April 7, 2020
Facebook Ads VS Google Ads for Business: Which Paid Advertising is More Effective?

Facebook Ads VS Google Ads for Business: Which Paid Advertising is More Effective?

Hey guys welcome
to today’s video and in this episode
one we’re going to talk about Facebook ads versus Google ads for
your business, and show you the key
differences between them. So you can
clearly identify which platform is
the right fit to effectively spend
your advertising dollars. Hi, I’m
Sarah, and I’m Paul, and we are the Mobilepreneurs .
We’re a full time Canadian
RV family, and we are here to
help you grow your business faster and
while achieving lifestyle, freedom,
this episode we’re going to discuss Google versus Facebook advertising.
So the first thing we really need to do is to understand the
difference between the two platforms,
and where people are at on their
individual customer journey, when they’re there.
So when on Facebook people have no real intent to go out
and buy a product, they might check on who you are, maybe see what you’re about, but they’re not there to
buy at least right now. Now, Google,
on the other hand, that’s where we tend to do our research, check out
reviews, and we could even be ready
to buy them too. So the big difference
really is that we’re going to
Facebook to make a connection and build
relationships with like minded
people, whereas with Google, we’re going
to get the guts, so that makes sense.
So this should take away some of your
confusion right there, which is
understanding what the purpose of each
platform serves. And we really find
this is where a lot of businesses get
lost because they might be positioning
themselves, not the right way for the platform. So think of it like this.
Facebook tells us all about the
who, well, Google serves the what and
the win of the who, as he discuss.
People don’t go to Facebook to be solved. But that doesn’t mean that
you’ve had so on Facebook. It just
means that what you’re doing is
making a long term play for the sale. Okay.
Facebook is where you go to build
your tribe, your support and your brand loyalty.
It’s not where you put
it on an ad and say hey, buy my stuff right now.
Now, if you’re looking to
inject cash sales, like right now, then
Google is definitely more where you want to be.
You can play a short term game on Google advertising, unlike
Facebook, when you’re advertising
on Facebook, what you’re doing is
investing in building relationships, which
is after all the foundation of most
of our business right, it’s just, you’re
typically used to going about this in
an offline manner, which is the traditional
way of doing it. But what you
can do instead is bring your networking skills to Facebook, and you
can then invest advertising dollars,
so that your target audience can actually see your message through the
see of all the businesses. So, most
business owners want to spend money on Facebook advertising to get
instant sales, and that’s just not how
Facebook works. So if that’s you, and
you’re feeling this frustration, we felt
it too, and now you know why. So the question of Facebook versus
Google when you’re considering paid
advertising for your business should really depend on what your objective is.
So if you need to inject cash flow right now.
And you don’t already have an engaged Facebook tribe,
then Google ads are going to be a much better bet, because your ad can display.
When a prospect is in the
buying stage of the customer journey as a Facebook strategy as part
of your long term goal. Then you have
the opportunity to nurturing guide
your prospects through your own customer value journey. When you
create this, and you entice a loyal
tribe of followers, you are building
your business, a digital asset that can pay you dividends for years to come.
Either way, you’ve got to
make sure that you have a marketing
strategy for the specific platform,
and you’ve got to be able to track it,
because if you can’t, then you can’t measure
your results to really help you figure this out.
We put together a Facebook ads versus Google Ads infographic
resource that you can download
totally for free, down in the description box. It highlights the key
differences between Facebook and Google,
who is fast for the goals reach cost and so much more to help you
easily decide where to fast position
your business for success with paid advertising. So the big key remember when advertising with
Google is you’re not building a personal
relationship with your target audience.
Whereas with Facebook, you are
the ability you have to learn about
your tribe, and to get to know what
their needs really are, while
simultaneously educating them with your solutions, which should then naturally
lead to your products or services
that you have an offer. So the great thing
about Facebook advertising is the
effectiveness of it for all costs. And how
will you can really target your message
to the specific people that really
want to hear what you have to say. And
that right there should really be the
ultimate goal of your advertising status.
And then you work on building that customer relationship. When
you do this, not only is advertising
much cheaper, but people will already
know, like and trust you, therefore
there’s so much more likely to buy
from you, not just once, but many times.
So if you do decide on a Facebook marketing strategy, you’re
probably gonna want to know what is it
going to require from me. So here’s
what it’s going to require. It’s going
to require you to commit to consistently
putting out value in the form
of content, the content should
really educate your audience and give
them information that’s all they’re
very real problems in an engaging way.
So you can think images and video.
So when you think about Google ads,
putting together an ad is going to be a lot less intensive in the upfront.
And you can put your message out there when people are ready
to buy, that’s an advantage. But
consider this if you didn’t take the time
to educate your customers about your product and your competitive,
whose business are they going to buy from when they choose the link on
Google the click from the one who spent the time educating and being
in front of the prospect is likely
going to be the one who gets the sale because the prospect already knows likes and trusts them. So this is such an important part of
digital marketing for your business. Best
way to do this is to think about yourself
as a consumer and how you personally
make online purchasing decisions,
or how you use the internet to
research products you want to buy in the store.
First, and here is actually
another reality to consider. Facebook ads are so inexpensive right now. When you know how to use them,
that is Google ads can Firstly, are
going to be much more expensive. Any
which way with Facebook ads, you
are able to take your cold prospect on a customer journey with you. So instead of running ads with the
intent of Hey, I’m here buy my stuff,
it’s hey I’m here. Did you know I have felt
the way you do. And here’s some
helpful info for you and help your prospect
to go through the journey, not the sale.
So, in our opinion, because of
the cost per click, you should probably
only use Google advertising with the
professionals help that you can trust,
unless you really know what you’re doing.
Otherwise, you’re probably going
to be wasting a lot of time and
money, especially if you haven’t put any
time in educating your customers
already in some form or capacity in the digital world.
So bearing in mind,
your landing page becomes critical
to the Google Ads process. This is the
page that people land on after they
click your link if they don’t get exactly
what they think they’re clicking on,
they’re going to bounce. So it’s
imperative that your ad be super congruent
to your landing page, and that the landing page, actually converts
to sales, so you’re going to need to measure your landing page for conversion percentage, as well.
And that way, you’re going to
know exactly what happens for every 100
people clicking, and you can scale it from there. Whatever you do, do not let the Google experts, the ones who are actually working for
Google AdWords, be the ones who
tell you how to run your ads, because they’re not professional
marketers, and they do not know anything
other than how to make Google somebody Google cost per click can be very expensive.
If you’re going to pay
the dollars per click, you really
want to make sure that your ad does exactly what a person clicking thinks
they’re going to do, or they’re gone,
and they’re never coming back. As we said earlier. That’s why you really want to professionals
health key takeaway from today is yes, you should definitely be spending money on Facebook. If you
kind of long term strategy and you
know it’s not where people go to the salt.
When it comes to Google ads, they
are not being a thing can be used for on demand sales, if you know
what you’re doing, and your landing
page is positioned correctly. And since
most people are not skilled in this
area of professional is recommended. Our very own personal
digital business strategy is going
to continue to use Facebook in a huge way.
We highly encourage using the
advertising, while it’s still relatively inexpensive.
Right now, it’s not too late to get on advertising is still
extremely low and inexpensive compared
to what it’s going to be in the near future.
As more and more traditional TV commercial spending
type businesses start moving their
money to social media. You Have you got a ton of value out of today’s
episode, and we’d love to know if you
advertise, which platform Do you
prefer, and why we always love to hear different perspectives, it
helps us learn, and after all. that’s
what we’re here to do learn from each other.
Hey guys, if you liked the video thing,
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