to my interview or go see James smiling interviewer whoever it is and then they also see you so that’s just such a great kickstart to like your personal branding I don’t eat podcast and OTE um but like if someone invites you to be on their podcast yeah you can do it and sometimes to podcast isn’t just audio with the video so you could get the video recording I think James might do that like put the video recordings up on YouTube also I don’t know exactly how they’ll do it but hey free traffic what the heck you could put that on your website like go check out the podcast I was in it’s great right so yeah that’s it that’s a huge bonus that’s awesome yeah no te members help each other out okay guys well you know have more questions coming later so James to this bonus is going away tonight Ron’s bonus but going away like after Friday yeah I’m gonna have my bonus up along until December 2nd when the promotion Chloe yeah I’m shutting this down on Cyber Monday just like you know I think it’s silly you know like Friday 7:00 every Monday but I was like I can’t beat him join you know everyone’s doing it you know I’m missing out if I don’t do it so there’s Friday Saturday some Monday like that Monday the second last one I’m taking all the bonuses away and price goes back to 997 she could buy it for 97 and buy my coercing my coaching separate also spend $4,000 or do the payment plan why 97 or 497 for lifetime access get Ron’s bonus get James bonus get all my bonuses get the coaching okay guys thanks so much for watching and yeah we’re here to help you yes thank you guys I really appreciate all you guys coming on and and staying on you know through the whole live like just being here spending this time with us so like I respect your time and time is super valuable and coming on during the middle of the week like this to to get this kind of training is like the exact it’s the exact thing that we have to like be able to do to like really move forward and break through those glass ceilings that like that hold us back and we feel like like we were not made contraction or I mean at least in my experience that’s that’s what I found and so I’m super appreciative of all of you you know giving you know giving me your time getting Rachel your time and coming on and checking this training out so yeah thanks everyone for watching great job run on your promoting and this had pretty good retention okay guys well um let’s get to it it’s either Netflix time whatever it is thanks for watching after the after this post I’m gonna be answering questions to throughout the night yeah will be a will still be on Facebook Tagus or will get notified so yeah yeah okay [Music]

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