September 19, 2019

27 thoughts on “Facebook Ad Funnels For 2019 – The Perfect Facebook Ad Sales Funnels

  1. In the third funnel, are the last 3 products being offered in your website, or how? If you could show that process, it would solve a lot of doubts

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  3. Hi Jason so what would be the funnel if im a SMA and i want to offer my services to realtors in my area?

  4. Great stuff as usual Jason. I like the last idea a lot, I see different variations of that one working well. Thanks for the tips!

  5. So if you have a low ticket product worth of 50 just go and sell another 2 product to make some cash wooow Such a great advice 🙂 what if someone has only one product or service?
    I'm running ads for comments shares and likes i get 3 times more people engagement and sales than if i run ads for landing page. Nobody filled the form made no money the ad got no algorythm no visitors from facebook, viewing was 3 times worst.!!

  6. Everyone…I closed over 100 Real Estate Transactions last year in Dallas TX area and over 1/3 of these buyers and sellers came from FB ADS directly to Arsenal Web page. don't waste any more time. go and get signed up now to

  7. Jason what did you find to be the minimum number of views on a home walk through video to be able to retarget effectively?
    As well as minimum general audience size (leads) that you would recommend using to retarget?

    This is considering it would be targeting a specific metropolitan area (cleveland) since we can no longer target using interests etc. Thanks for your time!

  8. Jason, have you found that a separate redirected landing page works better than the lead generation/lead ads selection for real estate?

  9. Hey Jason, im looking to purchase your course + arsenalmkg 3 month trial 3 installment payment. I realise the price have gone up from 397 to 597. Is there is a reason why?

  10. Hey Jason wheres the link to your 4 hour Facebook ads tutorial and the cheat sheet 🙂 would love to learn more

  11. Helpful again Jason, are you saying for small ticket items, after the landing page to direct market the customer with 2 or more products at one time?

  12. Hello. I have a $3000 product and I am confused if I should go with the first method or the second one you explained. The product is related to getting clients featured on reputed publications like Forbes/ Entrepreneur etc. Could you please give me an idea of which process would work the best in this case? Will be grateful. Thanks..

  13. Hi do you think having a landing page with forms that needs to be filled up by viewers can simply raise bounce rate?

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