April 1, 2020
Find Your Store URL — Ecwid — Adobe Muse eCommerce

Find Your Store URL — Ecwid — Adobe Muse eCommerce

I’ve received quite a few questions about what the store URL is and how you can find it and so I wanted to answer that in this video. First of all, the store URL doesn’t have anything to do with what is inside Ecwid. A lot of people thought that the store URL was right here which I totally understand and I should have
made this less confusing but haven’t been able to figure out how to make it
less confusing. So, that’s why I’m doing this video. The store URL refers to page that you put the Storefront widget on. So, let’s say you put the storefront
widget on a page called “My Awesome Store” inside Muse. The easiest way to find a
store URL is to go to that page, export it Muse, which is Cmd+Shift+E or
Ctrl+Shift+E, and then go up here and that is the store URL. So you just copy that and paste it into whichever widget is asking for it. So,
in this example, this shopping cart widget is asking for the store URL. So, right here you would just paste, “my-awesome-store.html”

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  1. Hi recently got the complete package. There is already some Ecwid widget to stylize direct login and separately (as is already the options to add to cart button and counting)? Because we can only log in storefront. Sorry for bad english.

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