November 17, 2019
FAM How-to on AppSumo

FAM How-to on AppSumo

If you have a Shopify store or thinking of
ever creating one, we invented something INSANE for you that
will truly revolution eCommerce. If you’re ready for a marketing game-changer,
stick around for today’s product showcase. What’s up you gorgeous, Sumolings! Your Chief Sumo Noah here… I missed you. After 3 years and working with over 10,000
stores we learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t on Shopify. And the 1 thing nearly every store wasn’t
doing well was…Email Marketing. “Oy vey says Momma Sumo”: Everyone has the same struggle: What strategy should I be using for email
marketing? Who can I hire to write, design and how expensive
the software is to send those emails? PLUS — You don’t have the time to do this
along with everything else you’re doing! Guess what? We solved this for YOU. We created a tool that uses AI to generate,
schedule, and send the best emails that are unique to your store. In under 2 minutes you will have your months
work of pixel perfect emails ready and it can all be run from the convenience of your
cell phone on the beach. Let me show you how it works: Start off by logging into your Shopify store
and installing FAM. From here, FAM will jump right in and import
your contacts, logo, fonts, and social accounts to generate the perfect emails, from the subject
line to signature. Nerd talk: we imported the subject lines of
every Shopify store and have algorithms + data to figure out the perfect one for you
each and every time. It’s really this impressive! Just like that, FAM will develop a welcome
email that utilizes images from your store and social profiles, the font that matches
your brand, and the best text to guarantee conversions and happy customers :). You can edit the subject line, or use the
Advanced Settings to update things like discount percentages to get your customers to buy. And magically FAM connects with Shopify to
create those unique discount codes.. Don’t like the email FAM created for you? Just hit regenerate and out pops another gorgeous
email to send to your customers! Once you’re happy with your Welcome email,
FAM gets you going with Promo emails, Instagram emails, and Product emails. Let’s say you create a relevant Instagram
post. FAM will detect it and automatically transform
your post into a beautiful email. All of your emails will appear on your dashboard
under Scheduled Emails, and all you have to do is approve it! You’ll start seeing the revenue come in
as the emails get sent! And we are adding new types of emails every
single month. Shopify peeps, you don’t need to shell out
big money on copywriters and designers or spend your precious time composing emails
to bring in revenue. What you need is a single tool that works
as your small business’s personal email marketer. And now you can have exactly that with FAM.

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