April 5, 2020

FATCHIP OXID 2 Tradebyte Connector

The FATCHIP OXID 2 Tradebyte Connector represents the connection of your OXID eShop to Tradebyte With the plugin, product data are published on numerous ecommerce platforms and marketplaces After having installed the plugin, the OXID2TB Connector has to be activated under “Extensions” –>”Plugins” The plugin configuration is carried out in the index-tab “Config” under “FC Tradebyte” –>”OXID2TB” In the basic settings, the export functionality is to be activated Also, the path for the PHP interpreter is to be supplied Via the Tradebyte channels, shop owners can choose for which sales channels the product data are to be prepared For each sales channel, shop owners can choose between active, inactive and inactive, but visible in the admin area If “Inactive, but visible in the admin area” was selected, articles can be prepared for a certain channel. However, those will not be exported yet In order for the export to be transmitted to Tradebyte via an XML file, the Tradebyte FTP access data need to be supplied Alternatively, the communication between Tradebyte and the OXID eShop can be carried out via the Tradebyte REST API When the order import is activated, the orders from the previously selected channels will be imported to the OXID eShop For that, the path to the order XML has to be supplied on the Tradebyte server Furthermore, a standard payment method, shipping method, VAT rate and user ID can be defined for the imported orders Within the product settings, the pre-defined price, the recommended retail price or the normal price can be determined for the export Furthermore, the OXID active status can be overwritten article-wise When this setting is activated, inactive products will be exported to Tradebyte as well Regarding products that do not have a EAN number, an individual EAN can be created for the export If the logging is activated, export information will be saved in a log file Under “FC Tradebyte” –>”Tags”, tags for the different channels can be created and assigned to the respective products In this example, a new Amazon.de tag for the gender is created (with the options male, female and unisex) Under “Manage articles” –>”Articles”, a product for the export is to be chosen In the index-tab “OXID2TB”, the export settings can be carried out article-wise An alternative price can be set for the previously activated channels, The eBay channel is a channel that is inactive but visible in the admin area For channels that only allow a certain picture size, up to seven alternative product images can be uploaded Furthermore, the matching tags can be assigned to the product An alternative long text can be saved as well Under “Manage articles” –>”Categories”, shop owners can change the category’s name for the channel Under “FC Tradebyte” –>”OXID2TB”, the XML file’s export can be carried out manually Alternatively, a cronjob can be established The Tradebyte export XML has been created in the directory shown and could now be loaded to the Tradebyte server

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