April 7, 2020
Find Winning Products In SECONDS with CEO of Ecomhunt (Product Research for Shopify Products)

Find Winning Products In SECONDS with CEO of Ecomhunt (Product Research for Shopify Products)

(Winning Products Shopify) In this video We’re gonna find winning drop shipping products in seconds with Mordechai owner founder of Ecomhunt One the best spy tools out there for dropshipping Let’s get started I have so much stuff to give you guys and tell you about features that we have only comment and he still so many great Features and I’m sure that most of them you’re not even using them and that’s a shame So let’s start and let’s dig inside And before we start this amazing video, you’re gonna be blown away by the strategies. Make sure to comment automate automate Down in the comments below if you want to win an exclusive list of 21 winning products research Only for private members if you want to win that and you want to have a chance to win our giveaway come and automate down Below subscribe hit that notification bell and let’s get on to the video. Awesome. Let’s go right now here is the e come hunt comm Dashboard when you log in you’re going to e come on how would somebody that like for example? They get an e come hunt a calendar to get an equal Merck trial Maybe how should they use it and when they look at a product, how should they actually see that problem? so first of all As you can see here Raphael is a page user as I can see that you have access to all of the product and information once you’re here you can See that we have webinars and tutorials right here. We have this winning clubs Basically, when you reach five thousand dollars in sales using products on a command we give a free t-shirt So it’s a really good good thing to motivate our users into getting more sales Now if you can you can see here we have these filters It’s basically search filters that you can easily sort the products in a different way so for example now we are only seeing the new products first and go pull all their product when you scroll down and you also have these odors here so you can sort the page by folders and you will see the most orders products and We love the end list and here you have all the categories. We have a lot of categories products over a thousand of products in the website and Here you have the range lens seven days That’s 40 days and here you can type anything you like and find products related to your niche store if you’re going for a niche If we scroll down We can see many products. All of these products are proven to sell we don’t want to share with you products that it didn’t prove themselves on the market and the reason is because It’s already hard enough to test products online You don’t want to try new products If you’re a beginner, you want to try products that are already working and collect a few sales from them or a lot Though let’s scroll down here. You can see many products. I’m looking for a product that will pop out For example this one right here let’s so the reason I picked this product is because You can already you can immediately see this eye catching image there. Is this weird? What is it is it’s a drum with weird drum. You see that it has multiple products So if you buy this drum, you will get those sticks and bags So it makes it look like a perceived value product Looks like you’re getting a lot for not much really in the second We see the price and you see this yoga women with the see behind it looks pretty good And it will probably make you stop when you scroll on Facebook And this is what we want to do when we were testing a product then you can see here this sad Widow bear No button. It’s a really cool button that we did with a barrel guys It’s basically importing the product directly from a command to your store And as soon as you get a sale, they will also be able to fill your orders. So it’s a really a no-brainer It’s free. I strongly advise that Here on the top of the page we have Jack a Ching jacket Ching is uh, is it a shark tag that when when it’s like the the the mascot of He commands behind jacket chain, we have a real person is a live consultant You can send a message about anything related to drop shipping and it will give you advice about targeting testing or your product page or just leave your historic like so, this is Jack it’s free for paid users and Then here we have a description of the product know you said that many people ask about it Like should I just coffee water and hop in it? Yeah and put it on the store. The answer is no Don’t do this the copy here Just an example of a structure we build the structure for you We show you how you should write your your product description to get more sales or just to get sales basically now if you’re watching this description read it and Rewrite it on your product pages. Let’s scroll a bit down here. You can see the descending price This is the average buy stores online or selling this product You know what? It’s just doing the same price somebody for example, like a beginner Yeah for a beginner even not a beginner in advanced Sarah. I personally like to start really low Okay, so if the if the costs are not expressed is 43 dollars I would price it on my store for 59 maybe even it’s a low profit and start but it will give you You’ll be confident about your skills and ads because you’ll be motivated you will get sales and I think that this is the most important part when you’re starting to dropship online you wanna you want to Build this confidence that you actually know what you’re doing so if you start shape, you will get those sales and your pixel will start to build itself and you have more data and Yeah, that’s that’s pretty much my way of doing stuff. So beginners and advanced users dropshippers should definitely use this strategy to build up their Facebook account and here we have something we call saturation inspector a Lot of users are asking about it. They’re not sure like what is this and The answer to this feature is quite simple. So we build this software behind the saturation inspector. That is Simply searching on the web So it’s going to Google and it types in the keywords of the product and then it searches for Shopify stores that are selling the same product So for example here we were able to find 63 stores that are selling the same product now The market is huge. So obviously if you see anything below 100 or even 200 stores that are selling the product It’s still not a saturated product But I will definitely recommend to go for stores up to a hundred stores that are selling this product So anything below this would be would be a go-to product in your eyes Is there like really such a thing as saturation because I get that question a lot and it’s it’s kind of difficult to answer Should somebody like not touch a product? Does it get to that point or should you just if you see a product that’s selling called proven in the market? Then you test it in your store. What’s your view on that? Well, I have this Funny rule it’s basically if you go to the store and you can easily find those products It’s a saturated product. But as long as you don’t see on any shop out there It’s probably a product that can still sell online online This is this pretty much what I think about saturation all thought that you can still sell even products that are already under stores if you do like to Creatives or it tried to go for new markets. So for example, a product would be really good that it states But in Israel, for example, no one knows about it because no one actually tried to sell it So try new markets and I believe that almost any product can be a winner product again even if it was saturated in this section right here what we can see is Links, you can see all the links related to this product. For example, we have Aliexpress supplier, we have Alibaba supplier with Amazon eBay We also bring you a store that actually selling this product as an example And we also have the Facebook Ads of this product So if you click here It will take you to Facebook and you will be able to see the actual ad that now is doing good on Facebook here you can see the engagement of this ad I Can see it spike. It’s really very it’s going viral as we speak If you click this picture right here, you will be able to see that and it’s three weeks ago Yeah, it’s three weeks ago. You can see like three million views It’s really crushing it on a web see that people are really fired up about this product So this is definitely a winning product. I would go now and test it right now. It’s a really good product you Say for example, because there’s a lot of people have this question Should I just take the same targeting same video that I find on here and just test it right out? No No, you don’t want to do that. This could risk your account This could lead you into a lot of trouble and probably will not get sales. You need to come up with videos of your own pictures that you should usually can use and Express pictures would be fine a trick that we like to do is to Mirror the pictures. Okay. Yes. If you take a picture not express and you mirror if it will look different It’s the same product but it still looks different So this is a nice trick that we like to do about videos in most cases We just pay someone else to do it. But sometimes we although the product and go for a simple video For example unboxing videos do really good on Facebook Show the product in action Usually for products that are really easy to shoot, you know, some products are a bit more complicated This one should be really easy. You know, it’s just someone playing playing it. It should be really simple So you have a video from YouTube of someone showing this product then right? Here. We have the Targeting that we suggest don’t simply copy paste the targeting The only reason we’ll give your targeting is to give you some kind of an idea of what you should actually Target so you can see here. We we went for meditation and musician. So these two targeting is like both of them really related to this product because it’s a Meditation kind of product and at the same time it’s people that love to play instruments that we probably buy this product So for example a drummer or a piano player or a guitar player? They will probably be the right target for this, but you also want them to be into meditation So try to combine it maybe with yoga or I don’t know magazines about yoga or brands Yeah, yeah. Yeah exactly exactly Let’s scroll down a bit more here. We have Instagram influencers We are giving for every product on the website Instagram influencers that are related to the niche of the product so you can simply Click on the name of the influencers sending a message and try to hook a deal with him to get more exposure on Instagram and some shoutouts and I don’t know if you guys do this strategy. Just make sure you don’t overpay For this kind of stuff because sometimes people charge like a thousand dollars Yeah, it’s not worth it. So make sure you’re not getting scammed here You can See? Oh, yeah, there are so many entrances Here we have eBay statistics. So eBay statistics is basically the same concept as the saturated Inspector it’s going to eBay Typing those keywords of the product and pulling out all of the products from eBay that are currently selling the same product And then it’s doing this calculation over the last thirty days on how much sales you made so you can see here that it was kind of dead for a long time and Then it starts pick up Every day sale they got sales every day here. It’s not a lot but it still says organic sales on eBay Yeah, the same trend that the Facebook ad. Yeah, that’s kind of it. Could be a really good product. Yeah, yeah so also you mentioned something really cool here because I Found out that when a product goes viral on Facebook It impacts everything around it. Yeah, so if you upload the same product on eBay you will get organic sales without doing anything because people will see the product and then they go to ebay and say like maybe I Can find a cheaper deal and they do the same thing on Google. So if you have a store and you See a product here that is recently going viral I totally suggest you do Google Ads shopping ads we get a lot of sales without doing anything cheap sales. I agree Yeah, so here we have the same thing with Aliexpress We’re doing the same thing. We’re sending to our Express those keywords and we get back the listing and how many items were Purchased in the last 30 days and see her Not much is happening or not expressed for this product Yeah, it has 46 and total earnings $6,000. So I think it’s enough of profit You can still set this product and this is good news. Actually, I don’t like seeing a lot of say yeah too much I don’t like see too much because maybe it’s one person that now is crushing it And he’s making all the sales. So this one is good news for me. So here you can see real buyers reviews from Aliexpress so you can actually see what we brought thinking about this product and if you scroll a bit more you can see more related product to the same category and just keep sliding here and finding more products that are related and That’s pretty much it we’re now working on more features and more stuff that will be added to this page and One of them is you I don’t know if you remember we asked you for 10 tips I know. Yeah, so we’re building this feature that will show up right here in this empty space It would be tips from successful drop shippers. So Expect to see a fire really soon on the product pages. We’re seeing more often. Alright, that’s about it That’s it start finding winning products starting right now and if you want to check out the software yourself link is in the description right there sign up for ecomcon And if you want to learn about the top 10 winning products to sell right now on top of these check out the video That’s gonna be suggested right here. Just click on that video subscribe if that notification about and we’ll see you on the next one. Bye

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