April 1, 2020
Facebook Targeting to Get Law Firm Clients

Facebook Targeting to Get Law Firm Clients

All right. So the question is what Facebook ads strategy from
the course would be best used in order to find plaintiffs for employment lawsuits for a particular
company with multiple locations. And let me show you exactly how to do that. The first thing you’re going to look for is, let’s go up to ads. Top here, you see
there’s the hamburger menu here. You’re going to click all tools, you are
going to go to audience insights. Actually hold on a second. Let me do that. I’m going to do command
that’ll open the second tab. Reload. I don’t know what company
you’re talking about. So I’m just going to pick a
big company in Florida. Let’s call it, let’s say Disney. Disney is in… I’m in Lakeland so Disney… All right, so we want to look
at is business and industry. Let’s see. They change this all the time,
but let’s see. Let’s say Disney and see. Wait. Maybe it’s advanced. Here it is. That’s it. Okay. Job Title. Ah, they got rid of it. Okay. I apologize.
Facebook’s changing this all the time. Let me see. Disney, let me see
if anything shows up for Disney. I don’t know if it does. It doesn’t look like it does. All right. Change of plan. So you can only do job title now.
You can’t do a location. So there’s a different way to do
this then. It’s not that difficult. Disney’s an easy one. So I’m
going to go something else. Let’s say Lockheed Martin. Lockheed
Martin is a big company, and actually they are all over the
country, all over the world. Lockheed Martin locations. So let’s say you’re trying to
target people in Florida. I know they’ve got… I’m just looking at their locations. Here they got… So they got three in Orlando,
three in Tampa. So these are their locations. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to new campaign. Let’s just go for traffic. We’ll call this LM test. LM is Lockheed Martin. This is the important part down here. The way we do this is we’re
going to do a broad ad and we’re going to add these locations. So you’ve got this one right here,
so 500 Sand Lake road. Still an investigation here.
Uh, come on, cancel. Lockheed Martin Orlando. Let’s see that’ll bring up my addresses. So here’s the Sand Lake road location.
So we’re going to go to ads. Include, we’re going to do everyone
recently in this location. This is, everyone’s been at this location
with the last seven days. Now we got 10 miles is driving down to one
mile. This is as target as we can get. So basically, one mile. Now we’re going to take… and
they got a bunch of locations. You might have to do this a bunch of times. I do this with personal injury attorneys
all the time. We do this with hospitals. You just take all of the
hospital locations and you just put them into an address or sorry in to an audience like this. This is the second one. See that there, one mile. Lockheed Martin. Sorry, Lockheed
Martin don’t mean to get you sued. I’m sure they can take it. his one, circle 10 miles, there we go. All right, so now we’ve got basically
anyone that’s been within one mile in the last seven days of any
of these three addresses and that’s location based how
we can narrow it down. Now we can narrow further. There’s probably very few, 18 maybe or I
don’t know how many people are there, but you can see right now
we’re at 150,000 people. I mean, you could run this
ad for a few days and then what you’re going
to do is in your creative, you’re going to say, hey, Lockheed Martin employees or employees of Lockheed Martin, you want to do something that’s kind of going to get them to interact with the ad. So what you can do is you
could run a video ad that would actually work pretty well. So you run a video ad, I always tell people to create
those red bars at the top, at the top it’ll say, hey, Lockheed
Martin employees. So what I would do is, I’m not going to go through this whole thing. I would tweak these also. It’s not important for the
purposes of this video, but what I would do is you
could do like a video here. And I don’t even have a video
for this demonstration. I’ll show you a video that’s… see what do I have in my library here? This video is not relevant obviously. So what I would do is I would start with,
hey, Lockheed Martin employees. Or you could say something like, Lockheed Martin has been stealing. I don’t know. I’m just making up
the content, the ad copy, from their employees. And this video shows you
how they are doing it. I don’t know, something like that. But basically you want Lockheed
Martin at the very top because even though Facebook
is going to tell you that this is the headline right here, I spelled that wrong. Even if Facebook
says this is the headline, why is that not showing up? This is really the first thing people see. And then you can also do like Lockheed, I think I’m spelling
it right, Martin employees need to see this. What is it not showing up
down there? It’s weird. I don’t know why this is showing up, but,
oh, I know why, because there’s no link. Or here google.com Aha, there it is. So, Lockheed
Martin employees need to see this. And then you can play
around with the watch more button, sign up, whatever it is. And then what you’re gonna do is
you’re going to go into audiences. I’m not going to do this ad because I don’t need to do
this, but leave this page. And then you’re going to create
a custom audience. Now if you have a landing page
that you’re directing people to, you’ll just have it be a custom
audience of people that went to the page and you
do that by website traffic. And then obviously you have
to have the pixel on there and then you do people who visited this. And then we’ll be, if URL is
google.com/lmlawsuit, if that’s the URL, whatever the URL is. If you’re doing a video, I do this a lot
of time with videos on Facebook. So what I’ll do is I’ll create a custom
audience based on engagement. And then I click video. And then you do people who’ve
used at least 10 seconds or you’ve got a lot of options. Like you can do a three seconds,
10 seconds, 25%, 50%, 75% 95%. And the deeper you go into this, the more
qualified the person’s going to be. Somebody who watches three
seconds of your video, I mean, it might not be that interested. Some of the watches 95% of your video
is probably pretty interested. So I like to go at least 25% of a video and I like to make the videos like three
or four minutes long at least. And then you hit choose videos and then you obviously just go in here, you go here and you choose your videos. So here’s the video I just talked about. Confirm. In the past, if you want
to 360… I think 180 is the max Oh, no, that’s for custom conversions.
Or wait, what is that for? Okay, so 360 is the max. 180 is the max for something else
but I can’t remember what it is. So maybe you say in the last 14 days, because if somebody saw this
video six months ago and hasn’t opted in, they probably
not interested. And then basically what you
do is you then call this, Lockheed Martin audience. You save that. And then in your next ad
you do re-marketing, but you only target people in the
Lockheed Martin audience. So what you’re doing is you’re
targeting 25% of people that watched this video, and then you’re only showing the rest
of your content to this audience. Hopefully that helps. Hopefully
that makes a lot of sense. If you have any more questions,
just let me know. I will talk to you soon. Thanks.

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