March 31, 2020
Eyereturn Marketing Digital Advertising Platform

Eyereturn Marketing Digital Advertising Platform

Most people have heard the expression “the
medium is the message”. Whereas television is a passive medium The internet is an active medium When a user engages with the internet they
are directing their one-to-one media experience and in turn advertisers have the opportunity
to convert their interests into purchases. As a consumer directs their media consumption Eyereturn captures their behavior. What they like. What they don’t. Where they are. What time it is. What device they are using. All of their online habits. Eyereturn then compiles the information analyzes it to find what results are actionable
and what results aren’t. Then guides a consumers commercial intake
much like a consumer is guiding their online media experience. In other words, while an online consumer controls
their medium, Eyereturn Marketing controls their commercial consumption.

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