April 1, 2020
Free Online Video Maker For Your Holiday Ads

Free Online Video Maker For Your Holiday Ads

in today’s video we’re gonna talk about
a free online video maker for your holiday ads so stay tuned if you’re
running a bit behind and haven’t got your holiday ads made yet I’m gonna show
you a online video maker where you can make up a few really quickly it’s easy
to use and I’ve done videos on it before I’ll post a link to those in the
description the software I’m using today is called OFFEO. It is great for
making short social media videos and they look really good it has tons of
templates to choose from and they just came out with a whole bunch for the
holiday season as I’m recording this Black Friday is tomorrow but there’s
still plenty of time to get some cute social media videos and ads made for
your business you start by going to OFFEO.com and up here in the top corner
you can sign up for free or just click get started
it’s free to use and no credit card is required now once you get signed in to
OFFEO you just go to create new video up here at the top or create new video down
here once you start your project you can go up here to the top and rename it
we’re gonna call it holiday ad click Save from up here you can change the
sighs from square whatever size best fits where you’re going to put the ad
we’re just gonna stick with square for this demonstration
it’ll be 1080 by 1080 to close that back out you just click the button up top
again now I’m not gonna go through a full tutorial to show you all the
features I did that in another video and I will link that in the description but
before I go any further I do want to mention that the link that I have in the
description to OFFEO is an affiliate link if you do decide to sign up for
their pay plan I will be compensated now to find those holiday ads you’re going
to go over here to templates right at the top on the left you want to scroll
down the side here on categories go to important days and hit that arrow down
and that’s going to show you all the holidays you can unclick that and then
just click the holiday of your choice since Black Friday is tomorrow I’m going
to assume you don’t need that one though in my area we celebrate Christmas and
here are all the new holiday Christmas ones let’s take a look at some of them
this one here is really cute it’s made to look like a 3d Instagram let’s watch
it some of the mints are locked like Santa running and
the snow but you can change the text and you just click on each one of these
elements to the side and you’ll see it lights up on the video so you know which
one you can change this blue graphic here is changeable and movable now let’s
take a look at another one this one here is a New Year’s giveaway and it looks
like a coupon you could of course go in and change this to Christmas or leave it
at New Year’s write down your special and it looks like a very special coupon
let’s watch that one that one’s only of course you could easily duplicate
that and have a say several different things let’s see how that’s done
let’s go to scenes because it’s only five seconds long I can go over here to
duplicate scene change that and let’s duplicate that once more I might choose
the first one here go to layers and I’m going to go to the header and once I
have that clicked to change what it says I can just double click and put happy
new year now let’s say I just want to say Happy
New Year on the first part and not have this part I can go into that and just go
up to the trash can and delete then click on the happy new year again and I
can either resize it from the top or I can just stretch it out and drag it over
here in the middle another thing I’m going to do is I’m going to go into
music I’m going to turn off the music that’s with that and close it out I
could always pick another music later but let’s see how that looks and that’s
just that one scene and I notice right here there’s something going across let
me click that and I can actually move that down or I could delete it there we
go and once I get the front page like I
like it I can hit save go back over here to scenes click on the second one go
back to layers and then have my new year give away I’m going to put 25
percent off all services and this time I’m going to stretch it out like this also in the header I don’t want to say
giveaway I want to say New Year’s special I’m gonna grab this and put it
back in the middle and now that I have it all lined up like I want it let’s go
ahead and play that one from the beginning and now we’re going to go to
the last scene let’s click on the last one and I put limited offer available
through New Year’s Day I’m going to make the limited offer a
bit bigger and you can also look right here and type in the size you want there
we go hit save again and play from beginning but let’s go ahead and watch
how the whole video came out and that looks pretty good and if we
want to download this one you just click download and go on from there let’s take
a look at a couple more templates before we start downloading anytime you put a
new template on it’s going to overwrite your other project so you’ll need to
confirm that now I deleted the other layers that I made because I just put
this in all as one layer so let’s go ahead and watch it as it is and that one’s got a whole lot going on
what’s going to the layers as you can see there are tons of little things all
doing their own thing but if you just want to change out a particular part you
can drag the little time across the bottom here you get to the element you
want to change let’s say you want to change that picture right there I can
find it over here by looking at it this is product one and it’s got a picture in
there I’m going to hit swap go to my files and click on my picture and done
and now it has my picture in there now right underneath that is a text box and
a product name product name I’m going to double click but in my name I’m going to
change that color black and I’m going to move it more centered here now if you’re
trying to figure out which element you want to change like this 30% off you can
see it lights up over here another way to do that because of the way they’re
layered is just click on each of these and see what lights up now let’s say I
just take that 30% off completely out so take
it off let’s go ahead and hit save and close my files look through the video a
little bit more in product – we’re gonna do swap again go to my files get a logo
and put in my logo and hit done you can also grab stuff from your drive or your
Dropbox now I’m gonna go with the product name that’s above that again
double click I’m going to change that again to black and I’m going to Center
it again I’m going to take off this one by deleting it go ahead and hit save and
let’s roll see if there’s anything else AHA there
we go let’s also delete this out now let’s
watch it from the beginning and see how that looks of course I would still need
to go through and change all the text but this kind of gives you an idea of
how you can alter these to best fit what you want to use them for maybe you want
to send out a holiday greeting and your email maybe you want to put it up on
social media maybe you’re gonna add it to your website also if you decide you
need it for a different size click on the square up at the top it has
Pinterest sizes Twitter sizes and Instagram sizes also if you happen to
know the size like this is a YouTube video you can just click that it’ll move
everything over and give you space over here to do something else or you can go
back to templates like back on Christmas and there’s your YouTube sizes this
one’s that the same ad done in the YouTube size some of these ads will have
duplicates and some of them won’t once you have your ad the way you want it
make sure you click Save go over here to download and it’s going to actually demo
it for you you can download
as an mp4 and MOV or a GIF another thing you can do is download an image if
you’re going to put it on on YouTube and you want to use a particular image you
just drag it to where you want and click download the JPG or the PNG and that’s a
really quick way to make a thumbnail for your video taken directly from the video
after you’ve gotten that just click download it says we’re getting your
video ready it says you may close this window now and it’ll send you an email
when it’s done that email will have a link where you can get that video so
that is a quick and easy way to come up with some last-minute ads for your
holiday sales for your holiday social media and for reaching out to your
clients and customers I hope you found this video helpful thanks for watching
and we’ll see you next week

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  1. videos seem boring and too niche to attract audience, the way things are going you won't make it big. Try changing things up and experimenting a little bit

  2. If you could do a video on bare bone basics of videos that would be great! I would love to understand more about the sizes, etc that you speak of in your videos. The very beginner basics of videos and sizes, and when to use which extensions would be awesome. Your other videos are wonderful, but I don't always understand the sizes, etc. Just an idea 🙂

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