March 30, 2020
Finding Foreign Buyers Pt. 4: E-Commerce | Export.Gov Exporting Basics Video Episode 13

Finding Foreign Buyers Pt. 4: E-Commerce | Export.Gov Exporting Basics Video Episode 13

[ Music ]>>As more and more people
around the world rapidly move into the middle class, they
are buying more and more goods and services online from
businesses in other countries. This is called cross-border
e-commerce, and because of technological
advances and changes in international trade laws, even the smallest American
business owner can now consider literally millions of
people in foreign countries to be potential customers. The two kinds of
cross-border e-commerce are business-to-business, or B2B, and business-to-consumer,
or B2C. After you decide
which of these is best for your particular business,
how do you find and connect with your potential online
customers in foreign countries? One way to reach
them in on country or industry-specific e-commerce
platforms or marketplaces. These platforms may be huge
featuring millions of products or they may be much more
focused on specific industries, like power tools or auto parts. On some sites, you can
even create your own virtual storefront. You can also create
your own e-commerce site by adding international
payment and shipping options to your current website. Another way to sell
internationally is through popular social
media networks. Some now offer virtual stores,
and you can also target ads at specific customers
in other countries who may be interested
in your products. Many American business owners
are now using a successful mix of these sales channels. These e-commerce methods are
relatively inexpensive to use, and offer access to millions of potential customers
around the world. Of course, the online
marketplace is very crowded, so you have to make sure your
products stand out in the crowd. To learn more about how to make
cross-border e-commerce a part of your export strategy,
visit today. For more information
on the export process, you can watch another video in the Exporting Basics
video series, register online at to receive
valuable export information, and explore our export guides
and trade events calendar on the website. [ Music ]

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