April 6, 2020
Facebook Lead Ads Example  [2018]  Lead Generation, Benefits + #SocialSelling

Facebook Lead Ads Example [2018] Lead Generation, Benefits + #SocialSelling

Hi, I’m Peg. Did you know that Facebook
allows you to create an ad with 3 parts? The first is the ad itself, the
second is the ad landing page with a little form to collect information, and
the third is a thank-you page. It’s called a Facebook Lead Ad. Regular
Facebook Ads ideally end in a click. However Facebook Lead Ads give you the
information that you want to contact people (you can also collect other
data too.) so you get an email or a phone number. In this video, I’m going to show
you what a Lead Ad looks like using the example of a movie piracy ad. I’m
going to tell you some of the benefits versus an ad that takes people off
Facebook. Then I’m going to give you two ways to use these ads. Finally
I’m going to talk about how to make these ads successful. I’m Peg Corwin and this channel is all about social media lead generation and LinkedIn and today
Facebook lead generation, to give you more leads and more business! If that
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channel so you don’t miss an episode! I share one video every Tuesday, I’m a graduate of the Advanced Facebook Advertising class of Jon Loomer . What I share
today is from that and from his ebook on Facebook Lead Ads, which I’m going to
give you a link to at the end of the video. So stay tuned! I’d like to show you
what a Lead Ad looks like on Facebook. I have mocked this up. Obviously a
marketing company wouldn’t be talking about illegal movie downloads, but I do
have an attorney client who is in this business. Here is an ad which
looks just like a regular Facebook ad but the call to action here is get quote. When you click get quote, what you see after you click the ad
is a repeat of the image so you feel like you’re in the same place, and a
repeat of the headline so you’d feel like you’re in the same plac. But then
I’ve added a little more copy here. Then you have the option to write above
the form to customize some copy, so I have put “Get quote from national expert
to resolve this confidentially anywhere in the US.” It has put in my email and my
name from Facebook. When I click Submit down at the bottom, I get a third
screen again repeating the image. It says “Thanks, you’re all set. Please do not
tamper with or ditch your computer! Talk to an expert torrent defense attorney. We
will be in touch in 24 hours. Then the signature, the attorneys name. And
there’s a “view website” link here. So that’s a quick
preview of what a Facebook Lead Ad looks like. I’m going to give you four
advantages of Facebook Lead Ads over other kinds of ads The first one is that
the user does not have to leave Facebook Remember, they’re there because they’re
looking at baby pictures. They aren’t really looking for what you are selling
right at the moment. They might be a little more reluctant to click a link
to leave than to click a link to stay there. The second reason is because it’s easy to submit a Facebook Lead Ad. The data
is all filled out. It doesn’t take the user any time at all. All they have to do
is click Submit. The third reason is that it works super well on mobile. It’s very
hard to type on a tiny screen your email address in order to submit to a form.
The fact that Facebook pulls that data from your profile into the form
makes it very easy on mobile, and gives you higher conversion rates. The last reason is that you don’t have to worry about the load time on
your website. Sometimes somebody’s on a mobile phone. They don’t have a very good internet connection and the page loads slowly.
Next, there are several cases for the use of Facebook Lead Ads. The first one is to share
something specific like a spec sheet for a new product that you’ve got to launch
that people have been waiting for. Or in this case, a request for contact to
answer a question that the client has. That’s the first case, and the second
case is to use with a lead magnet where you might have an e-book or a
checklist that somebody might be interested in if they’re interested in
this topic. They’d be willing to give you their email in order to get that. In this case, the attorney might create a checklist of the 5 things to do if
you’ve been subpoenaed for illegal movie downloads. By targeting people who
have potentially done that you can begin the relationship with them through email
marketing. I’m sure you know that advertising is a mechanism, it’s not
magic. The first factor, the hard part, about Facebook advertising
is targeting. You have to target people who would be potentially
interested in your ad. In this case we could experiment with targeting people
who have an interest in free movie downloads and interest in the kind of
software we’re talking about. We could also target people who like the pages of
the BitTorrent software, which is used for illegal movie downloading. We might
add some demographic targeting over that. If we know that men 25 to 44 are the key people that do this, we could target men in those two
age groups and look at those two different targeting factors to see which
one worked best. The second piece that you need for an
effective Facebook ad, or any ad really, is a compelling offer. In this case the
attorney is offering a free phone call to discuss the client’s problem. That’s
pretty compelling but a discount or an e-book or a checklist those could also
be compelling offers, depending on the problems, the needs, the pain points of
those target clients. Third thing you need especially with Facebook is you
need some budget to experiment because it’s hard to know what’s really going to
work best. What offer is going to be work best, what
targeting is going to work best, what graphic is going to work. You
have to plan on $300 to $500 dollars to experiment to figure out what kind of
targeting is going to work before you can expect to see promising results. Now
learning Facebook ads is challenging. I can tell you because I’ve done it.
It’s not straightforward. If you don’t want to go through that learning curve
yourself, you might want to look for Facebook ad managers on either Google or LinkedIn or even UpWork. Do Facebook sound like something that you might
be interested in? I’ll make you an offer. if you tell me what you sell and to whom
I’ll give you some ideas for targeting those people on Facebook.
Come on, challenge me! Leave me that customer profile in the comments! If you
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  1. New evidence this week shows Facebook testing phone numbers with Lead Ads, so you may soon be able to generate calls in response to lead ads. Stay tuned!

  2. Good video, thanks for sharing!
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  3. Great video! I learned a lot. One question: just as I would only get charged for a like or a link click, (in ads with those objectives,) would Facebook only charge me when I get a lead? Or are there other parts of the ad's performance I would get charged for as well?

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