April 3, 2020
Four Content Marketing Options for Ecommerce Businesses

Four Content Marketing Options for Ecommerce Businesses

If you’re selling products on an ecommerce
website, there are plenty of content marketing activities that you can engage in to drive
sales, brand awareness and increase revenue. So today I want take a look at four of these
content marketing activities that you can use for your own website. So first of all, video demonstrations. Video
is a really powerful medium. A great example of an ecommerce website that uses videos to
their advantage is ASOS. I know that we refer to them time and time again. But there’s a
reason for that, they’re very good at what they do. So if you take a look at ASOS, you can see
that they are a fashion retail outlet site. They use video to show models wearing their
items of clothing. So see if you can do a similar thing for the products that you are
selling on your own ecommerce website. It’s easier for your users to digest the information.
They can actually see the products in real life, and they can make more of an informed
decision as to whether they should buy into that product. So video demonstrations are
a great way for you to attract customers to your ecommerce website or indeed explain the
products once they’ve landed on your pages. Second of all, make sure you regularly maintain
your blog. The blog is a great channel anyway for you to build an audience and regularly
post content on there. So see if you can share things like competitions that you’re running
for your products on your site, latest offers or new arrivals, things like that. As long
as you’ve built up your blog to a decent standard and there’s an audience there waiting to receive
that information and it’s a great channel for you to push your products online. Third on the list is product guides and site
copy. So, if you visit a website and you notice that there’s a whole series of products, but
there’s not much text or information actually written about those products, then 9 times
out of 10 you’re going to go and visit a competitor’s site, or you’re going to click X and that
website won’t be receiving your money. So don’t let that happen if you own your own
ecommerce website. Instead, if you’ve got groups of products that can be put together
within a group, see if you can write a guide on those particular items. Alternatively, if they’re individual products,
so you might be a tech company with a series of mobile phones or iPads, that kind of thing,
tablets, see if you can create site copy for each individual product. This way it’s going
to be a lot more engaging for your audience when they’re visiting your site and seeing
those particular products. They’ll be able to look at the details of that particular
item, and off the back of this, again, they can make an informed decision. So, if you’re tying in site copy with video
demonstrations as well, then it’s obviously going to be more powerful. This just depends
on time, whether you’ve got enough time and resources to create those particular videos.
But you’ve got to start somewhere. So site copy is important. If you can add the videos
to those pages as well, then they’re going to have more of an impact. And lastly on the list is newsletters. Newsletters,
I think personally, is a hidden gem in content marketing, and more businesses should be using
it, especially if you own an ecommerce website, purely for the fact that if someone’s made
a purchase before or they’ve subscribed to an offer, then you’ve already got a large
database of email addresses and a waiting audience that you can tap into. So, within
your newsletters, again see if you can promote special offers, new arrivals, any competitions
that you might be running to win particular items on the ecommerce website and use your
database of contacts to your advantage and think about how you’re going to attract them
once they land on your site pages, to actually make a purchase. So newsletters is the final
one, but also a very key content marketing activity that you should be using. So they are the four content marketing options
that I wanted to go through today. Thanks for watching, and for more information please
visit Koozai.com or visit any of the social profiles at the end of this video.

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  1. Is your Ecommerce websites utilising Content Marketing properly?

    John shares his top 4 Content Marketing options for Ecommerce businesses in this insightful video.

  2. Very helpful tips on utilizing E-commerce websites, you have clearly described Blog, Videos demonstrations, product guides, and newsletter for an E-commerce site which are very essential for it.

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