April 2, 2020
Facebook Watch vs. YouTube | Which One Is More Important for Video Marketing?

Facebook Watch vs. YouTube | Which One Is More Important for Video Marketing?

everyone is Neil Patel here I’m here with Adam from viewership I guess today we have another Q&A Thursday again if you have a comment or a question and you want to answer it on a Q&A Thursday video leave a comment below and we may pick it for next week’s video so Adam what’s this week’s question this is your best opportunity to get your questions answered by Neil I’m reading every single one of your comments so make sure you do that this is from Dion and this is outstanding content Neil quick question though how would one access Facebook watch Facebook watch is available to everyone if you’re on Facebook and you want to just go watch videos like Tom versus time it’s amazing I don’t know how many of you guys follow this Super Bowl his team lost but you can end up going and watching amazing content kind of like what you find on YouTube but on Facebook right if you want to leverage Facebook watch and have your own videos on there yes you can submit them eventually be open to everyone but right now it’s an application process in which you have to apply to Facebook get permission and they’ll either select you or they won’t but it’s a great way to get out there what happens with these social networks is they do whatever they can to crush your competitors for example are you on Instagram a lot yeah Facebook wanna crush snapchat what feature that they add on Instagram the story that’s right yeah after they out of stories to Instagram whatsapp and even Facebook web to snapchat out I don’t I don’t use snapchat at all anymore some people still use it as snapchats growth died down their stock died still around they still make money but their growth just got crushed by facebook facebook is now trying to go after YouTube YouTube has evergreen video content kind of like television shows they want the same thing on Facebook YouTube is one of the most popular social networks so Facebook’s doing something in which hey we want more of this content if you submit it will be very favorable in our algorithm in which we’ll give it more views more engagement we’ll push it up to the top of people’s newsfeeds this is when you want to start pushing out content on Facebook or any social network the moment you see they’re trying to compete with someone else and clobber them that’s when you want to be like okay they lack this kind of content they want more of it let’s go and submit all that type of content to this social network and right now that’s specifically video content eventually I believe Facebook will start getting into audio content it’s not there yet YouTube isn’t really there yet with audio content either everyone wants a visual but podcasting is growing so fast and voice search is gonna be the new wave although many of you guys don’t care about it I can see when I write articles on voice search or I do podcast episodes the listens or the readership is a lot lower on those but that is the future you’re gonna see these guys competing for that well watch the analytics on this video see if it just died there you go so what I would do if I were you guys is if you’re trying to get the most amount of views on your videos don’t you submit it to YouTube submit it to LinkedIn because they’re lacking video content and they’re really pushing it hard and same with Facebook go after Facebook watch try to get your videos in there you’ll get a lot more views in addition to that promote your videos to your email list promote them to your other social profiles you can Instagram yeah even Instagram shorten them that’s right I’m like though absolutely probably Instagram you can’t do long videos what is it 2-minute Kasich’s 60 seconds 60 seconds so maybe you can shorten them to 60 seconds on that the end be like hey go check out my YouTube or Facebook for the rest of the video or you can end up doing like 5 60 second videos and then eventually people will have to watch through all of them to get the full story or the quote-unquote full video right but again if you want to leverage Facebook watch there’s not much you need to know as long as they’re the underdog they will push whatever they can to your videos to get you to put your content on Facebook over YouTube or what’s probably gonna happen is you’re gonna be leveraging both they just want to take market share away when it comes to promotion catchy headlines are good make sure you’re clear with your text and the way you speak because they will start looking at audio files and using the words as keywords to eventually figure out hey when people are doing searches what videos should be make sure what descriptions you always put long descriptions or transcripts and all these options will change as YouTube or Facebook watch gets more and more popular and as they develop it more but it’s the basics keywords clear and tax mention the keywords within your video so we mentioned Facebook wat Facebook watch many times which means it’s not only gonna rank on YouTube but if we’re on Facebook watch will get more traffic therefore those terms transcripts consider translating your videos in multiple languages and doing subtitles we’ve been doing a lot of tests on this lately it’s not competitive in other regions but the majority of the population in the world doesn’t speak English so make sure you do that as well and just follow those tips you’ll do well if you have any more questions leave a comment below we’ll all be there to answer it if you have another question that you want answered on the Q&A Thursday video leave a comment with the question maybe we’ll consider for next week’s hopefully we will and we look forward to helping you out thank you very much for watching make sure you subscribe or like the video

60 thoughts on “Facebook Watch vs. YouTube | Which One Is More Important for Video Marketing?

  1. After watching your videos I decided to follow my passion of blogging (writing) but I don't know how to promote a blog
    I'm scared to end up having little or no luck with followers
    I also find setting up a block really hard, can you please make a video step by step setting up a blog, designing a blog etc..
    And by the way you are an inspiration.
    Q$A ??

  2. What's the most efficient way to transcribe my video captions? What's the most efficient way to transcribe them from English to another language? What best practices should I follow once I have my video captioned in multiple languages? Put up all videos with same title, just transcribed in the language of the captions?

  3. Great video as always!
    Quick follow up question. If the video has words with images already, should you still add subtitles manually for search engines? Or is it more for user experience?
    Thanks again!

  4. Hey Neil,

    I have conducted a small survey and research on blogging and vlogging. As of my research 80% of the people love video content and to get something clear, they check YouTube. On the other hand, 20% are satisfied with text content because blogs are so competitive and the results will be so accurate. Both of them are true. So can you do a video on Blogging Vs Vlogging and say about what's the feature of both? It could be an awesome content. I watch all your videos, just a beloved follower of you.

    Mufeed VH

  5. hey Neil nice video, a quick question what to do first after starting the website to ensure perfect SEO growth and website progress

  6. I am getting views and watch time is slowly creeping up on my new channel “Go Groomer”. Still no subscribers:( most of the traffic for my channel is generated from Instagram and Twitter. Any advice on what I can do to boost my channel? Thank you guys-love watching your channel! You’ve been very helpful!

  7. Hey NIL PATEL lots of love from india….sir please tell me that what are the bad effect of generating lots of traffic (approx 50k per day) from facebook groups and pages

  8. Hey niel graet stuff ,keep up the good work . I have an idea for you .what about making the first hour after every new video is made for answering questions like one previous video. Thanks for great content. 👍👍👍

  9. Thank you guys, fb watch it's the future. Fb is definetely the underdog about video content and will do whatever it takes to get to the top. I definetely see a great opportunity for video creators here to get a massive following on Fb ;).

  10. Hard time getting started with Video I need a step 1 : Go get camera or video source step 2: Hire a director or do it myself step3: upload and play step4 edit video how to build scripts and thumbnails. step 5 how to do seo on this a rank the first week.

  11. I think one has to do 10 back to back videos just to get into the system. Thumb nails and good content. over 5 minutes each.

  12. Hey neil loads of love from 🇵🇰 i have been following you for a long time now and really get alot of help what i need to ask you is what is dynamic seo i have already started it and found out some result after every google cache but need to know more from you

  13. where should our personal branding be on Facebook? in such a way we can leverage it on the businesses we start or already have up and running… Facebook Profile or Facebook Page? all pros and cons pls? like i have heard fb profile won't get verified but there is a limit to facebook friends ie 5,000… pls help in this question, wasnt able to find suitable and detailed answer on google, trying for a week now

  14. Interesting guys, thanks! Is it better to market a new SaaS product through outbound cold emails or advertising? Thanks ✌️

  15. Hey Neil! Great content as always! Do you think is better to have multiple channels with different languages, or just one in English with translations? That's the thing that keeps haunting my mind for the last couple weeks! haha Thx

  16. Hey Neil,
    Your content is amazing. I have a question.
    What's the benefit of shortening a URL, and what websites would you recommend to shorten URLs?

  17. Hey guys! Is there a heavy SEO benefit to having a video transcript match the content written on page? Or is that just a dwell time advantage? Thanks for the help!

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  19. I was thinking of a curation channel, where I begin an episode with a small description of that episode's topic and then show the video of an expert's opinion on that topic. Like i could talk about importance for marketing for small artists and then insert a small video of your on the topic after taking your permission. What do you think?

  20. Niel I am big fan of yours and I want you to make a video on how small companies turn into big including step by step process and please don't end on getting investment as I am one of those who believe in creating funds rather than asking for it so please tell us step by step that if we have idea of a game website or etc. I hope you could satisfy me😥

  21. Hey Neal,

    My name is Sadurshan. I just got a Job to do SEO for a travel agency. But I am not sure how to start or what to do as this is my first order.

    Can you help? Me?

  22. If you were a campsite owner, how would you use digital marketing to perpetuate the business. What do you believe would be the best channels to exploit? Love the content Neil

  23. hey neil! im focusing on growing my social media and want to start with youtube , question : im thinking on growing first my SM fb, ig , twitter and then start a youtube channel to take some followers in to the videos so i could grow faster the channel is that a good idea or should i just start right away with youtube , thanks

  24. Pls Neil I wish to ask how do one strike a balance between writing long contents for google ranking and writing short contents for viral purpose? I have read two of your posts that talked about each topic. Where do I strike a balance if I am writing for ranking in order to increase ranking, traffic and conversion since both topics also deals with leads and conversion? Thank you

  25. Youtube will always be #1 because they let you earn on each video. Facebook wants you to make videos for nothing, ok maybe a few likes here and there.

  26. Thank you Neil for the knowledge! Would you recommend I made a translation for just a few of my top markets (users in different countries) or for many? That would be expensive to make 6 different subtitles for each language, even with Rev. Perhaps I should just target the top 1-2 and move from there?

  27. Everytime a social media tries to be another it does not work except for instagram with there stories. Instagram created videos but it was a fail. Youtube will always be the best for videoplatforming

  28. I chose YouTube over Facebook. Because my Edison speaker review video on Facebook got 0 viewers I posted the same video on YouTube I got 399 views. And with YouTube you don't have to add random strangers for your videos to be noticed.

  29. Hi, this is cool utility, but the thing is I would love to

    1. Share youtube videos (of course)
    2. Share my screen

    Thank you.. I really believe any teacher, trainer, coach, affiliate could use this to help people and make more money by offering a better experience!

  30. love it ive a video idea and the man's done it already. bossing it again neil

  31. Brand new to your channel, which I found by trying to figure out if Facebook Watch might be a good fit for me. One thing I am confused on, is can you actually put the same content on both platforms? That seems like that would be conflict of interest to me.

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